The Babylon Cypher:

The Babylon Cypher: "Why everything is language and language is everything"

by Alaric Naudé
The Babylon Cypher:

The Babylon Cypher: "Why everything is language and language is everything"

by Alaric Naudé


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"An engrossing, multi-faceted guide to that most human of inventions: language. Professor of Linguistics Alaric Naude comprehensively outlines how written language developed and how it shapes human meanings and values. Readers will be fascinated by the book's many historical and cross-cultural accounts, and will come away with a heightened appreciation of language use and abuse."-Janice Fiamengo, retired Professor of English, University of Ottawa, Canada. "Prof. Alaric Naude takes us on a rollercoaster ride - a sweeping historical exploration through space and time connected through the permeating, powerful, and dynamic glue of language. A timely must read for anyone who is even remotely interested in, or intrigued by, the power of language in all aspects of our lives. The reader will not only be more knowledgeable and informed of the history of language, its evolution, and its critical role in shaping human history. They will also have a better understanding of the powerful linguistic tools and tricks that have been and can be deployed for shaping and forming public opinion. The chapter on language "engineering" and "propaganda" - a very special icing on the cake - is a clinical dissection of the linguistic tools, and their inherent ambiguity, in the service of any driving agenda." -Akbar Sayeed, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Come on a journey through the history of language guided by Dr. Naudé, and learn how language forges not only your thinking but your entire perception of reality as well as how you orientate yourself in the world. Be immersed in understanding the mechanics of language and hierarchies that allow society to function as a whole while at the same time being prone to engineering by ideologues. Come to realize how humans are the embodiment of language and how policies shape language and thereby our very existence. Why should you be interested in the Ancient Akkadians? Why do DiAngelo and Kendi have an erroneous approach? What on earth do DNA and physics have to do with language? How can you learn any language that you put your mind to? Dr. Naudé covers all these and more in this concise tome that can be understood by anyone. Alaric Naudé (EdD, PhD) is a heterodox scholar and professor. His work draws heavily on sociolinguistic, historical and biological axioms in order to produce a functional understanding of social, linguistic and biological phenomena through an integrated approach. He is a member of several research organizations including the Heterodox Academy.

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ISBN-13: 9798734968444
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 04/12/2021
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 712,486
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