The Basic Practice of Statistics / Edition 2

The Basic Practice of Statistics / Edition 2

by Moore
Pub. Date:
Worth Publishers, Incorporated

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The Basic Practice of Statistics / Edition 2

Why are David Moore's statistics books so successful? They have become the books to beat because Moore was the first author to present the teaching of statistics as a useful tool in practice. Unlike traditional statistics books, Moore's texts use real data and walk the student through the process of analyzing that data, as opposed to emphasizing formulas, drill-like exercises, and cookbook mathematics. Thus, for the first time, students learn to think like practicing statisticians and to apply what they learn to their lives.

When Moore and McCabe's Introduction to the Practice of Statistic (IPS) became the #1 book in the market about 5 years ago, statistics instructors realized that a shorter, lower-level, less detailed book based on IPS would also succeed. Hence, David Moore envisioned The Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS)—a text that applies the data analysis approach of IPS but is targeted for a one-term course only. BPS has now become the book to beat, being an ideal match for more schools than any other book in the market.

The second edition of The Basic Practice of Statistics builds on the strengths of the first: a balanced and modern approach to data analysis, data production, and inference; and an emphasis on clear explanations of ideas rather than formal mathematics or reliance on recipes. Moore's use of real world data and examples and his emphasis on statistical thinking show students how statistics can be used as a powerful tool for understanding the world we live in. Designed for students with a limited background in mathematics, The Basic Practice of Statistics 2/e is the ideal way to introduce the core concepts of statistics to the students of today and tomorrow.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780716736097
Publisher: Worth Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/28/1999
Edition description: SAS manuel
Product dimensions: 7.87(w) x 9.84(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Statistical Thinking

   1. Examining Distributions

       1.1 Displaying Distributions with Graphs
       1.2 Describing Distributions with Numbers
       1.3 The Normal Distributions
        1.4 Statistics in Summary

    2. Examining Relationships
        2.1 Scatterplots
        2.2 Correlation
        2.3 Least-Square Regression
        2.4 Causations About Correlation and Regression
        2.5 Relations in Categorical Data*
        2.6 Statistics in Summary

    3. Producing Data
        3.1 Designing Samples
        3.2 Designing Experiments
        3.3 Statistics in Summary

    4. Probability and Sampling Distributions

        4.1 Randomness
        4.2 Probability Models
        4.3 Sampling Distributions
        4.4 Control Charts (available on The Basic Practice of Statistics CD-ROM)
        4.5 Statistics in Summary

    5. Probability Theory*
        5.1 General Probability Rules
        5.2 The Binomial Distributions
        5.3 Conditional Probability
        5.4 Statistics in Summary
        5.5 Control Charts (available on the CD-ROM only)

    6. Introduction to Inference
        6.1 Estimating with Confidence
        6.2 Tests of Significance
        6.3 Using Significance Tests
        6.4 Error Probabilities and Power*
        6.5 Statistics in Summary

    7. Inference for Distributions
        7.1 Inference for the Mean of a Population
        7.2 Comparing Two Means
        7.3 Inference for Population Spread
        7.4 Statistics in Summary

    8. Inference for Proportions
        8.1 Inference for a Population Proportion
        8.2 Comparing Two Proportions
        8.3 Statistics in Summary

    9. Inference for Two-Way Tables

        Statistics in Summary

    10. One-Way Analysis of Variance: Comparing Several Means
        Statistics in Summary

    11. Inference for Regression
        Statistics in Summary

    12. Nonparametric Tests (available on the CD-ROM only)

Notes and Data Sources
A Standard normal probabilities
B Random digits
C t distribution critical values
D F distribution critical values
E Chi-square distribution critical values

(Optional material in Chapters 1 to 8 is marked with an asterisk (*). Note that Chapter 5 is entirely optional.)

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