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The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled Collection #2

The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled Collection #2

by Jane Charles
The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled Collection #2

The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled Collection #2

by Jane Charles

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Rattling Around
Noelle Dubois had the perfect life. She'd studied in Paris, became a pastry chef at a vineyard, and had the love and support of both parents. In an instant, all that changed and now she's back home in New York, without a job, taking care of her eight-year-old brother and living with her aging grandparents while waiting for her mother's murderer to stand trial. * Sean Vines has dealt with his past and moved on. He has goals and dreams, and only time and hard work will see them accomplished. Things are good until a pastry chef and an eight-year-old boy churn up the memories from his childhood, and he learns that some things don't stay buried permanently, no matter how much he may want them too. Except this time it isn't Sean who is facing horrific circumstances, but a child, and it's his turn to step up and be that adult to help get him through this special kind of hell. And just maybe, he'll find a lot more than he dreamed possible.

The Christmas Rattle
Jade White has been away from her siblings twice as long as she had them. Do they even remember her? Should she even bother to look for them? * Noah ran away from foster care in his teens and eventually found his way into the Army. It took years before he found his family. Is he ready to see them face to face? * Nina has Dylan, the oldest brother, but their family won't be complete until the four of them are together, which could be another year. *
Except, miracles can happen at Christmas and with a little twist of fate, just maybe, Dylan will finally have his family together.

Slightly Rattled (A Second Epilogue)
Christian Sucato had spent his life wondering why he was abandoned at birth. When a DNA test matches him to a brother, Christian hopes that he will finally find the answers he'd always been searching for. However, he hadn't expected a family, and he's not quite prepared for the answers he's about to get. But, once the dust settles, will more fractures upset Christian's world? Will Christian be forced to choose one of his best friends over his brother?

Hard to Shake
Scarlett Hannigan is really good at running away and this last time she unintentionally ran straight into the arms of a man. She was pretty sure that Tony Volta was THE ONE... until he wasn't. * Tony had finally found the right woman, one he wanted to share his life with. But then, one day, he'd come home and found her gone. She'd disappeared, just like she did when she left her family. Only Tony, an FBI guy, wasn't willing to sit around and wait for her to return. He did what any reasonable, smart man who is desperately in love with a woman would do. He goes to the only place he knows he'll find her. And he waits. And six months later, she's back. * The day of reckoning has arrived. Scarlett must face her family and the man she loves all at the same time. Her family might forgive her. But can Tony?

The Rattle Box
Two things stand in the way of Madison Cross realizing her dream of studying music performance and composition at a prestigious college: 1) Her parents, who don't understand or get her, and want her to attend a community college and settle on a career that will support her one day; and
2) A private piano instructor. However, everything changes when she discovers a pink box of letters hidden in her parents' attic. She becomes consumed with wanting to know more about the woman who wrote them. Through reading the heartbreaking letters, Madison comes to realize that she came from in order to find out where she's going.

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BN ID: 2940186752639
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Publication date: 08/23/2022
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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Jane Charles is a prolific writer of over fifty historical and contemporary romance novels. Her love of research lends authenticity to her Regency romances, and her experience directing theatre productions helps her craft beautiful, touching stories that tug at the heartstrings. Jane is an upbeat and positive author dedicated to giving her characters happy-ever-afters and leaving the readers satisfied at the end of an emotional journey. Lifelong Cubs fan, world traveler and mother of three amazing children, Jane lives in Central Illinois with her husband, two dogs and a cat. She is currently writing her next book and planning her dream trip to England. Be sure to join Jane on Facebook @JaneCharlesAuthor.

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