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The Beckstead Wedding: Dynamic Composition Skills From One of the World's Top-Ranked Photographers by David Beckstead

American Photo magazine named David Beckstead one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World. He’s an industry leader with a reputation for quality work and giving back to the industry. In this book, readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at Beckstead's unique, stylized wedding images, learning the tips, tricks and insights that have thrust him into the wedding industry's spotlight. From straight talk about camera work (exposure settings, lens selection, camera angle, and more) to lighting (indoors and outdoors, working in an array of conditions), to composition (using color, visual shapes, leading lines, contrast, and more), Beckstead shows readers how to maximize their skills while learning to see and create more stylized photographs, avoid pitfalls, cultivate a distinctive look, and create high-impact photographs that will send waves of excitement to prospective clients who know what they want and are willing to go the distance (financially and geographically) to get it.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781608958351
Publisher: Amherst Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/17/2015
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

1 Couple in a Muddy Alley 8

A Juxtaposition, The Challenge of Light, Pushing the ISO, Photographing from a Low Angle, Postproduction

2 Its in the Details 10

Photographing Details Differently, Go Beyond the Norm, Reflections

3 Reflections of a Happy Couple 12

flushing Composition from the Heart, Let the Couple Have fun, Magic

4 Just Add Water 14

Bring Reflections, Creating an Angel, Postproduction, Creativity in a Bottle

5 Skate Park Bride 16

Come Along for the Rule, Using Hare Creatively, Skate Park: Modem Architecture

6 Reflection and Abstraction 18

Creating an Abstract Reflection, Keep the Couple Kissing. Wow your Clients

7 Postwedding Sessions 20

The Day After, Do Something Untraditional

8 Magic Light 22

Compositional Walk-Through, Creating Circular Hare, Try Different Poses and Perspectives

9 Lines on Lake Bled 24

Make Friends in Foreign Countries, Leading lines, Breaking the Rule of Thirds, Creating in the Camera 24

10 Mirror, Mirror 27

Signature Style, The Importance of Framing the Subject, Postproduction

11 Carnival Shop in Venice 29

Look Around You, Making the Subject Pop

12 Twirling Amongst the Pigeons 31

Motion Effects, Luck Can Stem from Preparation

13 Breaking the Rules 33

Wow versus Rules, Lighting and Perspective, Investigate the "Nevers," Black & White Enhances Mood

14 Boxes within Boxes 34

Steal the Couple for Five Minutes; Natural Light, Lines, and Reflections; Intentional Overexposure

15 The Bride and the Spoon Maker 36

Harnessing Chaos, Using Lines and Natural Light

18 Bride in Budapest Archway 38

Creating Symmetry, Removing a Person and Flipping an Image, Losing Face book for Feedback

17 Light and Cross 40 Majestic Location, Shapes and Symbols, Fairytale Magic

18 Shadows on a Scottish Castle Wall 42

Creating from Inspiration, The Beckstead Look, Shapes and Shadows

19 Lifestyle Portraits 44

Cultivating a Vision, Photographing an Elopement, Using Paintings and Texture, Facebook Feedback

20 Bride on the Rocks 46

Using Sunlight, Fixing a Mistake

21 Under the Palms 49

Creating a Reverse Triangle, Simple Composition

22 Escalator Bride 50

Diffused Natural light and Composition, X-Pattern Lines

23 Breaking Compositional Rules 52

Background Separation, Playing with Shapes, Yin-Yang

24 Stairway Ascent 55

Outrageous locations, Great Compositions; Use the Proper light; Follow the Lines; Create a Wow linage

25 Bride and Large Waterfall 57

Try Different Configurations, Using the Burn and Dodge Tools, Freezing the Water

26 At the Cemetery Gate 58

Using Juxtaposition, Infrared to Achieve Mood, A Photoshop Fix

27 A Nod to Salvadore Dali 60

Avoiding the Cliehéd Image, Mimicking Dali, Infrared Capture and Nile Filters, Visualize Differently

28 Cinderella 63

Make Space to Create an Image, Photographing from a Low Angle

29 On Top of the World 64

Avoiding White-on-White Tonality, Breaking the Rule of Thirds, Finessing the Pose, Show- and Tell

30 Bride and Groom in an Oval Space 66

One More Photo, Review the Image Five Years Later

31 in the Lion's Mouth 68

Exploring the Locale, An Agreeable Bride, Cropping for Effect, Diffused Sunlight

32 Walking on an S-Curve Path 70

Dynamic lanes, Get It Right the First Time, Creating a Panoramic Image, Simple Compositions

33 Bride in an Ice Cube 72

The Effective Use of Props, Change the White Balance, Enjoy What You Do, Rectangles Upon Rectangle

34 Slovenia Spiral Staircase 74

Make the Couple Feel Comfortable, The Lcan, Floating, lines and Shapes

35 Groom with Shadows 77

Iron Gate and Shadow's, Take a Risk with Cropping, Diagonal Tines Create a Dynamic Feeling

36 A Circle and a Silhouette 78

Shapes and Shadows Aid the Composition, Shadows Should Be Powerful and Logical, Photograph the Cool and Unique, Use Photoshop to Clean Up an Image

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The Beckstead Wedding: Dynamic Composition Skills From One of the World's Top-Ranked Photographers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
sobasphotos More than 1 year ago
This was a fabulous book. The photos were simply incredible. Most of them were done without only ambient lighting and no or minimal processing work.  He reimagines what can be done for wedding photography. I highly recommend getting this if only to look at his work and make yourself a little bit jealous and VERY much inspired.