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The Beer Diet (A Brew Story)

The Beer Diet (A Brew Story)

by Evo Terra, Terry Simpson

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“Forget every diet you’ve ever considered, because this one is the best one ever!” – Shepard Smith, Fox News Anchor

My diet can beat up your diet. I’m not kidding. After one month of nothing but beer and sausage, I lost 14 pounds and cut my cholesterol in half. I did it without powders or pills, without blending food into sludge, and without getting divorced.

I did it by drinking carb-loaded, gluten-filled, and alcohol-containing quality craft beer. I did it by eating fat-filled, chemically-injected, and highly-processed meat tubes of glorious sausage. And all under a doctor’s supervision.

Why did something that should be bad turn out to be so good?

Here’s the nasty truth about fad diets: The science behind them is questionable, if not pure crap. But that doesn’t stop popular opinion, the news media, or quasi-celebrities from climbing on board the latest trend. As a result, an entire generation has been conditioned to think this food is good for you and that food is bad for you. It may make for an interesting talk show, but your stomach and a few billion years of evolution aren’t watching. Like all living creatures, our bodies are designed to break down food into proteins, amino acids, and trace minerals — and use them. We get into trouble when we overload that system, shoving more food down the pipe than the system can handle.

My doctor and I started with the proposition that, in moderation, you could eat just about anything and lose weight. We were right, but we made some unexpected discoveries along the way. Follow along as patient and physician walk you through this tasty — and a little buzzy — month-long journey to better health.

“My new hero!” – Shmonty, 93.3 KDKB Morning Show Host

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BN ID: 2940149008629
Publisher: ShEvo Studios
Publication date: 11/03/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 140
File size: 532 KB

About the Author

Evo Terra is … eclectic. Over the years, he’s been a nationally syndicated radio show host, professional public speaker, digital business strategist, skapunk bassist, author, hockey coach, mentor, haunted house denizen, farmer and skeptic. He digs starting things and is the co-founder of Podiobooks.com, founder of #evfn, co-founder of ePublish Unum, and the originator of The Beer Diet!

When he’s not drinking, he writes books. He’s the co-author of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies (yeah, stupid title), the author of Making Killer Google+ Profiles; A Modern Indie Author’s Guide, and the author of Writing Awesome Book Blurbs; A Modern Indie Author’s Guide. For now.

Dr. Terry Simpson resides in Phoenix and his great passions are cooking, research, writing, surgery, and above all, his son. He received his bachelors, masters, and medical degree from The University of Chicago . He has authored a number of scientific papers, as well as books, and a few blogs. His current area of research involve the hypothesis that teaching patients to cook becomes the ultimate lifestyle change for people – and a bit about diets.

Dr. Terry Simpson, when not doing research – can be found in the operating room where he sees a small, but select group of patients. While he performs weight loss surgery, his first rule for his patients is that they make changes to their lifestyles. ”I spend more time teaching them to cook than I do operating on them. “ He has developed Weight Loss Fest, where his theme is for patients to adopt a better lifestyle by cooking better and more interesting foods. Dr. Simpson also examines diet plans from others with a skeptical, educated eye.

All that aside, he’s made most of his living as a digital business strategist for over a decade. In short, he helps his clients figure out what not to do. He’s well versed in what doesn’t work, having survived the ups and downs of advertising, retail, publishing, radio, social media and startups.

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