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The Bible Cure: A Renowned Physician Uncovers the Bible's Hidden Health Secrets

The Bible Cure: A Renowned Physician Uncovers the Bible's Hidden Health Secrets

by Reginald B Cherry

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The Bible Cure has the answers to these and other questions.

  • What does the Bible say about carbohydrates and fat?
  • Is there a way to avoid infectious diseases?
  • What Bible foods can help lengthen your life?
  • What are God's nutritional laws?
  • Which herbs and vitamins should you take?
  • How should


The Bible Cure has the answers to these and other questions.

  • What does the Bible say about carbohydrates and fat?
  • Is there a way to avoid infectious diseases?
  • What Bible foods can help lengthen your life?
  • What are God's nutritional laws?
  • Which herbs and vitamins should you take?
  • How should you pray for your healing?

Within the ancient texts of the Bible are passages that provide hidden health clues to help rid people of almost every major disease. These findings have been validated by both scientific and medical research-a truth that amazes scientists and physicians alike.

In his private practice, renowned physician Reginald Cherry, M.D., has seen The Bible Cure miraculously heal people with allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, genetic defects, arthritis, even heart disease and cancer. In this ground-breaking book, he deciphers passages from ancient Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew Bibles, explaining how these sacred texts anticipate many of the same findings of today's cutting-edge medical research. Filled with powerful testimonies and sage advice, The Bible Cure will empower you with the Bible's wisdom about nutrition and health while building your faith in a God who heals.



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The Bible Cure

By Reginald B. Cherry Siloam Press

Copyright © 1998 Reginald B. Cherry
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780884195351

Chapter One

Truths That Amazed
This Scientist and Physician

Woven into ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts are clues to health and healing only recently validated by scientific and medical research. As a young, premed student at Baylor University, and later in medical school at the University of Texas at San Antonio, I became curious about the ancient texts now called the Bible and their relationship to modern-day medicine.

I am a medical doctor educated and trained at one of the University of Texas Medical Schools and licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas. I am equipped to be a scientist and a physician specializing in the field of preventive medicine.

As I see patients daily, I am constantly amazed by the findings of medical science and the power of faith and prayer working together to reveal the Bible cure for patients.

Yes, I said, Bible cure. Before I was a Christian, I was a science major in premed at Baylor University. Even then, I was astonished by the ways dietary and nutritional laws given in the ancient biblical texts revealed truths that scientists were only beginning to uncover in this century.

The Mystery Of Carbohydrates And Fats

Let me give you an example of how the Bible cure and present-day sciencereveal pathways of healing and health for us right now. One big issue that has baffled scientists and physicians for years is the role that carbohydrates and fats play in our diet and health.

For many years, many experts in the field of medicine thought that a high-carbohydrate diet was the ideal diet. Others believed a vegetarian diet to be the ideal diet. In more recent studies, scientists have found there are some detrimental aspects to an all-vegetarian diet. Likewise, scientists used to think that the lower the fat intake, the healthier we would be. However, current research has uncovered the fact that eliminating all fat is not the healthiest way to eat. In fact, we need certain fats in our diet.

The Bible cure addressed the issues of how carbohydratesand fats affect our health thousands of years before the birthof Christ. In the Massoretic texts of the Torah, we can deci-pher two diets. The Hebrew text for Genesis 1:29 describesthe first diet: (Gen. 1:29). The Amplified Bible translates this command from God to read, "And God said, See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the land, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food."

This first diet focuses on:

Every herb-bearing seed. Eating plants and seeds -- the whole grain and not the bleached germ of the seed -- is central to the Bible cure's code for ingesting healthy food. This included grains and some legumes that help to lower harmful cholesterol levels and protect against high blood pressure. Such a diet is low in sodium and rich in potassium.

  • Fruit of a seed-yielding tree. As we shall see later in this book, fruits are loaded with soluble fiber, the benefit of which is to lower cholesterol levels. Also, the soluble fiber in fruits as well as in certain vegetables speeds up the elimination of harmful substances from our bodies that increase our risk of cancer.

  • " ... shall be for meat [food]"The word for meat is the basic Hebrew noun for food-not meat. This dietary instruction from God is a general instruction that the first diet of food consists of fruit, seeds, plants, or herbs; it does not refer to substituting meat for vegetables.

Later in Genesis we observe how God adds meat protein toour diets. In the second diet prescribed in the Torah, Godadds another source of protein to our diets:(Gen. 9:3). God allows meat to be consumed as protein by commanding, "Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and as I giveyou the green vegetables and plants, I give you everything"(Gen. 9:3, Amp). This isn't a new diet but simply an extensionof His command in Genesis 1:29. First, we are given plantfoodseeds and fruit of a treeto eat. To that, in Genesis 9:3 God adds every moving thing that lives. God restricts certain foods, which we will later see in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

It is intriguing to study diets around the world today from Mexico, the Far East, and the Near East, and to discover that when their diets closely parallel the Bible cure's edicts for food, they live healthier and longer lives on average than Americans who have added so many processed foods and fat to our diets.

One interesting study focused on the Bantu tribe in Africa. One Bantu group ate a purely vegetarian diet, incorporating only part of the Bible cure from Genesis 1:29. This group, with plants as an essential, predominant part of their diet, were receiving the carbohydrates that they needed but lacked necessary protein.

A second group from the tribe lived near a large lake and ate large amounts of fish-but no other meat. The study discovered that the vegetarians had higher blood levels of the bad low-density lipoproteins (LDL cholesterol), while the fish eaters had an average 40 percent lower level of the LDL cholesterol found in plants. The fish eaters who were following the Bible cure in Genesis 9:3 were healthy, living longer, and had a lower incidence of heart disease. Why? They had higher levels of a beneficial form of cholesterol called high-density lippoproteins (HDL), which, at appropriate levels, is actually good for us. Therefore, this study clearly indicates that eating meat such as fish and chicken can actually enhance our health and lower our risk for some forms of diseases.

Let me give you another example of how the Bible cure interfaces with modern-day science as research gleans new information about living and eating healthy. In Leviticus 3:17, there is a general prohibition against eating fat. But the Bible cure becomes very specific in Leviticus 7:23-24:


Excerpted from The Bible Cure by Reginald B. Cherry Copyright © 1998 by Reginald B. Cherry. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Reginald Cherry, M.D., practices diagnostic and preventive medicine in Houston, Texas and lectures at conferences and seminars nationwide. Dr. Cherry is a graduate of the University of Texas Medical School. He and his wife Linda co-host The Doctor and the Word, based on his bestselling book of the same name, on the Trinity Broadcast Network,.

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