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The Battle For Eretz Yisrael by Bernard J. Shapiro

From the sweet taste of victory to shattering betrayal, The Battle for Eretz Yisrael documents the years from 1992 to 2011 as Israel attempts to gain its identity.

Rendering the full impact of the Israeli struggle, this analysis contains a collection of articles, political cartoons, maps, mementos, flyers, and poetry written and compiled by author Bernard J. Shapiro, the founder and chairman of the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies in Houston, Texas. The articles span nineteen years and include a wide range of topics related to the Israeli struggle. The Battle for Eretz Yisrael discusses Israeli, Jewish, and world history; Arab wars of extermination against Israel; military and strategic issues; Israeli political issues; US and Israeli relations; Islam; and Arab propaganda and media bias.

A strong advocate for Israel for more than fifty years, Shapiro provides an insider's look at this historic and contemporary issue that affects people all over the world.

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Jews, G-d and Israel 1992-2011
By Bernard J. Shapiro

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Bernard J. Shapiro
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-0653-3

Chapter One


The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies aids Israel in her quest to survive in a hostile world. The Center was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1992 by Bernard J. Shapiro. Its activities include commissioning extensive research into the military and strategic issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and disseminating pertinent information to the Jewish community and worldwide. Its Board of Directors and Advisory Committee includes leading Pro-Israel activists from around the world.

Bernard J. Shapiro, a political analyst whose specialty is Israeli and Middle Eastern political and strategic issues, organized the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies in Houston, Texas in 1992.

The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies was named after Harry W. Freeman. Freeman was a Judaic scholar, fluent in six languages, and a brilliant attorney. He was a defender of the poor and the disadvantaged against the forces that kept them powerless.

Shapiro, who is executive director of The Freeman Center, made the following statement concerning its objectives:

"The primary purpose of the Freeman Center is to improve Israel's ability to survive in a hostile world. This will be accomplished through research into the military and strategic issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islamic terrorism and the dissemination of that information to the Jewish and non-Jewish community. Essential to Israel's survival, we feel, is the preservation of its present secure borders including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. We will be strong allies of America in our common War against International Islamic terrorism. We will seek to improve Israel's image in this country as well as counteract Arab propaganda in the community and on college campuses. In pursuit of these goals we intend to maximize solidarity with Israel among both the Jewish and non-Jewish community and combat media bias. We will also work to strengthen Jewish communities in the Diaspora and help ensure their survival."

Those Who Fail To Learn From History Are Condemned To Repeat It

"In 1934, Harry W. Freeman, my grandfather, was already lecturing about the dangers of Hitler and Nazism. Nobody listened. The Holocaust was not prevented. Today Israel's enemies plan a second Holocaust against the Jews of Israel and the world. The governments and people of Europe not only acquiesce but actively aid in this genocidal plan through diplomatic and material support. The American State Department encourages this by actively striving to weaken Israel's strategic and military superiority. Their first stage is to use the so called "peace process" to weaken Israel and strip it of its strategic territories. They are being aided by the same hypocrites and accomplices in the West who failed to aid the Jews of Europe in their darkest hour.

Unfortunately, even left-wing Israelis have fallen victims to the seductive lure of peace and have begun a policy of appeasement similar to that tried with Hitler. The results will be no different.

"The Arab propaganda full of slanders and libels; the media bias against Israel replete with double standards and the rewriting of history are all working to the same end: making Israel appear illegitimate. Israel is the only country considered by many to be guilty of original sin by virtue of its very existence. This process has as its goal creating a world climate in which the destruction of Israel is acceptable. Many in the Jewish community are either apathetic or fail to recognize this threat.

"I founded the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies in order to create a powerful voice to arouse the Jewish community to the action necessary to frustrate the evil designs of the enemies of Israel. I need your help to accomplish this mission."

.... Bernard J. Shapiro

Future plans call for a building housing offices and meeting rooms. One special project is the creation of a Museum of Jewish Warriors—honoring Jewish fighters from Biblical times to the present. We feel that Jewish communities need to have a focus on Jewish heroism to complement the martyrdom of Holocaust Museums


Israel and the Jewish people have been caught up in a whirlwind these last few years. In these last few weeks, it could have been called a roller coaster. From doom and gloom to elation, victory and hope for the future.

We saw an Israeli government abandon all the elements of national survival and security: strategic territory, water, national cohesion, intelligence capability, reverence for the Jewish character and Holy Places of the country. And we saw the Israeli people decisively say NO.

The late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his successor Shimon Peres were both caught up in a delusion of truly global proportions. They truly believed that by a grand act of self-emasculation, Israel could propel their Arab neighbors into making peace with them. That by denial of everything Jewish about their country, they could create a New Middle East where national identity didn't matter. Peres even desired acceptance into the Arab League.

