The Best Man Problem

The Best Man Problem

by Mariah Ankenman


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ISBN-13: 9781657622326
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/08/2020
Series: Mile High Happiness , #2
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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The Best Man Problem 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Connie_T 22 days ago
I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it. This was a charming and witty book. I adored Lilly and her snarky comments (internal or spoken it didn't matter!) This book also had some very great words of wisdom about life, love and growing from each relationship whether it was a failure or a success. These characters were written in such a manner that I was fully enchanted and felt so real to me. It was almost like I was right there in the middle of the scenes. This book is the second of the series and also the second book from this author that I have read. I so look forward to reading many more of her books. I am so looking forward to reading the third BFF of the group, Moira's story. She is such a great character. As the second story of the series, you really don't need to read the first story as the author did a fantastic job of writing that this could be a stand-alone (I HIGHLY recommend reading the first story though!!!) The story was written in a dual POV format. It is my favorite as I can get into the characters' minds to fully understand their actions in a given situation. This is a sexy story with some bedroom scenes. There were some details given but not of an erotica manner. That being said, I highly recommend this story for anyone over the age of 18. Especially if you adore a great rom-com.
eleventhirteenpm 24 days ago
I loved this premise and was eager to settle in with a quick and fun read. I liked Lilly and Lincoln. They’re both driven people who are loyal to their friends. They definitely had chemistry and a decent amount of conversation, but I never really saw the spark that every character talked about. Both of their inner monologues just talked about how hot and sexy the other one was. The are other characters, but no one stood out. Plot wise it was meh. There’s loads of push and pull and while I can appreciate Lilly not wanting to get involved while Lincoln was in the wedding party, a little open communication wouldn’t have hurt anyone. Scenes, phrases, and character descriptions were repetitive and it all knocked me out of the story. Overall, it was a quick story with a lot of potential, sadly it fell flat for me. I’m not sure if I’ll be reading any of the others in the series. **Huge thanks to Entangled for providing the arc free of charge**
beckymmoe 29 days ago
This was cute and fun! It was my first from this author, but definitely not my last :) (Book 1 in the series, The Best Friend Problem , is on my TBR--this one worked fine as a standalone, though.) I really liked both Lilly and Lincoln--they had a lot of chemistry, and their relationships with their respective friends were fabulous. The resistance they each had about a relationship made sense, though of course they should have known that resistance is futile and anyway, they didn't really want the moratorium on romance to last any longer than the readers did ;) It's a romance, so you know going in that there's going to be a black moment coming--this time it's Lincoln who throws the relationship away with two hands, which was beyond frustrating (even he thought so while he was doing it...grrr) but he finally makes up for it in a way that is absolutely perfect for both of their characters. Bring on Mo's book! I can't wait to see what her "problem" will be :) Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Lorizen 3 months ago
More good times with Mariah, the woman can write a great story. I didn't put this one down! Once again Mariah outdoes herself with this comical story between uptight Lilly and a one night oops and now best man for the wedding she is planning, Lincoln. Lilly is the detail oriented, twisted a little tight, and public face of Mile High that she partners with her two best friends. Lilly has a firm rule of not mixing business and pleasure. And doesn't she get the surprise of her life when the wedding she's currently working on and has been working with the couple bring their best men along with them to a meet. He's best friends with both the bride and groom and will be taking over their business while they're on their honeymoon. Lincoln is also the on off she had, so out of character for our Lilly. Lincoln is enjoying his time in Colorado, getting a much needed break from the business he runs and spending time with his friends all the while doing his best to charm the bejeepers out of Lilly. While she's doing everything she can to keep him at arms length but the chemistry between these two just sizzles right off the pages. Wowza! And of course it wouldn't be normal or right without Mo chiming in with her carefree, no filter spirit encouraging Lilly to "nail that man". Balancing out the act is the Pru who does her best to give Lilly some sound advice here. Lilly has good reason to avoid any sort of contact with her clients and that past mistake seems to run her life. Mariah's gift of telling a good story infused with over the top humor is a gift to the reader. Watch how these two resolve their issues along with a little help from their friends. But will she or won't she? A must read to find out. This was an easy breezy five slapping good stars from me.
FizzaYounis 3 months ago
It's a cute and fun story and I enjoyed reading it. I'm a fan of romantic comedies and this one is really entertaining, a must-read for contemporary fiction fans, especially those who enjoy a good laugh.
Laura_F 3 months ago
3.5 Stars Lily has instituted a rule for herself about getting involved with anyone from any wedding she's working so of course the one time she decides to have a one night stand, he's the best man in the wedding she's currently working. I liked Lily and Lincoln. There were parts of this book that just dragged for me and I found myself skimming a lot of chapters.