The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

by Rosemary Sullivan
The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

by Rosemary Sullivan


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A decades-long puzzle: Who betrayed the Franks to the Nazis in 1944, after two years hiding in an attic, behind a bookcase, in the heart of occupied Amsterdam? Enter a driven, former FBI agent and a team of historians, profilers, analysts and scientists, using modern cold case investigative techniques, and an author who knows how to write a sweeping and complicated story with all the suspense, punch and human drama of a great mystery well told.

Using new technology, recently discovered documents and sophisticated investigative techniques, an international team—led by an obsessed retired FBI agent—has finally solved the mystery that has haunted generations since World War II: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? And why?

Over thirty million people have read The Diary of a Young Girl, the journal that teenaged Anne Frank kept during World War II. Anne, along with her family and four other people, lived in an attic in Amsterdam until the Nazis arrested them and sent them to a concentration camp. But although many works—journal articles, books, plays and novels—have been devoted to Anne’s story, no one has yet conclusively explained how these eight people managed to hide, undetected, for over two years, and who or what finally brought the Nazis to their door.

With painstaking care, retired FBI agent Vincent Pankoke and a team of indefatigable investigators pored over tens of thousands of pages of documents—some never-before seen—and interviewed scores of descendants of people familiar with the Franks. Utilizing methods developed by the FBI, the cold case team painstakingly pieced together the months leading up to the infamous arrest and came to a shocking conclusion. 

The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation, is the riveting story of this mission. Rosemary Sullivan introduces us to the investigators, explains the behaviour of both the captives and their captors, and profiles a group of suspects. All the while, she vividly brings to life wartime Amsterdam, a place where no matter how wealthy, educated or careful you were, you never knew whom you could trust. 

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ISBN-13: 9780062892386
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/17/2023
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 41,420
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

ROSEMARY SULLIVAN, the author of fifteen books, is best known for her recent biography Stalin’s Daughter.  Published in twenty-three countries, it won the Biographers International Organization Plutarch Award and was a finalist for the PEN /Bograd Weld Award for Biography and the National Books Critics Circle Award. Her book Villa Air-Bel was awarded the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem Award in Holocaust History. She is a professor emeritus at the university of Toronto and has lectured in Canada, the U.S., Europe, India, and Latin America.  

Table of Contents

Preface: Memorial Day and the Memory of Unfreedom xi

Part I The Background Story

1 The Raid and the Green Policeman 3

2 The Diary of Anne Frank 9

3 The Cold Case Team 14

4 The Stakeholders 23

5 "Let's See What the Man Can Do!" 29

6 An Interlude of Safety 35

7 The Onslaught 41

8 Prinsengracht 263 48

9 The Hiding 51

10 You Were Asked. You Said Yes. 56

11 A Harrowing Incident 63

12 Anatomy of a Raid 67

13 Camp Westerbork 74

14 The Return 79

15 The Collaborators 85

16 They Aren't Coming Back 90

Part II Cold Case Investigation

17 The Investigation 97

18 The Documents Men 106

19 The Other Bookcase 110

20 The First Betrayal 113

21 The Blackmailer 121

22 The Neighborhood 129

23 The Nanny 137

24 Another Theory 143

25 The "Jew Hunters" 148

26 The V-Frau 155

27 No Substantial Proof, Part I 164

28 "Just Go to Your Jews!" 170

29 Probing Memory 181

30 "The Man Who Arrested Frank Family Discovered in Vienna" 190

31 What Miep Knew 198

32 No Substantial Proof, Part II 202

33 The Greengrocer 208

34 The Jewish Council 219

35 A Second Look 224

36 The Dutch Notary 228

37 Experts at Work 237

38 A Note Between Friends 246

39 The Typist 250

40 The Granddaughter 255

41 The Goudstikker Affair 260

42 In the Archives 266

43 A Secret Well Kept 276

Epilogue: The Shadow City 289

Afterword Vince Pankoke 299

Postscript 305

Acknowledgments 313

Archives and Institutes 323

Glossary 325

Notes 337

Bibliography 369

Index 377

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