The Best Darn Hyperthyroidism Book!: Studies on the Overactive Thyroid Gland

The Best Darn Hyperthyroidism Book!: Studies on the Overactive Thyroid Gland

by James M. Lowrance


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This book is also included as a section in "The Everything Thyroid Disease Book!", so this version is for those who are interested in the subject of hyperthyroidism specifically (also available in eBook).

Hyperthyroid conditions account for about 20% of thyroid disease cases. The causes of an overactive thyroid gland can be varied but the most common cause is an autoimmune condition called Graves' disease.

Complications can also occur with hyperthyroidism, including Thyroid Eye Disease, toxic diffuse goiter, hot nodules and myopathy of the muscles.

Some hyperthyroid conditions can become life-threatening as well (i.e. thyroid storm).
These and other subjects related to hyperthyroidism, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatments are discussed in this resource.

NOTE: This book is approximately 6,539 words in length. The "Best Darn" reference in the title, is not to imply that this is an extensive medical journal but rather that the book contains all aspects of information on the subject that most laypersons would be seeking.


Hyperthyroidism Basic Facts:
Overactive Thyroid Gland General Information
Major Causes of Hyperthyroidism and Treatments:
Common Contributors to Thyrotoxicity
Graves' Disease Hyperthyroidism and Treatments:
Autoimmune Caused Hyperthyroidism
Radioactive Iodine Ablation of the Thyroid:
Cell Destruction of Diseased Glands
Treatment for Hashitoxicosis versus Graves' Disease:
Patients with Temporary Hyperthyroidism
Why Doctors Sometimes Delay Treatment for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis:
Problems with Hashitoxicosis
Manifestations of Thyroid Eye Disease:
Autoimmune Eyeball Problems and Their Treatments
Symptoms and Manifestations of Thyroid Storm:
The Hyperthyroid Condition Requiring Emergency Care
My Review of Mary Shomon's Hyperthyroid Book:
Another Great Resource for Patients with Hyperthyroidism
Support for Struggling Thyroid Patients:
Two Reasons Why Information and Support Resources are Important
Coping with Thyroid Disease:
Methods for Dealing with a Lifetime Health Disorder

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About the Author

I am a husband, father, grandfather and lifetime contract salesman, with experience in health writing that began in 2004. I completed theological studies with Liberty University in 1996. I formerly served as editor and forum moderator of Thyroid Health for a major multi-topic content site and as a general health writer for another, where I achieved Editor's Choice Awards for my articles on health subjects.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; "Hashimoto's thyroiditis" being the cause. This autoimmune form of thyroid disease that causes destruction of the thyroid gland resulted in my also developing "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", due to a compromised immune system with severe co-morbid "Adrenal Fatigue".

I also suffered severe anxiety symptoms, including panic attacks early into the onset of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Hashitoxicosis). A common, benign heart murmur I was diagnosed with in my teens called "Mitral Valve Prolapse", also worsened in severity of symptoms, with the development of these other health disorders.

My eventual receiving of diagnoses was a difficult process with proper diagnostic testing not being ordered by the first doctors I sought treatment from. These types of issues were inspiration for me to become proactive in my own health care and to self-educate myself on these health disorders, which I have done extensively since 2003.

I now enjoy sharing this information with other patients experiencing my same health disorders.

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