The Bible Explained One Day at a Time: Basic Edition

The Bible Explained One Day at a Time: Basic Edition

by David Watson


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An important aspect of Christian life is personal Bible study, yet a book written thousands of years ago-and in languages you don't speak-can sometimes be hard to understand. This challenge can intimidate young believers, but you don't have to study the scriptures entirely on your own.

Guidance from mature Christians can be incredibly valuable, bridging the gap between your current understanding and what you're able to learn as you study the Bible. And the guidance David S. Watson provides in The Bible Explained can help you gain the confidence to read through every biblical book he has selected for this devotional. Watson has not only studied theology in seminary but also spent fifty years as a teacher. He has drawn on these experiences in writing this book, breaking down complex biblical concepts into clear ideas that young readers can easily grasp.

So if you've been cautious about studying the Bible on your own, let Watson guide you as you begin your journey. With a seasoned Christian to help you through, you'll find that the language and ideas in the scriptures don't have to be difficult to understand after all.

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ISBN-13: 9781547192168
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/22/2017
Pages: 318
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About the Author

David S. Watson earned a degree in English from William Jennings Bryan College and a degree in theology from Grace Theological Seminary. A middle-school teacher at both public and Christian schools for fifty years, Watson is highly experienced in presenting complex ideas in easily understood ways.

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