The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations

The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations

by Janet Thomas



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ISBN-13: 9781555911089
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2000
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Janet Thomas was born in Wales and lived in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada, before moving to Seattle when she was sixteen. She has lived within ferry range of Seattle for more than 30 years. The former editor of Spa magazine, Janet has written a book on hostel travel, now lives on San Juan Island in Washington.

Table of Contents

1Turtle Island: in Which Ben White Takes a Bath and the Turtles Take the Day17
2The Winding Path: in Which Religion and Politics Have Everything to Do with One Another31
3War and Peace: in Which Father and Daughter Present "Incredible Feats of Stupidity"36
4The ABCs of the WTO: in Which We Make Alphabet Soup and Even Try to Eat It48
5On Getting Personal and Going Public: in Which a Personal Watercraft by Any Other Name Is Not Allowed57
6Shrink to Fit: in Which the WTO Takes to the Couch, the Therapist Answers the Questions, and the Daughter Wins the Contest64
7Sitting It Out: in Which the Students Lead the Way and the Police Use the Spray75
8Do Look Back: in Which History Can Be Found90
9A Circle of Jubilee: in Which We All Get Wet and Cancel the Debt96
10The Thin Place: in Which the Questions Are the Answer108
11Mr. President, There's a Fly in My Alphabet Soup: in Which Citizen Soriano Speaks Up and Acts Out111
12It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: in Which Grass Roots Are Always Greener121
13No Island Is an Island: in Which the Streets Are Filled with Yearning133
14Love's Labor Found: in Which the Oiler Is a Union Girl137
15Women Turn Out: in Which Nipples Are a Trade Barrier148
16The Post-WTO Cafe: in Which There's No Leader, No Budget, and No Donuts157
17The Universe in a Grain of Rice: in Which Farming Is Not Forever168
18The Nature of Life: in Which Wealth Has Nothing to Do with Money178
19From Books to Booked: in Which All Things Are Arresting186
20In Treaties We Trust: in Which It's Not a White World After All198
21Getting It Together: in Which We All Get What We Want and Need What We Get203
Some Suggested Reading228

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