The Bell Witch Anthology: The Essential Texts of America's Most Famous Ghost Story

The Bell Witch Anthology: The Essential Texts of America's Most Famous Ghost Story

by Nick Moretti


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"Bell Witch: To the north was the farm of John Bell, an early, prominent settler from North Carolina. According to legend, his family was harried during the early 19th century by the famous Bell Witch. She kept the household in turmoil, assaulted Bell and drove off Betsy Bell's suitor. Even Andrew Jackson, who came to investigate, retreated to Nashville after his coach wheels stopped mysteriously. Many visitors to the house saw the furniture crash about them and heard her shriek, sing and curse."
Although these words on Historical Marker 3C 38 call the Bell Witch a legend, many hundreds of visitors to the Bell homestead in Robertson County, Tennessee, witnessed the incredible feats of this spirit called "Kate" over the course of three years.
For the first time, the three original texts that chronicle her reign have been brought together in one comprehensive story.

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About the Author

Author Nick Moretti has been a writer (and reader) literally all his life, writing short stories as a child, writing and performing short plays in high school, working as a journalist and editor for 10 years and finally, writing, and directing his first feature film, "The Haunted Heart."
"My Life Before, During and After Elvis Presley," co-written with John Wilkinson, is Moretti's first published book. In addition to non-fiction, Moretti continues to write fiction, and is currently in preproduction on his second film, "The Ghostway."

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