The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith!: Discover the Secrets of the Bible

The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith!: Discover the Secrets of the Bible


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‘The Bible is Astronomy, Physics, Encoding and Faith’ is a book that opens some mysteries of the Bible’s secrets! This book will introduce you to many subjects.

  • Learn how religious symbols have their foundation in Astronomy.

  • You will be amazed at the Tabernacle in the Wilderness doubling as an Observatory.

  • Learn about the calendar system Moses gave the Hebrews. Time is something we can verify.

  • You will explore the hidden messages contained in words, passages and lineages.

  • Learn the date when Noah’s Flood began.

Those that purchase this book (Ebook or Print) are encouraged to join . The website exists for individuals that purchase the book. They will have full access to the site (for free) while I am able to maintain it.

This book is a study that proves the Bible is the most scientific religious text ever composed. Yes, this book is technical and resembles a text book, but what’s contained in it is awesome.

You must study the Bible on your own if you will appreciate the mysteries. I believe the best place for you to start this journey is based on that single question you asked when you were a young child. I asked, “How can God be a Trinity”. Others asked, “Why did God allow my grandmother to die”. What ever your question was, that is the foundation you are to study the Bible From!

I believe this book will bridge the gap for those that have always wanted to study the Bible on their own and those that have studied the Good Book and reached a point they don’t know how to proceed further.

Whether you need a nudge to study the Bible or a push over the cliff to continue your studies, this book may be the final straw in the camel’s back that drives you to find the Truth?

You will appreciate the Bible’s mysteries more when you study it out yourself. Discovering the meaning of the Bible’s hidden mysteries is more fun when you experience it personally.

Many believe the Bible is the Word of God, but they have no idea how to begin the process of studying it properly! The Bible is an enigma for those that do not take their spiritual life seriously! Should you find the Bible an enigma please allow this book to be the bridge that helps you journey into properly studying the Bible.

For those that trust the Bible and would like to have a deeper knowledge needed to defend the Bible, please consider the contents of this book to provide the foundation that will give you the desire to study the Bible deeper.

For those that need a deeper understanding of the Bible to defend their Faith, this is the book for you.

Should you have doubts when it comes to defending the Bible as the Word of God, I am confident that this book will reassure you that the Bible is unlike any other religious text given to mankind!

Would you like to have the knowledge needed to better defend your faith? Do you have doubts when it comes to which religious texts represent the True Religion? This book will provide you with knowledge. What you do with that knowledge gained is up to you.

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ISBN-13: 9780692905319
Publisher: Americans Connected Publishing LLC
Publication date: 02/08/2018
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

I grew up in Ovid Michigan. My high school career focused on running the 1 and 2 mile track and field events and cross-country. Stan was a pretty fast runner for his school.
I joined the USAF upon graduating from high school. I served 2 years at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, 7 years at RAF Upper Heyford, England and a few months at Clovis AFB, New Mexico!
Upon receiving an Honorable Discharge under President George H Bush's second round of military draw down in 1991 I became a Truck Driver. My military service was the best time of my life!
The last 25 years I have spent earning a living driving the Big Rigs! Truck Driving is a hard life.
From the age of 13 I was studying the Bible! I spent one summer raking leaves to get the money to buy my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance! Then I shoveled snow to acquire the money to buy my Scofield Study Bible!
I have always been fascinated with the Greek and Hebrew texts of the Bible! In fact, I LOVE the Bible!
My goal in this life is to help restore the Respect the Bible once had!
My goal in this life is to demonstrate the Bible is the only religious text people in general should study!
The Bible/Torah is the solution to restoring the Family!

From the days Debra Hargersilver was in high school in the early 1970s, she developed a passionate love for the English language - especially grammar, sentence structure and proper punctuation - in her English Composition courses. That passion increased in her college years when her professors told her she should strongly consider going into journalism for her career. During the ensuing years, Debra's ghost writing and editorial skills were sharpened while donating her time to a fledgling ministry in Rockford, IL where she assisted with publishing their ministry materials, along with being a member of the Rockford Writer's Guild. She contributed frequently to the editorial opinions of the local newspapers in addition to church bulletins, women's ministries, among other avenues for creative expression.
She continued editing for that ministry over the years, as well as blogging on the early internet on bulletin boards and forums after she married and raised her family. She published numerous short essays, poems and opinion editorials in local publications, in addition to helping others with resume writing, etc. Her curriculum vitae includes graduating from Rock Valley College with her Associates degree in Library Media Technology, the University of Phoenix with her Bachelor's degree in Management and American Broadcasting School with her Broadcasting Diploma.
Today she lives in Oklahoma with her family, does historical and current events research for professionals, ministries; a variety of ad hoc writing, proofreading and editing; in addition to blogging on social media, producing written commercial advertising, voiceovers for radio and television. She can be reached through Facebook - Debra Hargersilver, Twitter - @saltshaker128, LinkedIn or email:

Table of Contents


The Definitions of Physics

Battlestar Gallactica, Creationism or Evolution


In the Beginning: A CALENDAR!

The Torah’s Calendar System

The Observatory in the Wilderness

The Symbolism of Noah’s Ark

The 364-Day Year

The Lunar Year that Works

Some Hard Questions

The 30-Day-First-Month Lunar Calendar System

Noah’s Flood Placed in the Gregorian Calendar!

The 9,000-Year Calendar System

This is the layout for the 9,000-year calendar system:

Solar and Mechanically-based

The Biblical Time from Adam to Solomon’s Temple

The Days of Peleg

Time Charts for Our History

The following is only a theory.

How I determined 1 January 2445 BC is the start of Noah’s Flood

Religious Symbols may have very little to do with Worship?

The Solar System’s Setup for the Flood

Why Megalithic Monuments?

Science Claims Eternity for Everything except Our Souls!

The Bible’s Timeframe

The T-Rex Soft Tissue

DNA Half-life

Carbon-14 Dating

The Moon’s Space Dust Accumulation

Petrified Trees Standing in Millions of Years of Sedimentary Layers

Ice Buildup and the B-17

Ice Ages or Global Floods?

A Major Theological Problem Solved?

Messages Hidden Under the Text

The ‘Elohiym Prophecy

The upside of the word ‘Elohiym.

The Downside of the Word ‘Elohiym

The Meaning Of ‘Elohiym by the Meaning of Numbers

Equidistant Letter Sequencing

The TORAH Code

What is the name of the Man set over the congregation?

What Original Texts Can We Trust?

The Ayin / Ghah?

A Test to Prove the Torah was/was not Altered, as Islam Claims

Messages Contained Under Certain Types of Text (Hebrew Words)



The Letter-by-letter Hidden Message: Genesis 1:1-2

The Genesis 1:1-2 Message

Hidden Messages within Lineages!

The Appointed One: Gen 5:1-31

Satan's Children (Cain's Lineage): Gen. 4:16-24

The Number 42 and the 42 Journeys

A New Testament Fact that History Confirms!

21 Grams

A Ghost Detector

Why 21 Grams and a Ghost Detector

Dual Meaning of the Torah

The Torah Offers the Fix to Restore the Family

In Conclusion

The Torah Scroll Bible Study

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