The Beeswax Workshop: How to Make Your Own Natural Candles, Cosmetics, Cleaners, Soaps, Healing Balms and More

The Beeswax Workshop: How to Make Your Own Natural Candles, Cosmetics, Cleaners, Soaps, Healing Balms and More

by Chris Dalziel


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ISBN-13: 9781612436487
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication date: 12/20/2016
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 366,150
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Chris Dalziel is a teacher, author, gardener, and herbalist with 30+ years’ of growing herbs and formulating herbal remedies, skin care products, soaps, and candles. She teaches workshops and writes extensively about gardening, crafts, and medicinal herbs on her blog at Beeswax is a central player in these interests.

Formerly the president of the Boundary Artisan Association and the Boundary Spinners and Weavers Guild, Chris led both organizations through 2 successful art gallery shows. She’s won awards for her textile designs and was featured in The Ashford Wheel Magazine in 2011.

Chris is a contributing writer to The Biblical Herbal Magazine, The FermenTools Blog, and the Attainable Sustainable blog. Her other books, The Beginners Book of Essential Oils and Homegrown Healing are available on Amazon.

Chris lives with her husband Robin in the mountains of British Columbia on a 140 acre ranch, with sheep, dairy goats, llamas, and a few retired chickens. They have three adult children and three granddaughters.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Miraculous Beeswax 4

