The Begotten (Gifted Series #1)

The Begotten (Gifted Series #1)

by Lisa Tawn Bergren
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The Begotten 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
A lot of times we like to play the what if question. This can lead to long drawn out debates on what could have happen if something had taken place. Sometimes we worry that things would have been radically different if things had changed. Other times times we speculate on the possibilities that could have taken place if only such and such had taken place. That is the premise of The Begotten. Paul had written many letters to churches. What if there had been another letter sent to a special group of people called The Gifted? Set during the time of the Inquisition, the secret of Paul's extra letter is trying to be kept hidden by the holy leaders. They are against females holding high authority and wish to keep any knowledge about it in secret. Years later however, individuals with secret powers find each other as they strive to help out those in need. They are Christians, strong in their faith, battling those who have turned to the dark side. This book was a wonderful engrossing read. I love books about medieval times with knights and lords and ladies. The whole story was fascinating when you imagine a group such as the Gifted existing in today's world or even the world back then. Daria was a very strong female character especially for that time period. She was highly respected by the people around her. The men are eager to protect her yet they do not see her as just a weak female or try to woo her. They are quick to defend her and risk their lives for not only her but anyone in their company. I felt this book in a genre like The Da Vinci Code, although far superior. Myth and legend are always interesting especially when you can incorporate scriptural truth with it. In my opinion, I felt the characters were like a middle ages version of X-Men or Heroes. Group of people with special powers that feel unwanted by the rest of the world. I highly recommend this book for those who are fans of this genre, and for anyone who enjoys a really good story. If you have a good imagination, this book definitely makes good use of it.
MichelleSutton More than 1 year ago
To me, everything about The Begotten was so rich and fantastic that I was literally carried into another time and place. The author's vivid description and setting surround you and carry the story to the end with power and conviction. I was there and experienced the terrors of the Middle Ages and the corruption of the times. I felt the pain of Daria, the healer, as she longed to make people whole, yet could only do what the Lord had appointed for her to do. There was always a reason, but it was not always known. Everything about this story made me ponder the Lord's ways, and I marveled at the power of His written word demonstrated in action. I was caught up in the beautiful prose and awestruck as the magnitude of good and evil were revealed when the two camps waged war. The intrigue and pacing was perfectly done and the action was so riveting that I couldn't stop reading. The intensity of the evil portrayed seemed as realistic as the righteousness found in the Lord's own, 'The Gifted'. To me, the spiritual messages interwoven throughout the story were healing and emotionally moving. The next book in Bergren's series is called The Betrayed. I can only imagine the conflict that will lead into the sequel because the author leaves you satisfied at the conclusion of The Begotten, yet hanging just enough to make you want to buy the next book. Well done, and highly recommended!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Satan thinks the time is ripe for his dominion on earth. Thus in 1339, he sends one of his most powerful followers the Sorcerer to reap havoc leading to global control. Dominican Father Piero realizes that the devil has begun what could be the first phase towards Armageddon. Though the Vatican would officially considers this heresy worth burning at the stake, the holy man searches for the rumored Gifted, named in a letter hidden for centuries allegedly written by Saint Paul, but never became part of the canon, in hope that they can prevent the Sorcerer and his minion from succeeding.------------------- He finds the Gifted Lady Daria D'Angelo when she saves the life of dying Church Knight Gianni de Capezzana who has brought many a sinner to their fiery death, but wonders how many of those he brought to godly justice were less saintly than he. In turn the Knight pleads his loyalty to Daria. Soon near Siena, Italy the latest war between heaven and hell on earth will begin.----------------- This is an exhilarating religious historical thriller that is a delightful fantasy rather than a Brownian clone. The story line is action-packed from the beginning as the forces of good and evil prepare for a confrontation that leaves the Vatican caught between a rock and a hard place since the Church hierarchy do not recognize the Gifted (or Saint Paul¿s letter) yet have no chance to stop the Sorcerer without them. Readers who appreciate a different spin will appreciate Lisa T. Bergren¿s superb religious medieval fantasy THE BEGOTTEN.------------ Harriet Klausner
Elisha40 More than 1 year ago
Fantastic book! Highly recommend this series. The characters are so fantastic, you will fall in love with them all!
AMDC More than 1 year ago
Christian intrique at its best. Bergren gives dimension to faith and eases the reader into developing a real relationship with God and the Holy Spirit with memorable, loveable characters. Never lend this book or the other two in the Trilogy. You will never get them back.
LiadanESM More than 1 year ago
The Begotten is an original, epic fantasy that has all the facets guaranteeing it's place in classic literature. Daria D'Angelo, a noblewoman of 14 Cen. Italy, has been found barren by her handfasted lover, Marco, and he is forced by the social elite to abandon her. Heartbroken, she flees to a convent for healing and meets Father Piero. Piero is part of an ancient society that holds a special secret: a fragment of a letter written by Saint Paul, but never cannonized, supposedly because of its shocking prophetical nature. He tells of a time when "The Gifted" shall appear. People from all walks of life possessing 7 extroardinary powers. And God will use these people to show His love for all mankind and ensure that the people are given full access to God Himself for all they need. It comes in a timely fashion. 14th Cen. Europe is shackled by a legalist Church that teaches God is only accessable to the priests and through the clergy alone can man seek God. They are not even allowed to read the Word in any language save Latin. (And how many commoners in those days could read period, much less in Latin???) But, the Gifted are also meant to defeat their wicked counterpart: The Sorcerer Abramo and his evil following of knights, archers, nobles, etc. Begren makes the lines between good and evil very stark in this book. Abramo calls upon the dark arts and encourages his followers to practice all sorts of abominable things. By contrast Daria and her followers also knights, but commoners too, strive to help the suffering, show mercy and compassion and seek wisdom, even if it means learning things that are: "what they NEED to know, not want they WANT to know." The dynamics of the story are well written and researched. Begren brings her characters to life with impressive clarity and believabilty. You see both their strength and vulnerablity, and their own talents, but still their dependence of God. They are brought together by both providence and need. Piero recognizes Daria from a illuminated text in his care. They find the knight of faith, Gianni, after he tracks the Sorcerer and is mortally wounded in battle. Daria uses her gift to heal him and he senses he is meant to go with them. Upon returning to her manor, they find more knights to help them, as well as the discerner: a small girl, Tessa, from the Campo. Together, they unite and avow faith in God, & decide to face whatever He brings them. And it's not a long wait before Daria's healings gain Church attention- as well as the Sorcerer's. Once they are uncovered, Daria's own uncle betrays her, leading the Sorcerer right to her. And from there, it all goes downhill for the Gifted. A traitor in their midst ensures Abramo entry to Daria's manor, and the Gifted must flee with the Sorcerer and his deadly following hot on their trail. Daria, Tessa and others are hit by poisonous arrows, but Daria is able, by God's might, to save them. Once Abramo sees the healing for himself, he decides he wants the Gifted to join his ranks. But, with Tessa leading, they manuever through the labyrinth city and escape from the Sorcerer. But, they cannot return home and so, though they get out alive, they do not know for sure where God will lead them now. All Daria and her friends know is they only have the 1st section of the letter. They don't know that Gianni's bishop possesses the 2nd portion. Will they find out? And what EXACTLY does God want them to do
Amajorbibliophile More than 1 year ago
Great book!  Bergren did it again!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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