THE BARONY: Book No. 6 of the Wolde Family Saga

THE BARONY: Book No. 6 of the Wolde Family Saga

by Bill Conner

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THE BARONY: Book No. 6 of the Wolde Family Saga by Bill Conner

Excerpts from the Story It was the morning of their fourth day at sea, and Nathan, awakened suddenly, sat up; something was different. He threw on a few clothes, and ran out on deck. It didn’t take long to figure out what was different. The Catherine Ross was running with full sail aloft, filled by a strong gale, and Captain Stuart was making good use of the wind while it lasted. Thus far, the passengers had been spared the usual scourge of new seafarers; seasickness. However, on the fifth day, it caught up with Reverend Wolde. The cook took charge, fed him special food, and said it would run its course in a day or so. However, Nathan was not reassured, and felt certain he would be buried at sea. Two days later, he’d made it out on deck with his wife and was enjoying the fresh air, when a call came from the Crow’s Nest, “Ship Ahoy”. Well now, this was something new, and they quickly scanned the horizon. But there was nothing there to see. A crew member, who saw them looking, walked over and said nothing would be visible from deck level until late the next day. That evening, Ian said it might be the MacTavish clipper, Anne Ross, bound for Newfoundland, but they would have to wait until the two ships got closer to be sure. Nathan and Mary Catherine were sitting underneath their hammocks discussing the events of the day. “Nathan, don’t you think it’s a bit odd for two ships to meet in the middle of the ocean like this? I doubt the Captains just want to say howdy to each other; I believe there’s more to it.” “Well, my dear,” Nathan replied, “I know you pretty well. You’re not thinking it’s some sort of conspiracy, so it must be one of your premonitions. All right, Mary Catherine, let’s hear it.” “It’s the weather, Nathan. The other Captain is going to warn us we’re sailing into a storm.” The carriages stopped on top of a hill overlooking the Firth of Tay, and the family got out to look. Directly opposite them, atop a high bluff, was The Barony. Mary Catherine gasped. “Oh my God, Nathan, surely that can’t be where we’re going, can it.” “I believe that’s got to be your father’s place, my dear. You’re almost home now.” She grabbed the front of his coat with both hands and shook him. “Reverend Wolde, that is not my home! My home is across that ocean in the mountains of Virginia, where I live happily with my family. Look at me, Nathan; help me. I can’t do this alone.” She believed him to be sleeping in his chair, but the Baron, heard the door close and stood on trembling leg. “Father,” was all she got out before the tears came, and she was folded into his arms. “My beautiful daughter, how lovely you are. If only your mother could see you now,” he sobbed.

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