The Banished of Muirwood

The Banished of Muirwood

by Jeff Wheeler


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ISBN-13: 9781503945326
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/18/2015
Series: Covenant of Muirwood Series , #1
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 970,199
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jeff Wheeler took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to become a full-time author. He is, most importantly, a husband and father as well as a devout member of his church. He is occasionally spotted roaming hills with oak trees and granite boulders in California or in any number of the state’s majestic redwood groves. The Banished of Muirwood is the first book in his Covenant of Muirwood Trilogy.

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The Banished of Muirwood 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
reececo331 More than 1 year ago
The Banished of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler A book inspired by a dream that will enchant you as a reader and absorb you into a world that is impeccable and fully realized. The Banished of Muirwood is the beginning of an epic quest that will capture your heart and imagination. The book is a hero’s quest; the heroine is a dynamic personality full of personal conflict and emotional turmoil. She must fight her sense of loyalty, and the inner voices that cause her to loose contact with reality. The author explores our since of self, and reality. How would you react if you find yourself reliving the hardest moments of your life, to only find out it was a dream when another entity affected the world while you were imprisoned in memories.
Amy_A_Novel_Start More than 1 year ago
I received this book for free from the Publisher at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I've seen this book about quite a bit, so I leapt at the chance when I saw it on NetGalley. This is an absolutely fantastic fantasy novel, I'd love to read the next one. I'll start with the description, it's beautiful. It doesn't lack in any area. You're never wondering what something looks like, you know exactly what you need to know and there's no useless information put in there to confuse you. The main character, Maia, is fierce and always strives to do the right thing, even if she hurts herself in the process. I love this about her, I love that she's so selfless. This is obviously also a huge flaw, you CAN be too nice, and with her position as a princess, it might just cost her what she holds dear. I love that she's got a big heart because it makes her all the more relatable. The actual storyline was brilliant, it got me wondering what'll happen in the coming books. The ending in particular leaves it open to LOTS of possibilities so there's no way you can predict what'll happen next! This is quite unusual because you normally get a hint of some kind or the story starts to get predictable - not here. It's fantastic, there are so many opportunities and directions the story can take, it's really exciting. The world building was amazing. I loved the historical aspect of the story (traditional fantasy setting, no modern-day nonsense). I also really liked how well-developed the magic was in the books, the author thought it through really well. To put it simply, there's "good" and "bad" magic. I'm actually interested to see if it really is as blunt as that in the future books, or if this is a misunderstanding brought on by lack of knowledge. The use of magic in the book has been really inventive so far and I really can't wait to see how the author develops it in the future books. I'd definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves epic fantasy novels. It's an amazing read and I can't wait to read the next book. Four and a half stars all the way :)
MzRia More than 1 year ago
The Destination is Always Decided What Varies is the Way We Get There Well The Banished of Muirwood was a very interesting read that I enjoyed quite well. I have to be honest when I say that I prefer heavy dialogue books so the beginning was a little dry for me. The romance was nearly non existent and I do love me a good love story even in the midst of clanging swords. LOL actually those are usually my favorites. I haven't given up on the romance though hopefully we get a dose of more. The world building was excellent and the author does an great job of putting the reader in the scene, the story and characters were great, the cover leaves a bit to be desired but what are ya gonna do? Ya just cant’ make everyone happy when it comes to creative presentation. I was on the fence about whether I would continue this series or not but with the ending and what happens to the main character I just have to find out. Though the beginning was a bit slow for me and some of the terminology was foreign, by mid way I was really committed and didn’t want to stop. I am officially a Muirwood fan and will continue this series to see where we find Maia next. The Story, so we are told about a princess and she is banished but this is much more than that. Maia our main character faces fears she never imagined and there is deception at every turn. Amidst everything going on Maia must discover who she is and who she can trust. Everything she has ever held dear has a role in the political pawn she feels she