The Battle of Fontenoy 1745: Saxe against Cumberland in the War of the Austrian Succession

The Battle of Fontenoy 1745: Saxe against Cumberland in the War of the Austrian Succession

by James Falkner


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The Battle of Fontenoy marked a turning point in the War of the Austrian Succession, yet it has rarely been analyzed in depth and the Europe-wide conflict in which it played a part is little understood. James Falkner, in this perceptive and original account, puts the record straight by describing the fighting in graphic detail and setting it in the context of the sequence of wars that determined the shape of Europe during the eighteenth century.

Great Britain with her Austrian and Dutch allies fought to ensure that Maria Theresa of Austria should be able to take the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. Ranged against her interests was the might of Louis XV's France, which strove to weaken Austria by promoting a Bavarian aspirant to the Imperial throne. On 11 May 1745 at Fontenoy in the Austrian Netherlands the two sides met in a ferocious day-long struggle that changed course of the war.

James Falkner's narrative gives a fascinating insight into the Battle of Fontenoy itself and more widely into the nature of warfare in Europe 250 years ago.

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About the Author

James Falkner is a leading authority on eighteenth-century warfare and he has made a special study of the military exploits of the 1st Duke of Marlborough. His book, Great and Glorious Days: Marlborough's Battles 1704-1709, is one of the outstanding studies of the subject. His other books include Blenheim 1704, Ramillies 1706, Marlborough Goes to War: Eyewitness Accounts 1702-1713, Marlborough's Sieges, Marlborough's Battlefields, Fire Over the Rock: The Great Siege of Gibraltar 1779-1783, Marshal Vauban and the Defence of Louis XIV’s France, Marlborough’s War Machine and The War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-1714.

Table of Contents

List of Maps and Plates vii

Introduction ix

Chronology xv

Part 1 The Coming of War

1 Problems with the Pragmatica Sanctio 3

2 The Art of War in the Eighteenth Century 21

3 The German Marshal - Maurice Saxe 47

4 Billy the Martial Boy - Cumberland, the last Captain General 57

5 Gallant Lieutenants - Löwendhal, Waldeck, Königsegg and Ligonier 69

Part 2 A Most Bloody Battle

6 Tournai - the Great Fortress on the Scheldt 77

7 A Breaking-in Battle 101

8 The Infernal Column 123

9 Luscious Sweets of Success, Bitter Fruits of Failure 143

Part 3 Hard Roads Towards Peace

10 The Jacobite Distraction 153

11 The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle 165

Appendix 1 Orders of Battle of the Armies at Fontenoy 175

Appendix 2 The Deposition of Brigadier General Richard Ingoldsby 181

Appendix 3 British Casualties at Fontenoy 185

Notes 191

Bibliography 199

Index 203

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