The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health and Home: Easy, All-Natural DIY Projects Using Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants

The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health and Home: Easy, All-Natural DIY Projects Using Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants

by Jan Berry


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Go Green in Every Part of Your Life with This Huge Collection of Easy, All-Natural Products

Kick toxic, synthetic skin care products and cleaners out the door and bring the healing joy of nature into your life with these simple, customizable projects. In this new and expanded edition of 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home, Jan Berry adds 50 brand new recipes for a total of 151 in all, making this beloved book a complete and versatile resource. You’ll learn how to make your own skin care and hair care products, health remedies and household cleaners, such as:
• Honey, Rose & Oat Face Cleanser
• Triple Sunshine Body Butter
• Sleepy Time Bath Bombs
• Wildflower Shower Scrub Bars
• Lip Gloss Pots
• Cucumber Mint Soap
• Lemon Balm & Ginger Sore Throat Drops
• Lemon & Rosemary All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
• Lavender Laundry Detergent
• And so much more!

All of the projects are easy to make and use commonly found herbs, flowers, oils and other natural ingredients. No fancy equipment or previous experience required! The new edition is packed with even more basic formulas, so you can make your own one-of-a-kind creations. Going green has never been easier or more affordable. With this book, you can use local, natural ingredients to make something beautiful, effective and good for you and your family.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781645670018
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 04/14/2020
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 34,600
Product dimensions: 8.11(w) x 7.61(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Jan Berry is the writer and photographer of the blog The Nerdy Farm Wife, where she shares creative ways to turn herbs, flowers and other garden plants into pretty and practical products. She is also the author of Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps and Simple & Natural Soapmaking. She lives on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, two children and a menagerie of farm animals.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Getting Started Making Natural, Homemade Products 9

