The Bible Prophecies Prove Which Church is True: How One Church Fulfilled the Latter-Day Prophecies

The Bible Prophecies Prove Which Church is True: How One Church Fulfilled the Latter-Day Prophecies

by Brad Overton


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Many centuries have passed since the ancient prophets created the bible prophecies, which predicted exactly when certain events were scheduled to happen, on earth. In the process of creating these prophecies, they also provided important hidden clues, to help the reader determine what the correct interpretations should be. This is where this book comes into play. Like modern-day detectives, the readers will be taken step by step through each bible prophecy, and then taught how to recognize the secret hidden clues, which will determine how the bible prophecies should be interpreted. The reader will then be able to decide, if the correct interpretations were achieved, or not. This is an exciting new way for Christians to learn about the bible prophecies, and to understand the important role that these bible prophecies played, throughout our history. Even though these prophecies have been around for a very long time, most modern-day bible scholars still have a difficult time, explaining what the prophecies predicted. When the discussions turn to the “latter-day” prophecies, this opens-up another door, which allows many new and false interpretations to be taught to the Christian congregations. These false interpretations occur, because the secret hidden clues, the ancient prophets provided, continue to be overlooked and misconstrued. When you fully understand that every bible prophecy will be fulfilled, on earth, just like the ancient prophets predicted, this provides proof that the historical records contain important information, which can then be studied to find out when and how the bible prophecies were fulfilled. Therefore, all it takes to find the truth, is to compare the bible prophecies with the historical record. The computer age provided us with a home computer, with the world wide web (www), which now makes it possible to research this important information. This book is the result of this extensive research, which will prove that every prophecy in the “Book of Daniel” has already been fulfilled, except for the arrival of “Michael the Archangel” (Daniel 12:1-2). This book will not only prove that Daniel’s prophecy: “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed” (Daniel 2:44) was fulfilled, right on schedule, but it will also prove which church fulfilled this prophecy. In other words, the bible prophecies will prove, which church fulfilled the “latter-day” prophecies.

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