The Bend of the River: Book Two in The Tenochtitlan Trilogy

The Bend of the River: Book Two in The Tenochtitlan Trilogy

by Edward Rickford


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Winner of the Readers' Favorite Five Star Award

Cortés' fleet wallows at the bottom of the ocean, and his army marches for Tenochtitlan. Aided by aggrieved vassals and rapacious soldiers, Cortés has assembled an army unlike any in all the One World. Even the Mexica, the undisputed overlords of the region, may not be able to best them on the field.

A shocking act of violence makes it clear, however, that conflict cannot be avoided. But is there an alternative to direct confrontation?

Motecuhzoma, leader of the Mexica Confederacy, thinks so. Ever one for creative solutions, he settles on a plan as devious as it is risky. If his approach succeeds, peace will prevail in the One World. If his approach fails, the Mexica will pay with blood. Filled with complex characters and soaring action, The Bend of the River returns readers to pre-Hispanic Mexico and offers gripping insight into one of the most famous military campaigns in all of history.

Editorial Reviews

"The Bend of the River is a riveting tale of the encounter between Hernan Cortés and his army and the Mexica ruler Motecuhzoma and his people. It is a story that captures the imagination as two peoples compete for dominance to defend their worldviews in the name of the sacred. Beyond intrigue and lust for gold, it is the story of the human quest for meaning in a timeless universe. This is historical fiction with spiritual significance for contemporary times."

-Javier Alanis, PhD, JD, Executive Director, Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest, Austin, Texas

"An absorbing tour de force."

-Andrew Rowen, author of Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold

"History is generally recorded by the conquerers, giving us only a partial understanding of our past. Edward Rickford's The Bend of the River is a masterful insight to the expectations and experiences of both the conquerers and the conquered. His rich descriptions of the people who clashed five hundred years ago in Mexico provide readers an in depth immersion into events that forever changed the landscape of the region. His fast-paced action and vivid portrayals of the conflicts bring historical people to life page after riveting page. I highly recommend this book as a compelling glimpse into events of the past that are still shaping policies today."

-The Rev. Kathryn Haueisen, author of Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures.

"This novel represents the best in historical storytelling. Complex, original and utterly gripping. Highly recommended."

-The Wishing Shelf

"Based on real people and events, it [The Bend of the River] is a stunning book that will delight everyone who enjoys dramatic, action-packed novels."

-Susan Sewell, Readers' Favorite

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ISBN-13: 9781735131917
Publisher: Black Acorn Literary Press
Publication date: 11/12/2020
Series: Tenochtitlan Trilogy
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