The Battle for Darracia: Books I - II - III

The Battle for Darracia: Books I - II - III

by Michael Phillip Cash


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The Battle for Darracia Books I, II, and III, are now combined into one epic novel! On the planet Darracia, an ever-widening social gap between its inhabitants is causing turmoil that is fracturing a once peaceful world. Struggling with his identity, nineteen-year-old Prince V'sair must harness the power of the elusive Fireblade, the secret to a warrior's heart, in order to overcome his uncle Staf Nuen's lust for supremacy. Will the energy of the Elements guide the young prince to his true destiny or will Staf Nuen conquer Darracia?

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ISBN-13: 9781511831543
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/11/2015
Pages: 508
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Michael Phillip Cash is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist. He's written many books and screenplays in the horror, suspense, thriller and fantasy genres. He resides on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife and children.

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The Battle for Darracia: Books I - II - III 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite The Battle for Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash combines three books in one and plunges the reader into a world where chaos is about to tear it apart. The setting is on a planet called Darracia, a place where class distinction is rank and rife. Once a peaceful world, it has slowly become a place where power struggles and skirmishes are the order of the day. It is in this context that the nineteen-year-old Prince V'sair must follow his path and master the power of the mysterious Fireblade, which holds the secrets to a warrior’s heart, for him to be able to defeat his uncle who makes claims to the throne. Staf Nuen is bent on conquering Darracia, and the only thing that could help defeat him is the power of the Elements. Can the young prince gain mastery of this art in time to protect his planet and his people? The Battle for Darracia is an exciting tale that features strong elements of both sci-fi and epic fantasy. The story is well-crafted and the writing is poetic, filled with powerful imagery and descriptions that render an imaginary world so vivid that readers will think it is real. Michael Phillip Cash has done a great job in building conflict at a phenomenal scale in this novel and readers will be keen to follow the characters until the final battle. The story is well-plotted and beautifully paced, featuring surprises that readers won’t see coming, a style that compels readers to move swiftly to the next chapter every time they finish one. I loved the writing, the memorable characters — especially the young prince and his personal development in a journey symbolic of the path everyone must take toward self-discovery — the strong setting, and the satisfying denouement. It is an exciting and enjoyable read.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Schism: The planet Darracia has two classes of people with tension getting higher between the two groups and potential fighting just around the corner. The king, a Darracian, has married below his class to a Planta. Prince V’sair is a mixed breed and is always looked down on because of his size and skin color. But he wants to prove that he is a warrior and wants to go on the quest for a Fireblade, one that only works for a person with a warrior’s heart. At the same time Staf Nuen, the kings brother, has decided he has had enough of this social disgrace and that he is going to take over the throne. It is up to V’sair to find the Fireblade, learn how to use it, defeat his uncle, and join the classes of his home. This is a great story. You have the clear social class issue and how the brother is planning on over throwing the throne. I felt for V’sai, born a half-blood and constantly looked down on because of it. I loved how his mother understood why he wanted the Fireblade and encouraged him. The only thing that I can think of that would be a negative would be that the book was very rushed. There was a lot of area to cover and I think a longer book would have had a better flow. Beyond that, this is a great book that you don’t want to miss. Collision: It has been one years since we last saw King V’sair. He is struggling to be king with no family. He is trying to unite his people but that is challenging since both groups have completely different views on what is important in life. Zayden is trying to get used to his losses but is across the universe looking to avenge the death of Hilde. Then there is Staf Nuen. He is not going to let losing the status of king go so easily. This is a great follow up to Schism. Action, love story, loss, and the fight to try and bring two people with different views together. There is a lot happening. I fell for both V’sair and Zayden. V’sair clearly loves Tulani but she has to learn more about her own people before she can be with V’sair. And Zayden, he has lost so much that he walks away from the kingdom with plans of revenge. And the ending, what the heck?!? Risen: We last saw our heroes scattered, seriously injured and lost. Lothen is now in control of the planet, the people have either been murdered or turned into slaves. Everything looks lost, broken, and people have given up on everything. V’sair is going to have to learn the true meaning of being a leader to save his people. Zayden, he may be injured and drowning in his defeat, but can he find his true self and save those he cares about? This is a dark story and a perfect end to this series. All hope is gone, there are no more fighters for the people. The people are dead, broken, slaves, and have no hope. They don’t even have enough to want to join together to fight for. But when everything is gone, that is when you either let it defeat you or you pick yourself up and find a way to keep fighting. I love how Zayden, at his lowest learns that his disability is not the end of the world. And V’sair, although lost under the sea grows to be a great leader. This is a great story and an amazing series. If you are looking for a great series look no further. This series has everything in it from love to loss and good to evil. Make sure to get your copy today. I received all three books (Schism, Collide, and Risen individually and as the Battle for Darracia Collection) for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
ArleneArredondo More than 1 year ago
I just love this author, the writing style is so unique and creative I haven’t read a book I didn’t like. The Battle for Darracia is pure intergalactic action filled with brave soldiers that will die for their King. The characters are fantastically envisioned in a way that you’ll need to put your imagination to work. Love the strangeness of the beings that conform the plot and the diversity of species and places beyond imagining. Peace is what King Drakko most wants, and the unity of both races that live in the planet. He defies the elite and segregated Darracian society by marrying a female from the planet Plantan. She has given him an heir, V’sair that is neither Darracian or Plantan, so he dwells in the dilemma of being accepted as King and needs to prove himself as a great warrior passing the test of wielding a fire blade. A great betrayal will take place and the stability of the planet will be on the line. There is a play of emotions between love and hate, honor and loyalty, faith and hope.
18715140 More than 1 year ago
Darracia to Earth… Wake Up!!!! Before it’s too late… If you have ever read any of Michael Phillip Cash’s novels, you will enjoy The Battle for Darracia as well. This trilogy walks you through the trials and tribulations of a young Prince after his father is killed in a coupe to take over their planet. Each character builds throughout the trilogy to show different facets of society. The Oppressed want equality, the Elite feel it’s their birth right, the Forgotten want to be left alone and the Evil Ones just want everyone in slaved to feed the evil machine. It takes a young prince to grow into a man, through the trials of saving Darracia to realize the truth that will save them all. The Truth… All are equal and All have a place in society to make Darracia peaceful and happy. After reading the Battle for Darracia, the novel had many lessons we on this planet could learn from. We are all created equal, it’s the evil that has doomed this planet. In Michael’s entire list of novels, I always walk away with some nugget that makes me think about the world I live in, some of it good, some bad. Michael has an awesome ability to entertain in his writing, while also leaving the reader something to think about.