The Bella Rose & Dianthus Bobby: Discover the Mysterious and Unspoken Past of the Author's Italian Grandparents

The Bella Rose & Dianthus Bobby: Discover the Mysterious and Unspoken Past of the Author's Italian Grandparents

by Brenda Marie Black


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Brenda Marie Black is a first-time author. As a child, she was filled with an incessant curiosity about the mysterious and unspoken past of her beloved Italian grandparents, Pasquale and Lena Donofrio. As an adult, she set out to discover and unlock abounding secrets through years of research, interviews, and travel. Brenda was gifted time to fulfill a dream—to write and now share this unique and faith-filled novel brimming with romance and suspense. Actual events, research and interviews, along with the author’s memories, were used to fabricate a natural fiber as the basis of the novel. An artificial fiber, composed of artistic embellishments of prose and fictional characters, was created for enhancing and materializing the story. Both fibers were spooled into one yarn and woven, nimbly and creatively, throughout the novel. Brenda Marie Black celebrated and cried in researching and writing The Bella Rose & Dianthus Bobby. All are invited to travel back in time to experience the riveting legacy of the author’s grandparents. Through precise period details, one will experience, first-hand, the treasured story of handsome Pasquale and beautiful Lena. The aura of their hearts and souls are revealed in raw, in-depth characterization. Along the journey, there are many other unique individuals to discover. Pasquale and Lena gift us with an extraordinary and inspirational story. Join them. Read of their challenges, celebrations, tragedy, heart break, deep regret, and . . . Was Lena’s mother right? Would a covenant be broken? Can a single tragic event change everything? Is it possible to bury love? Are coincidences just that—or are our lives in synchronicity? Is there a Heaven? The answers are found as you accompany Pasquale and Lena in this one of a kind story. Are you ready to travel? Bring a wrap for your arms as you might find the esoteric folklore a bit chilling. Be sure to lace-up your most sturdy shoes for this bumpy, unconventional and unpredictable journey. Pasquale and Lena’s venture is full of twists and turns. Take a few deep breaths before beginning the expedition to the many unique places this story takes you. You’ll be traversing on mountainsides, navigating rough ocean waters, exploring an enchanting lakeside, riding in diverse modes of transportation, and walking and running in various bountiful tracts of nature. And, just an important piece of advice, be sure to pack a cotton handkerchief.

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ISBN-13: 9781977220707
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 12/21/2019
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.45(d)

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