Chapter 2 Beeswax Candlemaking 18

Rolled Taper Candles 25

Rolled Birthday Candles 26

Rolled Chanukah Candles 28

Havdalah Candles 30

Christmas Tree Candles or Ornaments 32

Cookie Cutter Ornaments 34

Hand-Dipped Candles 36

Dipped Taper Candles 38

Hand-Dipped Birthday Candles 40

Shabbat Candles 41

Twisted Spiral Candles 42

Flattened Tapers 43

Luminaries 43

Taper Candles 47

Votive Candles 50

Tea Lights 52

Mason Jar Candles 55

Candle in Silicone Mold 56

Make Your Own Silicone Mold 57

Chapter 3 Beeswax for Personal Care 60

Cool Mint Lip Balm 67

Fairy Glitter Lip Balm 68

Lip Balm Sunscreen (SPF 15) 69

Chocolate Winter Sporu Lip Balm 71

Rose Pink Lip Gloss 72

Lip Balm with Shimmer and Shine 74

Basic Lipstick Base 74

Winter Plum Lipstick 75

Rose Red Lipstick 76

Cinnabar Lipstick 77

Mineral Make-Up Bronzer 78

Calendula Hand Balm 79

Peppermint Foot Care Lotion Bars 80

Rose Facial Moisturizer for Older Skin 81

Body Butter for Everyday 82

Moisturizer for Oily Skin 83

Basic Solid Perfume 84

Woodsy Perfume 86

Floral Perfume 87

Frankincense and Coconut Oil Deodorant 88

Lemon-Chamomile Cuticle Butter 89

Nail Conditioner 90

Chocolate Massage Truffles 92

Massage Candle 93

Rose Silk Facial Cream 97

Galen's Cold Cream 99

Chapter 4 Beeswax in Soap and Hair Care 101

Basic Beeswax Soap 106

Honey Soap 108

Mechanic's Hand Soap 110

Gardener's Soap 113

Infused Vinegar Rinse for Fair Hair 116

Infused Vinegar Rinse for Dark Hair 117

Chamomile Shampoo Bars for Fair Hair 117

Shampoo Bars for Dark Hair 120

Shaving Soap 123

Medium-Hold Pomade 127

Heavy-Hold Pomade 127

Moustache Wax 128

Beard Balm 130

Chapter 5 Beeswax in the Apothecary 132

Diaper Rash Ointment 134

Boo Boo Antimicrobial Ointment 136

Calamine Ointment 137

Bug Bite Relief Stick 138

Nick Stick Styptic 139

Cold Relief Chest Rub 140

Cayenne-Pine Ointment 142

Gardener's Salve 144

Black Drawing Salve 145

Bug-Be-Gone Insect Repellent 147

Calendula-Chamomile Sunburn Salve 148

DIY Skin Nourishing Sunscreen 149

Magnesium Lotion 151

Anti-Acne Lotion 153

Chapter 6 Beeswax Home Comforts 155

Paste Wax for Wooden Floors 158

Furniture Polish 159

English Polish for Furniture 160

Wooden Spoon Cleaner and Conditioner 162

Food-Safe Wooden Cutting Board Polish and Conditioner 163

Pre-Treatment Copper-Cleaning Paste 164

Seal for Copper and Brass 165

Granite Countertop Polish 165

Beeswax Food Wrap 167

Sandwich Wraps 170

Snack Wraps 171

Cheese Wax 173

Beeswax Cast-Iron Seasoning 174

Air Freshener Wax Tarts 175

Sealing Putty 177

Workshop Hot Glue 179

Car Wax 180

Chapter 7 Beeswax in the Garden 182

Metal Preservative 183

Tool Handle Preservative 184

Nontoxic Wood Sealant for Raised Garden Beds 186

Preservative and Sealant for Wicker Garden Furniture 187

Wood Preservative and Sealant for Fence Posts 188

Grafting Wax 190

Beeswax Seal for Mushroom Logs 191

Waterproof Shade Hat 193

Waterproof Canvas Hammock, Awning, or Chair Fabric 194

Waterproof Shoes 195

Sealant and Waterproofing for Baskets 197

Bee Swarm Lure 199

Chapter 8 Beeswax for Sport and Leisure 201

Waterproof Tents and Tarps 202

Solid Waterproofing Bar 204

Waterproof Matches 206

Backpacker/Emergency Single-Use Stove 207

Pinecone Fire Starters 209

Solid Fuel Fire Starter 211

Saddle Cleaning 213

Leather Dressing 213

Leather Boot/Cowboy Boot Balm 214

Shoe and Boot Polish 216

Dubbin 217

Archer's Bowstring Wax 218

Black Powder Shooting Lubricant 219

Bore Butter 220

Bullet Lube 221

Rock Climber's Hand Balm 223

Baseball Glove Conditioner 224

Golf Club Grip Wax 225

Snowboard and Ski Glide Wax 227

Surfboard Wax Bar 229

Chapter 9 Beeswax and the Arts 232

Batik with Natural Indigo Dye 237

The Magical Indigo Vat 239

Sealing Wax 241

Beeswax Crayons 243

Beeswax Pastels 245

Making an Oil Medium and Pigment 246

Beeswax Modeling Clay 248

Beeswax Oil-Based Clay (Plasticine) 249

Encaustic Medium for Hot Wax Techniques 252

Cork Grease 255

Violin Rosin 256

Chapter 10 Ingredient Guide 258

Resources 278

Bibliography 286

Conversions 288

Index 289

Acknowledgments 296

About the Author 298

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The Beeswax Workshop: How to Make Your Own Natural Candles, Cosmetics, Cleaners, Soaps, Healing Balms and More 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
NatoshaM More than 1 year ago
I've always had a curiosity about beeswax, really had no idea what it was, but I knew it has been used in multiple products and many other forms! The book, The Beeswax Workshop by Chris Dalziel is something very cool for those interested with a bit of DIY and creativity using beeswax. Honestly, it's an awesome way to experiment and see what you really can create and make with the stuff, plus it's simple! Although, it is hard for me to say which project really captured my attention since I want to just try them all! However, the one project I really wanted to try first would have to be the candles. I've always wanted to try to make my own candles since my mom used to do so in our home. Of course, that's been years ago and I was so much younger. Though I can remember how many times she warned me about the process and how hard it really is. I really kept bringing it up because I just really wanted to try it! Unfortunately, my mom had it hard when making these candles, but with the use of beeswax it really just sounds so awesome and with one simple glance at the directions, it's very easy to do! Just looking at the items needed and the steps, I was surprised how simple it really is. The only thing you need is the beeswax and 2 wicks, which is simple as peeling a banana! Of course, this is for a simple taper candle that doesn't require or need scents of any type. However, for many different purposes, such as a dinner party or just to light up the home, this is a great idea! Finally, I really loved all the projects inside and possibly will do the candles first. Next, I plan on trying the beauty products, which don't need to be bought and can be handmade with the simple recipes inside. So I basically found this book to be superb! It's quite a fun project books for healthy and useful items that anyone can make!