The Best Of The World's Classics (Restricted To Prose) Volume V- Great Britain And Ireland III: 1740-1881

The Best Of The World's Classics (Restricted To Prose) Volume V- Great Britain And Ireland III: 1740-1881

by Henry Cabot Lodge

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The Best Of The World's Classics (Restricted To Prose) Volume V- Great Britain And Ireland III: 1740-1881 by Henry Cabot Lodge

Table of Contents

James Boswell�(Born in 1740, died in 1795.)
I: Boswell's Introduction to Johnson. (From Boswell's "Life of Johnson")
II: Johnson's Audience with George III. (From Boswell's "Life of Johnson")
III: The Meeting of Johnson and John Wilkes. (From Boswell's "Life of Johnson")
IV: Johnson's Wedding-Day. (From Boswell's "Life of Johnson")

William Wordsworth�(Born in 1770, died in 1850.)
A Poet Defined. (From the Preface to the second edition of "Lyrical Ballads")

Sir Walter Scott�(Born in 1771, died in 1832.)
I: The Arrival of the Master of Ravenswood. (From Chapter XXXIII of "The Bride of Lammermoor")
II: The Death of Meg Merriles. (From Chapter LV of "Guy Mannering")
III: A Vision of Rob Roy. (From Chapter XXIII of "Rob Roy")
IV: Queen Elizabeth and Amy Robsart at Kenilworth. (From "Kenilworth")
V: The Illness and Death of Lady Scott. (From Scott's "Journal")

Samuel Taylor Coleridge�(Born in 1772, died in 1834.)
I: Does Fortune Favor Fools? (From "A Sailor's Fortune")
II: The Destiny of the United States. (From the "Table Talk")

Robert Southey�(Born in 1774, died in 1843.)
Nelson's Death at Trafalgar. (From the "Life of Nelson")

Walter Savage Landor�(Born in 1775, died in 1864.)
I: The Death of Hofer
II: Napoleon and Pericles

Charles Lamb�(Born in 1775, died in 1834.)
I: Dream Children�A Reverie. (From the "Essays of Elia")
II: Poor Relations. (From the "Essays of Elia")
III: The Origin of Roast Pig. (From the "Essays of Elia")
IV: That We Should Rise with the Lark. (From the "Essays of Elia")

William Hazlitt�(Born in 1778, died in 1830.)
Hamlet. (From the "Characters of Shakespeare's Plays")

Thomas de Quincey�(Born in 1785, died in 1859.)
I: Dreams of an Opium-Eater. (From the "Confessions of an English Opium-Eater")
II: Joan of Arc. (From the "Biographical and Historical Essays")
III: Charles Lamb. (From the "Literary Reminiscences")

Lord Byron
I: Of His Mother's Treatment of Him. (A letter to his half-sister, Augusta)
II: To His Wife after the Separation. (A letter written in Italy)
III: To Sir Walter Scott. (A letter written in Italy)
IV: Of Art and Nature as Poetical Subjects. (From the "Reply to Bowles")

Percy Bysshe Shelley
I: In Defense of Poetry. (From an essay written some time in 1820-21)
II: The Baths of Caracalla. (From a letter to Thomas Love Peacock)
III: The ruins of Pompeii. (A letter to Thomas Love Peacock)

George Grote
I: The Mutilation of the Herm�. (From Chapter LVIII of the "History of Greece")
II: If Alexander Had Lived. (From Chapter XCIV of the "History of Greece")

Thomas Carlyle
I: Charlotte Corday. (From the "History of the French Revolution")
II: The Blessedness of Work. (From "Past and Present")
III: Cromwell. (From "Heroes and Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History")
IV: In Praise of Those Who Toil. (From "Sartor Resartus")
V: The Certainty of Justice. (From "Past and Present")
VI: The Greatness of Scott. (From the essay on Lockhart's "Life of Scott")
VII: Boswell and His Book. (From the essay on Croker's edition of Boswell)
VIII: Might Burns Have Been Saved? (From the essay on Burns)

Lord Macaulay
I: Puritans and Royalists. (From the essay on Milton)
II: Cromwell's Army. (From Chapter I of the "History of England")
III: The Opening of the Trial of Warren Hastings. (From the essay on Hastings)
IV: The Gift of Athens to Man. (From the essay on Mitford's "History of Greece")
V: The Pathos of Byron's Life. (From the essay on Moore's "Life of Byron")

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