The Big Book of Miniature Horses: Everything You Need to Know to Buy, Care for, Train, Show, Breed, and Enjoy a Miniature Horse of Your Own

The Big Book of Miniature Horses: Everything You Need to Know to Buy, Care for, Train, Show, Breed, and Enjoy a Miniature Horse of Your Own

by Kendra Gale


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Pet, show-ring competitor, pasture companion, driving partner, patient therapy horse—the Miniature Horse does it all. But whether you dream of winning ribbons or just hanging out, it is vital to have a solid understanding of safe handling and proper stabling; grooming needs and feeding requirements; general care and management essentials; special health and wellness concerns; and basic training how-tos. In these pages experienced Miniature Horse breeder Kendra Gale of Circle J Miniature Horses provides the most complete Miniature Horse resource available. You not only learn the ins and outs of making a Miniature Horse a part of your life, you gain invaluable professional insight when it comes to buying and breeding, registering and showing, training and handling, and so much more.

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ISBN-13: 9781570768200
Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Publication date: 10/10/2017
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 441,265
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Kendra Gale knows firsthand the advantages of growing up with horses. Her grandparents brought home their first three Miniature Horses when she was just a year old and she has been involved with horses ever since. With a diploma in Equine Science and over 16 years working for an equine veterinary practice, Kendra is also an Equestrian Canada Certified Driving Instructor.

Along with her family, Kendra has been raising and showing Miniature Horses for over 30 years, and competes at breed shows and combined driving events. She offers virtual learning experiences through her online classroom at, as well as local hands-on coaching, giving many private lessons and clinics each year, always with a focus on Miniature Horses.

Introducing new people to Miniature Horses is one of Kendra’s passions, as well as giving them to tools to care for, train and enjoy their horses. Kendra also has a strong interest in biomechanics and classical dressage, and finds great enjoyment in the process of developing an equine athlete. She lives in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada on her farm Circle J Miniatures.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Part 1 Miniature Horse Basics 1

Chapter 1 The Horse for Everyone 2

Why We Fall for a Tiny Horse 2

What Is a Miniature Horse? 3

Height 5

Registry information 5

Sport Organizations 7

Local Clubs 7

Is Registration Necessary 8

Chapter 2 Coat Colors and Patterns 9

All The Colors in the Equine Rainbow 9

Base Colors 9

Mix n' Match 15

Chapter 3 Choosing a Horse 16

First, Make A List 16

Don't Fail In Love-Yet 17

Purchase Price Is the Cheap Part 17

Whereto Look 18

Buyer Beware 22

When Photos Lie 26

Other Questions To Ask 26

Vet Pre-Purchase Check 27

Part 2 Care and Health 29

Chapter 4 Working with Your New Horse 30

Horse Handling 101 30

Feeding 32

Water-In All Weather 43

Chapter 5 Housing and Transportation 44

Housing 44

Fencing for Short Horses 44

Shelter from the Storm 46

Bringing a New Horse Home 48

Stalling 49

Manure Management 52

Transportation 52

Chapter 6 Grooming 57

Routine 57

To Clip or Not 57

Blanketing 58

Mane and Tail Care 60

Winter Grooming 62

Shedding Season 63

Chapter 7 General Health Concerns 65

Normal Vital Signs 65

Routine Veterinary Care 66

Complementary Treatment Modalities 75

Lameness Exams 75

Gastroscope 76

Building a Relationship 76

Hoof Care 80

Chapter 8 Serious Health Concerns for Miniature Horses 83

Major Problems Commonly Seen 83

Laminitis 83

Metabolic Disorders 85

Upward Fixation of the Patella 87

Dwarfism 87

Hyperlipemia 92

Part 3 Miniature Horse Breed Shows 95

Chapter 9 Making Your Horse Look His Best 96

Conditioning 96

Grooming 96

Chapter 10 Competing 113

Show Appeal 113

Rules and Registrations 113

Halter and Showmanship 114

Performance 120

Part 4 The Versatile Miniature Horse 131

Chapter 11 Getting Started in Driving 132

Ground Rules 132

Driving Equipment 134

Driving Outside the Show Ring 136

Pleasure Shows 143

Chapter 12 More Miniature Horse Activities 145

"But What Can You Do with a Miniature Horse?" 145

Horse Agility 145

Trick Training 147

Parades 148

Therapy Work 150

Riding 154

The Sky Is the Limit 155

Part 5 Breeding 157

Chapter 13 Is It Right for You? 158

Breeding Options 158

Ask the Hard Questions First 158

The Stallion Factor 160

Broodmare Care 164

Chapter 14 Foaling 169

When Will It Happen? 169

It's Time! 174

First Days 179

Chapter 15 Weaning, Castration, and Marketing 183

Castration, and Marketing 183

Time for Weaning 183

Feeding for Growth 185

Castration 185

Marketing Your Horses 187

Screening Potential Homes 191

Afterword 193

Index 195

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