The Best in Us: People, Profit, and the Remaking of Modern Leadership

The Best in Us: People, Profit, and the Remaking of Modern Leadership

by Cleve Stevens

Hardcover(First Edition)

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We have lost sight of the big picture, forgetting that success cannot be measured in profit alone. This narrow focus, particularly from our political and corporate leaders, is one of the primary reasons for our continuing economic crisis. We need a fresh approach to leadership to turn things around. This new leadership must focus on the people who help generate the profits in addition to the profits themselves. In our hyper-connected world of instant information and democratic openness, the importance of a strong community only grows, and companies that continue to neglect their community are poised for failure. Hope for a healthy economy can be found in the untapped talent of our people-and in a commitment to excellence as the means for awakening that talent. In The Best in Us, leadership expert and social ethicist Dr. Cleve Stevens, offers a daring and radical new take on leading that emphasizes the rigorous development of leaders and followers. It's the people-centric organizations, the ones fueled by a drive for excellence, that will be the most profitable in the coming decades. The new approach, called transforming integrative leadership, or simply transformative leadership, is a compelling, highly effective step-by-step process. Dr. Stevens shows what the transformative organization looks like and precisely how the intended growth for the individual, the organization, and the bottom line is achieved. The transforming integrative approach outlined in The Best in Us is our best way forward. It's the first brave but necessary step toward a healthy business climate and a reinvigorated global economy.

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ISBN-13: 9780825306846
Publisher: Beaufort Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/02/2012
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Cleve Stevens has worked in leadership development for twenty-five years. He holds a bachelor's degree from the UC Irvine, a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a PhD in social ethics from the USC. Cleve has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level and has published numerous articles on leadership and the psychology of leadership. Dr. Stevens is the founder and president of the Los Angeles based leadership consulting firm, Owl Sight Intentions, Inc.

Table of Contents

A Note to the Reader ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: The Modern Mess and Why It Calls for The Best in Us xv

Part I When Nothing Less Will Do: Transformation, Leadership, and Achieving the Extraordinary 1

Chapter 1 Why Transformation Matters and a Big Distinction 3

Chapter 2 An Entirely Different Game: The Emergence (and Basics) of Transformative Leadership 15

Chapter 3 Dispatches from the Gates of Hell: Disclosing New Worlds (and Upending Old Ones) 27

Part II A Leader's Transformative Quest: Summoning the Best We Have Within 45

Chapter 4 Getting the Picture: A View from the Top 47

Chapter 5 The Transforming Triad: A Metaphor with Three Legs 60

LEG 1 Responsibility and Changing Our Minds 66

Chapter 6 Acknowledgment: Facing Up to Our Unconscious Condition 68

Chapter 7 Responsibility: Embracing Our Causality 82

Chapter 8 Responsibility in Action: The Case of Charlie Costas 94

Chapter 9 Recognition: Seeing Our Personal Paradigms 103

Chapter 10 Recognition: Nailing Our Limiting Beliefs 113

Chapter 11 Changing Our Minds to Change Our Brains: The Beginnings of a Practice 132

Chapter 12 Changing Our Brains to Change Our Minds: Rewiring Our Circuits 145

LEG 2 Intention and Possibility 161

Chapter 13 Intention: The Heart of Power 163

Chapter 14 Possibility: The Mind of Power 180

LEG 3 Contribution 192

Chapter 15 Contribution: The Soul of Power 194

Chapter 16 In Search of Adulthood: Fear and Loathing in Guestville and Playing to Win 210

Chapter 17 Transformation in Action: Power in Five Acts 224

Part III Convention Turned on Its Ear: Transformative Leadership and the Organization 231

Chapter 18 Experiments in Radical Honesty: The World has Forever Changed-So Must How We Lead 233

Chapter 19 The Transformative Leader in Profile 240

Chapter 20 Adventures in Audacity I: A Transformative, Visionary Organization-Cox Arizona 251

Chapter 21 Adventures in Audacity II: The Nature of the Transformative Vision 263

Chapter 22 The Transformative Team and the End of a Myth: Beyond Laziness and Fear 273

Chapter 23 A Leadership Team That Actually Leads: Rising Above the Reasonable 283

Chapter 24 The Transformative Organization: Playing the Big Game 302

Chapter 25 Taking Yourself On as a Leader: The Only Way Out Is Through the Middle 316

Epilogue: Is It Too Much to Ask? 328

Appendix: From Transactional to Transformative: Getting It All Started 333

Notes 347

Annotated Bibliography 354

Index 365

List of Boxes, Exercises, Figures, and Tables 373

About the Author 374

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