The Best Natural Homemade Skin and Hair Care Products: 175 Recipes for Creams, Balms, Shampoos and More

The Best Natural Homemade Skin and Hair Care Products: 175 Recipes for Creams, Balms, Shampoos and More

by Mar Gomez


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ISBN-13: 9780778805021
Publisher: Rose, Robert Incorporated
Publication date: 02/24/2015
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 576,517
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Mar Gomez is a naturopath, dietician, and nutritionist. She leads workshops on making natural products and has written several books including The Best Natural Homemade Soaps.

Table of Contents

Introduction 12

Making Creams and Ointments 14

Making Oils 16

Making Shampoos 17

Making Gels 19

The Recipes

Baobab Oil 23

Baobab Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream 24

Baobab Moisturizing Face Cream 26

Baobab Nourishing Face Cream 27

Baobab and Orange Moisturizing Body Cream 28

Baobab and Cedar Moisturizing Body Cream 30

Baobab Eye Cream 31

Baobab Sunscreen 32

Baobab and Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil 34

Baobab Moisturizing Facial Oil 34

Baobab Nourishing Facial Oil 36

Baobab and Chamomile Facial Oil 36

Baobab Body Oil 37

Baobab Hair Repair Oil 38

Baobab Exfoliating Scrub 39

Baobab and Chamomile Shampoo 40

Monoï Oil 43

Monoï Moisturizing Face Cream 44

Monoï Firming Body Cream 46

Monoï and Orange Moisturizing Body Cream 48

Monoï Tan Extender Cream 49

Monoï Hand Cream 50

Monoï Nourishing Skin Oil 52

Monoï and Sage Dandruff Shampoo 53

Macadamia Oil 55

Macadamia Face Cream for Sensitive Skin 56

Macadamia Moisturizing Body Cream 58

Macadamia and Collagen Nourishing Face Cream 59

Vitamin-Rich Macadamia Moisturizing Face Cream 60

Macadamia Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily Skin 62

Macadamia Skin Repairing Oil 63

Macadamia and Cocoa Butter Lip Balm 64

Macadamia and Green Clay Poultice 66

Macadamia and Sandalwood Body Scrub 67

Macadamia Anti-Cellulite Oil 68

Flaxseed Oil 71

Flaxseed and Rose Moisturizing Face Cream 72

Flaxseed and Rose Hip Nourishing Face Cream 74

Flaxseed Extra-Sensitive Body Cream 75

Flaxseed and Collagen Body Cream 76

Flaxseed and Tea Tree Oil Nourishing Face Cream 78

Flaxseed Moisturizing Hand Cream 79

Flaxseed and Chamomile Shower Gel 80

Flaxseed Face and Body Oil 82

Flaxseed and Wheat Germ Flaky Scalp Oil 82

Flaxseed and Rosemary Dandruff Shampoo 83

Flaxseed Cracked-Skin Ointment 84

Safflower Oil 87

Safflower Fluid Retention Treatment Cream 88

Safflower Cellulite-Fighting Cream 90

Safflower and Tea Tree Cuticle Cream 91

Safflower Dermatitis-Fighting Cream 92

Safflower and Patchouli Firming Face Cream 94

Safflower Firming Body Cream 95

Safflower and Wheat Germ Oil Eye Cream 96

Safflower Oil Dermatitis Treatment 98

Safflower Anti-Cellulite Body Oil 99

Evening Primrose Oil 101

Evening Primrose Moisturizing Face Cream 102

Evening Primrose Nourishing Face Cream 104

Evening Primrose Moisturizing Body Cream 105

Evening Primrose Face Cream for Acne 106

Evening Primrose Body Cream for Acne 108

Evening Primrose Nourishing Oil 110

Evening Primrose Injury-Healing Oil 111

Babassu Oil 113

Babassu and Soy Moisturizing Face Cream 114

Babassu Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Face Cream 116

Babassu Nourishing Face Cream 117

Babassu Moisturizing Body Cream 118

Babassu Exfoliating Scrub 120

Babassu Sunscreen 121

Babassu and Green Clay Facial Mask 122

Babassu and Chamomile Shampoo 124

Babassu Body Oil 125

Argan Oil 127

Argan Regenerating Face Cream 128

Argan Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 130

Argan Anti-Acne Face Cream 131

Vitamin-Rich Argan After-Sun Cream 132

Argan Eye Cream 134

Argan Hand Cream 135

Argan and Lemon Nail Soak 135

Argan Foot Cream 136

Argan Healing Oil 138

Argan Relaxing Massage Oil 138

Argan Blemish-Fighting Oil 139

Black Cumin Oil 141

Black Cumin Pain-Relieving Oil 142

Black Cumin Headache Oil 144

Black Cumin Joint-Pain Oil 144

Black Cumin Antifungal Skin Oil 145

Black Cumin Acne-Fighting Oil 145

Black Cumin Soothing Eye Oil 146

Black Cumin Soothing Ear Oil 148

Black Cumin Inhalation Oil 149

Andiroba Oil 151

Andiroba Healing Ointment 152

Andiroba Hair Repair Oil 152

Andiroba Insect Repellent 154

Andiroba Muscle Pain Oil 155

Andiroba Insect Bite Oil 155

Andiroba Anti-Cellulite Cream 156

Grapeseed Oil 159

Grapeseed and Rose Hip Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream 160