During Israel's formative years, we in the Diaspora looked with pride as sabras (native Israelis) seemed to be overcoming the galut (ghetto) mentality of the exile. Here were proud Jews fighting for survival in a hostile neighborhood. Who would have guessed that the post-Zionists of the Israeli left would bring back the ghetto mentality in its most extreme form. Then came the Labor Party victory of 1992. A victory, I might add, derived from fraud, deception and treason. Once in power Rabin reneged on all his promises to the electorate: "no to a PLO state, no to negotiations with the PLO, no to surrender of the Golan". Surrender to Arab demands became a matter of high government policy.

With the help of anti-Jewish Arab Knesset members and the extreme leftist anti-Zionist Meretz party, Rabin and Peres began to systematically destroy Israel from within. Democratic norms of civil and human rights were thrown out and replaced with repression, torture and incarceration of their regimes political opponents. Terrorist murderer, Yassir Arafat was resurrected as Nobel Prize winner and national leader.

The very language we all use to talk and think was manipulated into Orwellian newspeak. A ridiculous concept, "land for peace," became the code word for the destruction of Israel. No nation in history had ever received peace from territorial sacrifice (ask the Czechs or for that matter Native Americans). This became the sacred cow of Middle East diplomacy and Rabin and Peres accepted it with the respect they should have given the Torah. The Oslo Agreement that would have led to the demise of Israel was called a "Peace Process." Those of us who opposed suicide were labeled "enemies of peace." Victims of Arab terrorism and hatred of Jews suddenly became "sacrifices for peace."

The world media joined in the manipulation of the truth with a vengeance. Those of us who loved Israel and supported its secure borders were called "right-wing extremists." The centrist Likud was labeled "hard-line, fascist, and racist." When Rabin was assassinated by a young law student, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu was labeled a murderer. No one paid much attention to the fact that he had been provoked and incited not by the Right but by Rabin's own secret service.

On May 29, 1996, the Israeli electorate swept the Labor/Meretz/Arab government into the dustbin of history. They elected Bibi Netanyahu and gave him a strong coalition of Zionist, religious, and pro-security parties. My hopes and prayers were with the new government.

Unfortunately, my expectations that we had won a permanent victory were false. Netanyahu failed to renounce Oslo and continued to accept the premise that it would bring peace. After he was defeated, new governments came in. Ariel Sharon, the head of the Likud Party, got elected in the 2004 election on a platform against the withdrawal from Gaza and on a strong pro-security platform. However, after taking office he had a total 180° turn in his political activities. He turned the Likud Party into the Kadima Party, which was made up of Left-wing, peace now oriented Israelis. Then he pursued a policy of appeasement with the Arabs, withdrew from Gaza, and expelled 10,000 Jews from their homes. This process of ethnic cleansing had very severe consequences for the whole country. Most of the people expelled are still refugees in Israel. Promises of compensation, resettlement, and new homes were never fulfilled by the government, and there developed a tremendous political schism between the Right and the Left in Israel.

This book documents the Battle for Eretz Yisrael as reflected in my writings and activities through the Freeman Center. It covers the years 1996 to 2009, from the sweet taste of victory to shattering betrayal. In order to give the reader the full impact of our struggle, I have included dozens of political cartoons, maps, mementos, flyers and poetry.

Of course, victories must be defended and extended. As Jews we have faced many defeats and many false hopes, yet we have survived 4000 years. We must understand that true PEACE will come with the Messiah and not necessarily from diplomacy. "And on that day the Lord will be One and his Name shall be One."

ISRAEL INDEPENDENCE AFTER 63 YEARS by Bernard J. Shapiro Freeman Center For Strategic Studies May 9, 2011

No one should fool themselves into thinking that giving the Arabs of Judea and Samaria Jordanian citizenship would solve anything in the long run. Jordan is not as friendly (population wise) as we are led to believe. Though the government is helpful and friendly, that could change in the blink of an eye. Should American troops leave Iraq and it falls to Iran, the consequences would be severe for Israel. With Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza under Iranian control, it could easily extend its reach to Jordan and the Judean-Samarian ridge overlooking Israel's vulnerable coast.

My Bottom Line (Conclusion)

Israel's central problem is psychological and no amount of beautiful rhetoric and wonderful proposals can change that.

When will the Nationalist Camp realize that we are "at war already" with the PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah supporting tyranny (the LEFT) that rules Israel? At what point will Israelis realize that the CIVIL WAR they fear, IS ALREADY TAKING PLACE AND THEY ARE LOSING? When will the true Zionists take over Israel and rid the country of the Arab and Jewish traitors.

After 2000 years of homelessness, we are privileged in this generation to see a new and productive Jewish State. Why do we let these evildoers threaten to take it from our hands?

Why don't members of the Nationalist Camp understand that FORCE is being used by only ONE side and that is the government. The monopoly on power must be broken or there is no hope.

