The Beatin' Path: a lyrical guide to lucid evolution

The Beatin' Path: a lyrical guide to lucid evolution


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ISBN-13: 9780998435633
Publisher: Global Arts Ltd
Publication date: 01/07/2017
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 858,257
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

John B Lane is an award-winning instructional designer and a pioneer in online learning. He began his professional career as a journalist over 30 years ago, and has written for numerous publications, from the Washington Post to the Huffington Post.

Table of Contents

Along the way... Mantra for a Panther in a Room Full of Metronomes A Way We Go Are we here yet? A Most Revolutionary Question Wings, that I Might Walk Miasma Everything Changes All the Time Shortcut Up and In A New Pair of Wings Amoeba and Me The Pine Cone Needs No Explanation The Noble and the Profane All the Theologians in Christendom Parsimony Mind Traps That Floating Feeling Natura Abhorret Doctrina The Congregation of Learning The Thinkers and the Tinkerers Puzzlementation May, remain! Bullshit doesn't age well. The Agents of Endarkenment May I Offer You A Lie? The Dirty Work The Abuse of Truth A Little Lie The Monster and the Fool Are You Who You Were? Counting (on) My Delusions The Hopeless Hope Reality Always Wins I Met a Fool A Thwart Upon His Nose Clueless and Cocky You Have Two Choices Ignorance Will Not Be Ignored Grinning Inhofe Befouls the Habitat Caveat Emptor Two Realms This Time Among Us Trade Winds I Know Why the Caged Mind Dies Insignificant Others Someone Else's Words The Infection Does Not Serve the Host Beware the Bug that Bites the Mind Human Malware Prix Fixe The Ideological Purity Test Lest Constipation Be Celebrated As a Virtue I You He She It Them We Make Mine a Single Quicker than the Dead Is Your God? The Serpent and the Deadbeat Dominutive Someone Else How Carl Became Queen of Norway What Sayest Thou? Fuckin' the Dog God is Not Would You Kill Your Child? On the Edge of a Prepuce 'Terrified to have any sort of fear.' The Last Roundup What the Hell? Scrutable Engendered You Don't Make the Boogie Word Go Away! The Last Nickel How You Gonna Pay For Your Dandy Little War? Dumb Guys With Guns Pocket Bomb The Alchemist's Apprentice Always and Forever Cool, as in Cadaverous Monkey mee, ... Fools Believe Unlocked As I Die Living Yesterday's Fire The Stick Up My Ass Posteriorism Nothingness Appomattox Make things better! The Mighty Light of the Candle in the Cave Learning to Learn Where They Stopped is Where We Begin Mariners and Cartographers Dead Broke* What's An Honest Person Left to Do? They Taught Themselves to Fly Whether the Weather Emotion Does Not Contemplate Change Abides Honor the Connections Sittin' on Top of the World Plum Tree's Request Persistence Each Seed Invests Its Hope in You How Long? The Universe Within Always At Your Fingertips You Can Think! Together Through Time Conquer Your Impatience This Instrument of Life A Test of Skills Two Blue The Holy Whole If There Be God If You Believe in Cleveland The Yins and the Yangs Light the Light Wonder Awaits Manifesto

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