The Bar of Soap: 31 City Stories

The Bar of Soap: 31 City Stories

by Joseph Sutton

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This collection of short stories covers a wide range of subjects—from sex, sports and homeless stories ("The Bar of Soap," "One Homeless Man," "The Sap") to school stories ("The Grand Experiment," "Letter to a Thief") and animal stories ("Jack Hamster"). Plus, there’s a cruel mother-in-law story, a story about an unthinking neighbor ("My Across the Street Neighbor the Ex-Marine"), a story about a man who saves Manhattan from disaster, and even a story about unknown writers being the equal of any writer that has ever lived. My stories are innovative and unusual, as well as stimulating and humorous.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995899698
Publisher: Czykmate Productions
Publication date: 06/23/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 69
File size: 239 KB

About the Author

Joseph Sutton was born in Brooklyn and raised in Hollywood. He played football at the University of Oregon and received degrees in Philosophy and History. He taught high school history and English for many years. His essays and short stories have appeared in numerous national magazines and journals. Sutton, who has been writing for more than 45 years, lives in San Francisco with his wife Joan.

Table of Contents

  • San Francisco Stories
  • My Across the Street Neighbor the Ex-Marine
  • The Greatest Power of Them All
  • The Bar of Soap
  • One Homeless Man
  • The Sap
  • Key to My Heart
  • The Grand Experiment
  • Letter to a Thief
  • Jack Hamster
  • Stars Trekker
  • L.A. Stories
  • The Game of War
  • The Dog Bite
  • The Honing of an Athlete
  • Valley Girls
  • My Almost First Woman
  • The Knee
  • The Bruce Gardner Story
  • My Cousin Vic's Party
  • Stan the Man
  • N.Y. Stories
  • Sam's Story
  • My First and Second Wives
  • I'll Never Lose Faith
  • The Jaw
  • Seattle Stories
  • Driving to the Ballpark
  • Mrs. IBM—The Great Controller
  • Ménage à Trois
  • Paris Story
  • Pickpocketed in Paris
  • Four More Stories
  • Pigs—A Fable
  • Lenny the Lemon
  • Today's 10 Commandments

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