has become. Finding the truth does not solve her problems it creates more. The only thing Maia can count on is the power of the medium and it lives within her. Trusting it she will have to make a very difficult decision but it is one for her people. This story is full of lavish forests mountains villages duels horses and wonderful companions. The Characters, Maia wow talk about faithful to the core she has sworn her allegiance to her father the king and noting will dissuade her actions of loyalty. Maia had a wonderful childhood where she learned so much. People along with languages were just a portion of her hearts desire. Soon something goes awry and her father is no longer the man she thought him to be. This is a testament to her unwavering loyalty there are so many times she is faced with choosing herself her people her father or just people and every time her choices are selfless. Maia’s betrothed wow I won’t go into him too much but I will say he is the one for her. Regardless of what everyone totes around about who Maia should be with I say it is him! Although there are like zero references of love I really want these two to end up together. The End, was wonderful Maia learns so much about who she is and what is expected of her. As always she takes everything in stride. As I mentioned before there were a lot of difficult decisions that were made. Unfortunately this poor girl is forever doomed to not have what she thinks she wants. Her whole life has been about what others want for her. She is strong in her own way so I like her character very much. We are introduced to a very important person in Maia’s life towards the end and it is very exciting to say the least. As I mentioned before although this wasn’t a perfect read for me I very much look forward to whats next. 4.0 Adventure in search of ones true self while saving the land from destruction, lonely princess filled stars.
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
I would like to thank Amazon Publishing & NetGalley for granting me a copy of this e-ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. Though I received this e-book for free that in no way impacts my review. Goodreads Teaser: In a stand-alone series set in the world of Muirwood, eighteen-year-old Maia is the exiled princess of Comoros and heir to the throne. As a result of her father’s ceaseless need for authority, she was left disinherited and forced to live as a servant in her enemy’s home. When the king invites chaos into the land by expelling the magical order known as the Dochte Mandar, Maia finds herself on a perilous quest to save her people. To survive, she must use magic she has learned in secret—despite the fact that women are forbidden to control it. Hunted by enemies at every turn, Maia realizes that danger lurks within her, too. Her powers threaten to steal not only her consciousness but also her sense of right and wrong. Can she set herself free and save the realm she loves—even if that realm has forgotten her? Thankfully this book did not fall into the trap of simply repeating the trilogy that went before, though it did slip perilously close in a few spots. Maia is a strong character, which isn't particularly surprising since Mr. Wheeler writes strong female characters. What I really like about Maia is that while she may be strong, she is flawed and knows it, particularly by the end of this book. Raised as a princess by loving parents, both mastons and married by the irrevocable sigil, Maia has certain expectations of her world. Expectations that are shattered by her beloved father when he sets aside his wife. As she gets older her father strips more and more of her expectations away, slowly but surely altering her life - and not for the better. As with all protagonists Maia faces a series of challenges and antagonists. Her challenge is to not only discover who the antagonists are, but survive the traps and challenges set on her path. And once again Wheeler does an excellent job of concealing some of the antagonists, and other protagonists, from Maia and the reader to the very last. Much of the time I found myself discovering the true roles various characters played at the same time as Maia. In addition to the known challenges that Maia faces there are also the political and religious tests, which are frequently not what they appeared. Even though this story is set in a fantasy world, much of the challenges mirror those we are currently facing, between varying political & religious factions. And the frightening thing is that this book wasn't written in a day, so it certain shows how these themes can, and do, reverberate through the decades - as seen in the references to the Muirwood trilogy that featured Maia's ancestor Lia. Although this book is called part of a stand-alone series, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have read the prior Muirwood trilogy, as many things referenced in this book are explained in that trilogy. Being the first book in a new series means this one needs to set up all manner of intrigue to be discovered farther into the series, which it does quite admirably. Each new mystery that is unveiled makes the sequel appear that much more compelling, and has left me anxious for its arrival. Hats off to Mr. Wheeler for another well written & appealing new series. I eagerly await the next installment.