Common Herbs & Flowers & Their Benefits 9

Preserving Herbs and Flowers 17

Infusing Oils 18

Oils and Cosmetic Butters 19

Additional Ingredients 23

Substitution Tips 25

Preservatives, Antioxidants & Shelf Life 26

Equipment You'll Need 27

How to Make Blocks of Beeswax Easier to Use 28

How to Mea3ure Beeswax by Volume 29

Preparation Times 29

Nontoxic Herbal Skin Care 31

Floral Cleansing Grains 33

Flower-Infused Clay Cleansing Bar 34

Honey, Rose & Oat Face Cleanser 37

Chamomile Honey Face Wash 38

Violet Flower Cleanser 41

Lavender Castile Soapy Facial Cleanser 42

Cool Mint Body Wash 44

Forsythia Clear Skin Toner 45

Anti-Acne Herbal Tea 47

Dandelion Thyme Vinegar Toner & Tonic 48

Basil & Rose Kombucha Toner 50

Violet-Infused Aloe 51

Herb Garden Facial Oil 53

Cooling Sunburn Cubes 54

Thyme & Raw Honey Mask 57

Dried Flowers & Herbs Mask 58

Naturally Soothing Salves & Balms 61

Plantain & Yarrow Heel Balm 62

Chickweed & Violet Salve 65

Muscle Aches Salve 66

Lavender, Coconut & Honey Balm 69

Sunflower Salve 70

Regenerating Rose Balm 73

Cayenne & Ginger Arthritis Balm 74

Menthol Chest Balm 77

Charcoal Drawing Balm 78

Peppermint Pine Headache Salve 81

Dandelion Cuticle Balm 82

Create Your Own Salve 83

Exotic Body Butters & Lotion Bars 85

Triple Sunshine Body Butter 87

Bee Balm Intensive Hand Butter 88

Dandelion Body Butter 90

Mint Cocoa Body Butter 91

Belly Butter for Expecting Moms 93

Calendula Whipped Coconut Oil 94

Calendula Whipped Coconut Butter 97

Make Your Own Body Butter 98

Sunflower Lotion Bars 100

Violet Leaf Lotion Bars 102

Cocoa Rose Lotion Bars 103

Warm Toes Lotion Bar 105

Easy, All-Natural Creams & Lotions 107

Wildflowers in May Lotion 108

Basic Calendula Lotion 111

Sleepy Time Lotion 112

Aloe Mint After-Sun Lotion 115

Grapeseed & Thyme Lotion 116

Oatmeal & Chickweed Eczema Cream 118

Sunflower & Sweet Orange Cream 119

Rose Face Cream 121

Honey & Chamomile Cream 122

Elderflower Eye Cream 124

Quick, Custom Herbal Cream 125

Violet & Aloe Moisturizing Cream 127

Garden-Fresh Bath Bomhs, Soaks & Salts 129

Lavender Milk Bath Bombs 130

Calendula Oatmeal Bath Bombs 133

Sleepy Time Bath Bombs 134

Rise & Shine Shower Bombs 137

Make Your Own Bath Bombs 138

Sore Muscle Bath Bags 141

Garden Herbs Bath Soak 143

Calming Bath Soak 144

Calendula Spice Fizzing Bath Salts 146

Fizzy Rose Lemonade Soak 147

Garden Bath Teas 149

Beautiful Bath Melts & Scrubs 151

Lavender Oatmeal Bath Melts 153

Vanilla Rose Bath Melts 154

Lemon Chamomile Bath Melts 156

Calendula Spice & Honey Cleansing Scrub 157

Sunflower Citrus Scrub 159

Dandelion Orange Fizzy Bath Melts 160

Wildflower Shower Scrub Bars 163

Peony & Orange Sugar Scrub 164

Create Tour Own Scrub 167

Whipped Spearmint Scrub Butter 168

Floral Salt Foot Scrub Bars 171

Chamomile Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes 172

DIY Lip Care 175

Classic Peppermint Lip Balm 178

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm 178

Basil & Lime Lip Balm 178

Daisy Vanilla Lip Balm 181

Dandelion Plantain Chapped Lip Treatment 181

Rosy Lip Tint 181

Vegan Sunflower Lip Tint 181

Create Your Own Lip Balm 182

Chamomile Lip Scrub 185

Winter Cold Care Lip Butter 187

Lip Gloss Pots 188

Mint Lip Scrub 191

Luscious Hair Care 193

Lavender Orange Detangling Spray 194

Hollyhock Split-End Crème 197

Herbal Hair Health Tea 198

Sunflower Hot Oil Treatment 201

Peppermint Hair Growth Spray 202

Herbal Dry Shampoo 205

Create Your Own Herbal Shampoo 206

Rosemary Beard Oil 207

Extra Mild Soapwort Hair Wash 208

Create Your Own Vinegar Hair Rinse 211

Coconut & Calendula Conditioning Rinse 212

Thyme Flaky Scalp Spray 214

Make Your Own Hair Mask 215

Simple Homemade Soaps 217

Soap-Making Basics 218

Soap-Making Overview 222

Chamomile "Almost Castile" Soap 226

Lavender Oatmeal Soap 229

Old-Fashioned Rose Soap 232

Thyme & Witch Hazel Clear Skin Facial Bar 235

Sunflower Shampoo Bar 238

Hollyhock Shampoo Bar 241

Dandelion Scrub Bar 244

Carrot & Calendula Soap 246

Cucumber Mint Soap 248

Coconut Laundry Soap & Stain Stick 251

Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap 252

Herbal Home Remedies 255

Catnip & Basil Insect Repellant Spray 257

Lavender Bug Bite Sticks 258

Bug Bite Powder 261

Calamine Rose Lotion 262

Lemongrass Cream Deodorant 263

Spring Detox Deodorant 265

Saint John's Wort, Arnica & Calendula Trauma Oil 267

Lavender Dandelion Pain Relief Oil 268

Lemon Balm & Ginger Sore Throat Drops 271

Bee Balm & Lemon Cough Syrup 272

Basil Mint Sore Throat Spray 275

Oregano Oxymel 276

Violet Flower Sore Throat Syrup 279

Cold Care Shower Steamers 280

Dandelion Magnesium Lotion 283

Aloe Rose Sunburn & Hot Flash Spray 284

Chamomile Calming Syrup 285

Stress Relief Massage Oil 286

Nontoxic Solutions for the Home 289

Lemon & Rosemary All-Purpose Cleaning Spray 290

Thyme Counter Cleaner 292

Herbal Hand Soap 293

Lemon Dusting Cloths 295

Lemon Thyme Dusting Spray 296

Basic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 297

Lemon Balm Furniture Polish 298

Rose Window Cleaner 301

Four Thieves Vinegar Spray 302

Orange Pine Floor Cleaner 305

Lavender Laundry Detergent 306

Fresh Mint Wall Wash 307

Lavender Fabric Softener 308

Natural Wax Melts 311

All-Natural Pet Care 313

Yarrow & Bee Balm Antiseptic Wash 315

Flea-Repelling Vinegar Rinse 316

Herbal Dry Shampoo or Flea-Repelling Powder 319

Itchy Skin Rinse 320

All-Purpose Animal Salve 323

Peppermint & Parsley Fresh-Breath Dog Treats 324

Kettle & Coconut Oil Vitamin Treats 327

Tinkle Tonic Broth 328

Resources 330

Acknowledgments 331

About the Author 332

Index 333

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