The Beasts of Electra Drive

The Beasts of Electra Drive

by Rohan Quine


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ISBN-13: 9780992754945
Publisher: EC1 Digital
Publication date: 01/08/2018
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Rohan Quine grew up in South London, spent a couple of years in L.A. and then a decade in New York, where he ran around excitably, saying a few well-chosen words in various feature films and TV shows (see

He's now living back in East London, as an Imagination Thief. His novel "The Imagination Thief" is published in paperback, and also as an ebook containing hyperlinks to film and audio and photographic content in conjunction with the novel's text. See for interviews and some nice reviews in "The Guardian" and elsewhere.

Four novellas - "The Platinum Raven", "The Host in the Attic", "Apricot Eyes" and "Hallucination in Hong Kong" - are published as separate ebooks, and also as a single paperback "The Platinum Raven and other novellas". See for interviews and reviews of these.

All five tales are literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror. They aim to push imagination and language towards their extremes, so as to celebrate the beauty, darkness and mirth of this predicament called life, where we seem to have been dropped without sufficient consultation. They may be read in any order.

His upcoming title will be "The Beasts of Electra Drive", now barrelling down the pipeline...

He's at, and @RohanQuine.

Table of Contents

Part I Amber’s creation, Bang Dead Games, and the lone violinist 1 The lone violinist in the woodlands at dusk (Ghost, as Hook) 2 The terrace pool at the house on Electra Drive 3 Here come the Beasts, up the slopes of the canyons 4 Declaration of war by the Dreary Ones (Inciting Event) 5 Ain’tTheyFreaky! by Bang Dead Games 6 Jaymi conceives his game The Platinum Raven 7 Development and basics in the Avenue of the Stars tower 8 Infrastructure and stress-balls in the Avenue of the Stars tower 9 Jaymi creates Amber’s code 10 Visuals and laughter in the Sunset Boulevard building 11 Coding and khaki in the Sunset Boulevard building 12 Jaymi creates Amber’s appearance 13 Jaymi’s games The Imagination Thief and The Host in the Attic 14 Jaymi incarnates Amber (First Doorway of No Return) Part II "Gal Score", Evelyn’s creation, and the stalking of the Dreary Ones 15 Amber incarnate in the house on Electra Drive 16 The Hollywood cafe on Cahuenga Boulevard 17 The "Gal Score: Babe or Gross?" Newsfeed 18 Jaymi creates Evelyn’s code 19 The Silver Lake bar on Hyperion Avenue 20 How very concerning—did you report it? 21 Herb hacks Evelyn’s code 22 Herb at home in the Westwood Village cottage 23 Jaymi creates Evelyn’s appearance 24 Amber stalks Ashley through the motel by LAX 25 Evelyn’s appearance comes alive 26 Kelly smudges Evelyn 27 Kelly at home in the Factory Place loft 28 Jaymi creates Evelyn’s soundtrack 29 Ashley at home in the Century Park East apartment 30 Evelyn’s soundtrack comes alive 31 Amber stalks Dud at work 32 Jaymi test-drives Evelyn 33 Kelly tails Amber through the Hollywood Hills 34 Jaymi incarnates Evelyn 35 Ashley and Dud attack Evelyn (First Pinch Point) Part III "Guy Score" and "Trivia Score", Shigem’s and Kim’s creations, and the Righteous Gun Cockpit 36 The "Guy Score: Hunk or Gross?" Newsfeed 37 Jaymi creates Shigem’s code 38 Amber with binoculars on Sunset Plaza Drive 39 Shigem emerges within his code 40 Herb hacks Shigem’s code 41 The infinity pool at the Blue Jay Way house 42 Jaymi creates Shigem’s appearance 43 The severed grey tongue-meat swinging round the football 44 Shigem’s appearance comes alive 45 Kelly smudges Shigem 46 The "Trivia Score: Wacky or Boring?" Newsfeed 47 Jaymi creates Kim’s code 48 Herb hacks Kim’s code 49 Evelyn, tiny in the face of the deluge 50 Jaymi creates Kim’s appearance 51 Kelly smudges Kim 52 Sun-glare and skinny palms in Westmont, South Central 53 Jaymi creates Shigem’s and Kim’s soundtrack 54 The Righteous Gun Cockpit, from Bang Dead Games 55 Jaymi test-drives Shigem and Kim 56 Amber’s eyes in the photo of the motel by the vacant lot 57 Jaymi incarnates Shigem and Kim 58 Ashley and Dud attack Shigem 59 Evelyn’s eyes in the photo of the motel by the liquor store 60 Ashley and Dud attack Kim 61 Kim on the canyon by Hercules Drive 62 Dud shocked in the motel by the liquor store 63 Dud shocked in the motel by the vacant lot 64 Dud’s ghastly photo opportunity 65 Jaymi refines Shigem 66 Lethal attack, understanding and despair (Midpoint) Part IV "Arts Score", the Platinum Raven’s creation, and elevating Downtown L.A. 67 The "Arts Score: Simple-Smiley or Complex-Frowny?" Newsfeed 68 Jaymi creates the Platinum Raven’s code 69 Herb hacks the Platinum Raven’s code 70 Three Beasts sneak into Herb’s computer 71 Jaymi creates the Platinum Raven’s appearance 72 KitKat and Krispy Kreme dramas in Downtown 73 The Platinum Raven’s appearance comes alive 74 Kelly smudges the Platinum Raven 75 This Downtown L.A. is a more peculiar one than most 76 Jaymi creates the Platinum Raven’s soundtrack

For the titles of mini-chapters 77-120, see

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