The Battle of Kursk 1943: The View through the Camera Lens

The Battle of Kursk 1943: The View through the Camera Lens

by Valeriy Zamulin, Stuart Britton


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ISBN-13: 9781909982857
Publisher: Helion & Company, Limited
Publication date: 03/19/2015
Pages: 488
Product dimensions: 9.50(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Valeriy Zamulin is a leading expert on the battle of Kursk and the author of several Russian-language books and a number of articles about the battle. Zamulin is a former staff member of the Prokhorovka State Battlefield Museum who is now working on his Ph.D. in History at Belgorod State University. He is currently working on a book about the fighting on the northern shoulder of the Kursk bulge, centered on Ponyri. Valeriy currently resides in Prokhorovka, which has allowed him to walk the battlefield many times and take part in archaeological digs.

Stuart Britton is a freelance translator who resides in Cedar Rapids, IA. He is responsible for a growing number of translated Russian military memoirs, battle histories and operational studies, which saw an explosion in Russia with the opening of secret military archives and the emergence of new Russian scholars who take a more objective look at the events and historical figures. Two works that received prizes or prominent acclaim were Valeriy Zamulin’s Demolishing a Myth: The Tank Battle at Prokhorovka, Kursk 1943 and Lev Lopukhovsky’s The Viaz’ma Catastrophe, 1941: The Red Army’s Disastrous Stand Against Operation Typhoon. Notable recent translations include Valeriy Zamulin’s The Battle of Kursk: Controversial and Neglected Aspects and Igor Sdvizhkov’s Confronting Case Blue:Briansk Front’s Attempt to Derail the German Drive to the Caucasus, July 1942. Future translated publications include Nikolai Ovcharenko’s analysis of the defense, occupation and liberation of Odessa, 1941-1944, and Zamulin’s detailed study of 7th Guards Army’s role and performance in the Battle of Kursk against Army Detachment Kempf.

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