Grapeseed Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream 162

Grapeseed Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 163

Grapeseed and Jojoba Moisturizing Acne Cream 164

Grapeseed and Sesame Nourishing Acne Cream 166

Grapeseed Anti-Wrinkle Body Cream 167

Grapeseed Stretch Mark-Reducing Oil 168

Grapeseed Face and Body Scrub 168

Grapeseed and Bergamot Makeup Remover 169

Pumpkin Seed Oil 171

Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Face Cream 172

Pumpkin Seed Nourishing Face Cream 174

Pumpkin Seed Quick-Absorbing Hand Cream 175

Pumpkin Seed Bust Cream 176

Pumpkin Seed and Grapefruit Body Cream 178

Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark-Fighting Cream 179

Hemp Seed Oil 181

Hemp Seed Moisturizing Face Cream 182

Hemp Seed Nourishing Face Cream 184

Hemp Seed and Lavender Body Cream 185

Hemp Seed and Rose Hip Shampoo 186

Hemp Seed and Sugar Exfoliating Scrub 188

Hemp Seed Congestion-Fighting Oil 188

Hemp Seed and Tea Tree Oil Hair Mask 189

Hemp Seed Body Oil 189

Borage Oil 191

Borage and Mallow Shampoo 192

Borage Hair Repair Oil 194

Borage and Peppermint Cream Conditioner 195

Borage Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 196

Borage and Jojoba Facial Oil 198

Borage and Wheat Germ Anti-Wrinkle Oil 199

Shea Butter 201

Shea Butter Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream 202

Shea Butter Chapped Lip and Nose Ointment 204

Shea Butter Corn and Callus Ointment 205

Shea Butter Ointment for Cracked Heels 206

Shea Butter and Citronella Mosquito Repellent 208

Shea Butter Joint-Pain Ointment 209

Bitter Almond Oil 211

Almond-Apricot Massage Oil 212

Bitter Almond Moisturizing Oil 212

Bitter Almond Freckle-and Spot-Removing Oil 214

Bitter Almond Sunburn Relief Oil 215

Apricot Kernel Oil 217

Apricot Kernel Moisturizing Face Cream 218

Apricot Kernel Moisturizing Body Cream 220

Apricot Kernel Super Moisturizing Cream 221

Apricot Kernel Scrub for Sensitive Skin 222

Apricot Kernel Diaper Rash Cream 223

Peanut Oil 225

Peanut Ointment for Rough Hands 226

Peanut Ointment for Cracked Heels 228

Peanut Facial Oil 229

Peanut Moisturizing Body Oil 230

Peanut Nail-Strengthening Oil 230

Sesame Oil 233

Sesame Relaxing Oil 234

Sesame Facial Oil 234

Sesame Energizing Oil 236

Sesame Anti-Stress Oil 236

Sesame Anti-Cellulite Oil 238

Sesame Flaky Scalp Oil 239

Prickly Pear Seed Oil 241

Prickly Pear Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream 242

Prickly Pear Anti-Wrinkle Facial Oil 244

Prickly Pear Extreme Climate Cream 245

Prickly Pear Neck- and Bust-Enhancing Cream 246

Prickly Pear Skin-Repairing Serum 247

Tamanu Oil 249

Tamanu Insect Repellent 250

Tamanu Pain-Relieving Massage Oil 251

Tamanu Burn-Relief Oil 252

Tamanu Insect Bite Relief Oil 252

Tamanu Anti-Cold Sore Oil 254

Tamanu Cream for Couperose Skin 255

Pequi Oil 257

Pequi Sunscreen 258

Pequi Firming Body Oil 260

Pequi Anti-Stretch Mark Oil 261

Pequi and Almond Body Oil 261

Pequi and Castor Oil Bath Gel 262

Pequi and Cedar Bath Gel 262

Pequi and Oat Shampoo 264

Pequi Nourishing Antiaging Moisturizer 265

Soybean Oil 267

Gtrusy Soy Moisturizing Body Oil 268

Soy Circulation-Stimulating Body Scrub 268

Soy and Hazelnut Slimming Body Oil 270

Soy and Rosemary Oil for Tired Legs 271

Soy Oil-Fighting Shampoo 271

Soy and Rosemary Shampoo 272

Soy and Jojoba Body Cream 274

Soy and Kanuka Nourishing Moisturizer 276

Resources 277

Index 279

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