The Best of Blue Collar Comedy

The Best of Blue Collar Comedy

by Blue Collar Comedy TourBlue Collar Comedy Tour




When it comes to best-of collections, comedy doesn't work as well as musical genres, mostly because routines are parts of acts and sequenced in such a way that momentum is built. This two-CD set of country comedians the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, and Bill Engvall) does a surprisingly good job of imitating a real live comedy set, just one filled with fan favorites. It is desirable for newcomers since the group's discography is large and two CDs is right-sized, leaving no room for filler. The numerous tracks from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie and Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again soundtracks show the compilers were going for mass appeal, while the generous helping of loose encore material acts as a nod to the longtime fans who find this part of the set the highlight. Some liner notes wouldn't have hurt, and rounding up some of the boys' solo material would have shown extra effort, but if you're fine with just one Blue Collar CD in your collection, this well-done roundup is the one to own.

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