The Becoming

The Becoming

by Bruce Jones
4.4 9



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The Becoming 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
mudpie More than 1 year ago
BRILLIANT! Striking images, smells and emotions that arouse the senses! Enticing characters and story line! Part One of The Great Rift Trilogy, The Becoming is a work of art! Loved that characters could soar by the will of their mind … I do that! There is power contained in our every thought. We are what we think and believe. The choice of good or evil is up to us! Can’t wait for Part Two and Three and of course, the movie! Congratulations Bruce Jones! ~ CAH
GG20 More than 1 year ago
Kudos to Bruce Jones (visual artist) for creating a visually stunning first novel. The Becoming Part One of The Great Rift Trilogy has it all: Settings that are loaded with spectacular sensory images, images that tweak our imagination into considering the no doubt upcoming film adaptations. The last third of the novel, entertaining escape sequences, specifically sparkles with visually stunning sights. Jones truly transports us to a magical place. He also creates numerous engaging characters that we are truly interested in. The addition of a strong independent female character, Princess Fayah, is a welcome addition to fantasy lore. The storyline begins in book one and readers of all ages will look forward to the continuing arc, climax, and denouement in books two and three. Jones also manages to shape and sprinkle the novel with wondrous and mystical diction (some words plead to be looked up) that never distract, only add to the fantastic unifying whole. The Becoming establishes itself as a must read for fantasy fans of all ages,; my ten year old nephew, my girlfriend’s seventeen year old son, and my colleague, a female English professor are all enjoying the novel. Congratulations Bruce Jones on your elegant and magnificent achievement. Your readers eagerly await books two and three of The Great Rift Trilogy. GG20
JBurge More than 1 year ago
The fantasy genre is not my usual go to read, but I really enjoyed this book!! The characters and rich and the plot intriguing. I loved that the female lead could handle herself in battle and did not need to be rescued! Such a refreshing change!! Congrats to the author on a great 1st novel.