The Bible and the Holographic Universe

The Bible and the Holographic Universe

by Cynthia C. Polsley
The Bible and the Holographic Universe

The Bible and the Holographic Universe

by Cynthia C. Polsley


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From holographic illusions, simulated worlds, and parallel universes to the multiverse, from The Matrix, Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics to Netflix and mobile games, today's popular imagination is caught up with realities beyond our own. Decades ago, cosmologists speculated that our universe might be a gigantic holographic image. Since then, the ""holographic principle"" has only gained traction. What is the holographic universe, and how does it align with the Bible's picture of reality and Jesus Christ? Are we a computer simulation? Did aliens spark human life? Is a multiverse a problem for God? Do ""time"" and ""free will"" exist? What does it all mean for Christians? Introducing the holographic principle and exploring implications of other worlds through a Christian lens, this basic guide gives individuals and small groups a perspective of eternal investment, prayer, study, and intentional living that focuses on the Bible as the unchanging source of truth, presenting practical information for sorting fact from fiction, engaging with modern culture, and finding a firmer worldview in Christ. Not only is a holographic universe no threat to the Gospel, but the Bible points to a higher reality--hinting at the fingerprints of God in holographic theory.

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ISBN-13: 9781666735581
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 04/13/2022
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

Cynthia C. Polsley is a classical philologist, researcher, and Christian commentator, teaching on biblical exegesis, languages and civilization, and narratology. She received her PhD in classics from Yale University, where she specialized in contrafactuals and alternative realities in ancient Greek narrative.

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From the Publisher

“This book is a breath of fresh air in a world often confused. Cynthia shows herself a master at presenting a missional contextualization of the message of the Bible. In our current world of the metaverse, the multiverse, the matrix, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, and the desire of many for trans- and post-humanism, this book uses modern parlance to share eternal truths. Highly recommended!”

—Mondo Gonzales, cohost, Prophecy Watchers Ministries

“Bringing together philosophy, theology, Scripture, and recent thought regarding a holographic understanding of the universe, Polsley explores our Matrix-like existence, synthesizing Einsteinian science and evangelical belief. Whether agreeing with her conclusions or not, one is left with a deeper grasp of the ephemeral and transient nature of the created order, pointing to a future reality that transcends what we now experience.”

—Paul V. Harrison, pastor, Madison Free Will Baptist Church

“This book is a life changer! The reality we think we are living in is not the primary world but a holographic image or a simulated reality. Ultimate reality is in the next life, and only what we have done for the glory of God will count when we step into eternity. If you are intentional about living a life of value, I highly recommend reading this book.”

—Aletha Hinthorn, founder, Women Alive

“Cynthia Polsley adds layers of dimensionality to what it means to develop an eternal perspective. She nails it: ‘It turns out that the reality we think we are living in is not the primary world.’ I loved her insight and ability to not only think outside the box but articulate how to get there.”

—Sue Bohlin, associate writer and speaker, Probe Ministries

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