Under the Nazis, the Jews of Warsaw numbered over 500,000. They were depleted with regular deportations aided by Judenrats (Jewish leaders). The Revolt in Warsaw began when the Jewish population was down to 50,000 (or 90% murdered). At what point is it OK to rebel?

Meekly letting a terrorist state emerge on the soil of Eretz Yisrael would be a rebellion against G-d, Torah and Jewish history. We should not allow it.

When is civil disobedience OK? When is civil war a better course than suicide? All throughout history there have been rebels and loyalists. History is usually written by the victors but truly there is seldom a universally accepted moral standard as to what is a proper rebellion and what is not. We can say with absolute certainty, however, that the Jewish return to Zion and our struggle today for Eretz Yisrael are more righteous than any other struggle for national liberation in the history of the world.

Conditions in Israel may have passed the period where civil disobedience would be effective. A massive outpouring of Israelis prepared to get arrested in civil disobedience would have stopped the Sharon's Expulsion of Jews Plan two years ago. Now, it appears that only civil disobedience and a willingness to fight for their homes will save the country. 600,000 Jews now are under threat of expulsion. 6 million are again under threat of extermination.

We expect the government to try to disarm Zionist patriots, to spy on them and to send agents provocateurs to discredit them. It is quite possible that the IDF will withdraw from Yesha and leaving the Jews with a difficult choice: being massacred or abandoning their homes. Their ability to defend themselves will have been thwarted by the government in collusion with the terrorists.

The Jews of YESHA must not be passive pawns in the political surrender of their homes. They must fight the Arabs, where necessary, to maintain their travel, water, and land rights. When the Israeli government retreats, leaving them behind PLO battle lines, they must be prepared to go on the offensive militarily to secure safe contiguous areas of Jewish control. The defeatist Israeli leaders, who have surrendered our Jewish rights to Eretz Yisrael, should be told that there are still proud Jews in YESHA who will give up neither their inheritance from Abraham nor their right of self-defense.

Exercising one's right to self-defense is a moral imperative. There is a lot of hypocritical talk coming from the government about the danger of Jew fighting Jew. These warnings are coming from the Left who delighted in shooting Zionist (Betar) teenagers swimming to shore after their forces sank the Altalena in 1948. These same hypocrites are putting the Jews of YESHA in life threatening peril. They care nothing about Jewish lives!

Should the Jews of YESHA be forced into military combat—most likely against Arabs, but, G-d forbid, perhaps also against Jews—they would be fully justified. They will be fighting for the security of Israel and the future destiny of the Jewish people. These brave Jews would be continuing the long tradition of Hebrew Warriors, including Joshua, David, the Maccabees and Bar Kochba, who fought against all odds to save their people and their country.

The glorious Hebrew Warriors who defeated five Arab armies in 1948, three in 1967, and two in 1973 must not surrender their Jewish homeland to evil terrorists, who delight in killing Jewish babies. The Brave Heroes of Zion must not limit themselves to passive civil disobedience. Freedom sometimes needs to be secured through the barrel of a gun.

If it is considered patriotic to die fighting Arabs for Israel's survival, then it is just as patriotic to fight against Jews who would lead Israel to destruction. While such internal Jewish fighting would be dreadful, it is a consequence of the government's disregard for the security and well being of its citizens. At this great time of trial and apocalyptic threat, the safeguarding of the future of the Jewish people's right to Eretz Yisrael must take precedence.

Israelis my age have fought and died in 6 wars and I understand their desire to be free of constant conflict. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure. I wish I could write more optimistic words. Sadly, beyond the neighboring states that Israel is negotiating with now lies another ring of unmitigated hostility led by Islamic fundamentalists in Iran.

As Jews we are all involved in this historic struggle to survive. It is not our fate or that of the Israelis that we should retire from this struggle. The only peace the Arabs are prepared to give us is the peace of the grave.

In blood and fire was Israel born and on a hot anvil was she forged. The brave young soldiers of Israel must take a quick glance back to the crematoria of Auschwitz and then go forth to face the enemy knowing that there is STILL no alternative (ein briera).

Chapter Two


Many things repeat themselves in the history of the world ("the more things change, the more they stay the same") and especially for the Jewish People. I have found it very illustrative to relay many of my own parables to explain them in a simple form for the reader. Here are some of my best ones. Einstein once defined insanity as follows: "A man hits his head against a wall and it hurts and gives him a headache. He then does it repeatedly, hoping for a different result."


Excerpted from THE BATTLE FOR ERETZ YISRAEL by Bernard J. Shapiro Copyright © 2011 by Bernard J. Shapiro. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR....................xiii
CHAPTER TWO: PARABLES....................15
CHAPTER THREE: ISRAELI HISTORY....................35
CHAPTER FOUR: JEWISH HISTORY....................95
CHAPTER FIVE: WORLD HISTORY....................113
CHAPTER NINE: U.S./ISRAEL RELATIONS....................384
CHAPTER TEN: ISLAM....................427
AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY....................669

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