The Basic Math Skills Pocket-Tutor: Volume-3

The Basic Math Skills Pocket-Tutor: Volume-3

by Joshua Frasier

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The Basic Math Skills Pocket-Tutor Volume-3 has 252 pages and is the 3rd in our Pocket-Tutor Series. See the e-book cover for topics covered in this volume. The Pocket-Tutor Basic Math Skills Series consists of 7 volumes covering more than 50 essential topics and 100 skills found in our public school curriculum. This product can be used by students in grades 5 through 12, plus college and adult learners.

If you've had difficulty learning math, it's probably because you were not given what you need to learn. It's not your fault. You are a GIFTED person and our products will stimulate and enable you to demonstrate your GIFTEDNESS. All humans are endowed with the natural ability to learn. However, we need RECIPES to learn anything in life because they enable us to practice skills until they are MASTERED. Recipes are supposed to be given to you by those who are responsible for teaching you. This is true for learning in school or on the job. But in most cases if you don't ask for a recipe you won't get one.

With our product you will learn the structure of "recipes for learning" so you can make your own for any subject whatsoever just by asking for key information and writing it down in a special format. You will be given the key information you need to ask for or locate and the format for writing it down so you can create your own valuable RECIPES FOR ACCELERATED LEARNING!

Our IPO Learning Method enables easy learning and skills mastery by structuring each topic or skill as a "recipe" with examples and practice problems. Here's how it works. The problems to be solved for each topic are described as INPUTS or "ingredients". The step-by-step problem-solving PROCESS represents the "recipe" steps, and the OUTPUT describes the results produced by the "recipe" or PROCESS. You probably already feel that this is the missing link to learning any subject or skill whether academic or vocational! It's the natural way to learn because real learning ONLY comes by doing or through practice - not listening or watching.

Once you learn "how-to learn" using our IPO "recipe-oriented" Learning Method, you'll be able to apply this method to learning and mastering any subject matter that require the development of knowledge and skills. All you have to do is describe the Inputs, Processing Steps, and Outputs then practice until you have mastered the skill. Then you will be able to demonstrate your GIFTEDNESS to anyone who asks! You'll also see your test scores and grades quickly jump to new heights and stay there for all your subjects!

Enjoy your learning.

See our other products that use the Pocket-Tutor and IPO Learning Method brand. If you're a subject-matter expert who would like to author a Pocket-Tutor product based on your expertise, ask for our Pocket-Tutor Authors Guide by sending an email to

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Joshua M. Frasier Author/Publisher: 21st Century community Developers, LLC

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Publisher: Joshua Frasier
Publication date: 08/09/2011
Series: Pocket-Tutor , #1
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About the Author

Mr. Frasier is a 40 year veteran of the Information Technology field where he has work in various positions including computer operations, software engineering, process improvement, and technical instruction. He has formal education in Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He has worked for many fortune 500 firms in the USA and Canada as employee and consultant. He is well known for his ability to problem-solve, design and develop innovative instructional materials, as well as a gifted instructor.
He has taught youths and adults of all ages and has always received high regards for his ability to impact student’s ability to learn.
The Private-Tutor Series is his latest innovation designed to accelerate and improve the quality of learning for our students and even adult learners.
He is founder and president of 21st Century Community Developers, LLC and The Cognitive Software Factory, a unique organization that designs and develops software for human performance improvement.
He plans to develop a series of special Cognitive Software or Multimedia Tutor products designed to enable the accelerated development of job skills. These products will enable individuals to learn via On-the-Job Training Simulations which will accelerate their ability to perform like experts in a matter of weeks instead of years.
Mr. Frasier looks forward to providing these unique products in an effort to enhance the most important skill humans possess - LEARNING!

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