The Big Nest Originated the Big Bang of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes: Hope: The Answer to the Nihilism of Modern Physics

The Big Nest Originated the Big Bang of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes: Hope: The Answer to the Nihilism of Modern Physics

by William Moreira


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Author William Moreira has spent decades studying and seeking God-sometimes while flying high above the clouds in his Cessna. In that time, he has discovered that God is everywhere. Now, in this new study, he takes issue with Stephen Hawking and other scientists and individuals who argue against God's existence. He seeks to disprove their theories and contemplates ways you can

• use your brain to discover the true nature of the universe;

• live in a manner that will lead to a happy place in eternity; and

• argue against the theories of Hawking and his constituents.

While some aspects of the universe will remain a mystery, it's clear that God exists. What's more, it's up to you to find the right path to moral evolution. You must look at the infinity of the illuminated dark matter encrusted within the stars and, in exaltation, accept that there is a super power and that God is everywhere.

Join Moreira as he takes on various foolish views about the universe and existence. You can find faith, understanding, and the knowledge needed to live a more fulfilling life with The Big Nest Originated the Big Bang of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes.

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ISBN-13: 9781475996760
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/31/2013
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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THE BIG NEST Originated the BIG BANG of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes



iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2013 William Moreira
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4759-9676-0



Imagine a senior, somewhere around his eighties, jovial, looking good in appearance—no wrinkles, an athletic body, rosy skin—all smiles, and charismatic with a celestial voice. He appeared suddenly, as if he had materialized from the mist straight to me, while I was running along the large sidewalk at the famous Copacabana Beach in the wee hours of a cold July winter.

Immediately, I noticed he could literally explain the mysteries of life here and beyond, which have us stressed and even paranoid in our ignorance, able to see only what is in front of our noses, confused by the complexities and feeling as if we are in a dark tunnel or a labyrinth where all the exits open to the same circle: we are born, suffer, and die, as the end of the human journey, or go on to a mysterious and tenebrous unknowing beyond the grave, maybe as a spirit, in another endless tunnel of darkness of infinity where there is no light.

The gracious senior kept talking, and I felt ecstasy in listening to a stranger who had suddenly appeared in the dawn at the edge of the beachfront. I sat on a stone bench so he could better educate me. There was not a single soul around besides those in the fast-moving cabs.

He was dressed in white shorts, a light-pink shirt, and sandals; he had curly, white hair, a short beard, and a mustache, which gave him a peaceful, celestial charm, making me behave like a child confronting such spirituality.

He kept explaining, and I listened to what I was seeking but did not find in religion, science, philosophy, physiology, or theologies based on factors in our carnal world, where life is a challenge from the crib to the tumulus and at all times between.

This extraordinary senior affirmed his knowledge came as he educated himself by reading thousands of books; he was born with the pen in his hand and had been writing and designing since he was a child, doing everything under the stars. He did everything and felt the good and the bad as lessons in the school of life, as a pupil in a discarded human body, where the challenges are never-ending, but necessary for the spiritual evolution of the soul as a spirit, which would continue to a world beyond, not mysterious but glorious, a true life in our universe, created for us to live in it, enjoying and respecting one another, because there is only one Creator.

Into his eighties, he continues. I listened with humbleness. He had survived families, friends, and strangers, experiencing the horror of World War II, revolutions, dictators, kings and queens, catastrophes, and near-fatal accidents on land and in the air; he had wept tears of joy and sorrow in the mysteries of "why life is like this."

Now, in the cold and fog of the wee hours, sitting on a hard stone bench at the beach, he explained to me as a stranger old enough to be perhaps my grandfather, but knowing about the phenomena considered mysterious by religions and science, its research without results on the complexities of our existence and life beyond death, as "to be or not to be," as "to be born or not to be born," as another sequence in existence, proving an imaginary principle of 259 degrees in the 360-degree dogma of life as intelligent human beings, in a fleshy body, like the carnal, irrational ones, who have not intelligence but instincts of survival.

We as humans have instincts and intelligence, along with the free will, as rational animals giving us the power of imagination to analyze, create, judge, condemn, and decide whether there is or is not a Supreme Intelligence, which created and continues creating existence from the nothingness, an infinite mass of a lightless matter, as the base of everything, an inexistence but existent. Our scientists argued that from the null and void nothing will be possible, contradicting one professor of cosmology, Stephen Hawking, knowing the one frozen in the wheelchair asserting there is no Creator is making a demagogue of himself.

More than ever, as proved by the great telescopes, there are celestial explosions, where there is no beginning or end, like an endless aquarium without walls, on which is everything that exists, including our souls.

The atheists feel lost confronting a perfect grandiosity and intermingled with their incapacity of rationalizing the sufferings of the carnal body, which is predestined to end in the final act in the grave. They question the unquestionable Creator, which is silence and occult, but they overlook that we are the created and not the Creator; the master of the creation decided to look and take notes, rather than appear and take sides.

The lack of answers and contact with the spiritual world (which is only affirmed by few, who are unable to prove it) have human beings unconvinced about life as the existence and the total, where the next step could be our last eternally. Now, Hawking is commenting he wants to live, because his world is only what his nose can point out.

It brings him the senseless feelings of a life of anxiety and paranoia; the horizon only brings tempests or catastrophes in a planet where the oceans cover almost all the area, but we can die of thirst. A microscopic world has invisible enemies, and the aging process begins on the act of being born and guarantees our voyage back to where we came from as the eternal unknowing and as a sure end of life materially. The only option is a spiritual one, as imaginable as the Creator himself.

"But, sir, what do we do? Everything conspires against our lives. What could be our defense? It is inexistent, because in the past, there existed great civilizations with extraordinary people living in splendor like an anthill, but now their glory is just dust swirling around in the whispering wind, and we will be next, because time doesn't stop; it is the base for the future."

I took a deep breath and held it, to better listen and find out if there was a solution, which we all seek as intelligent beings, to the mystery of the beginning of everything. Theories are related to conjectures, suppositions, hypotheses, and everything else that points to ground zero. Theories are endless, but their results are like children's play. Nothing comes from them.

I followed my guide, questioning him, and he kept answering, like an encyclopedia from the outer dimensions.

"The opinions are so diverse in religions or sciences and include now philosophy, as millions with their opinions and frustrations in all fields are lost, because we are in a world restricted by the flesh, which limits the spirit's vision."

I decided to ask the senior my most important and final questions, such as: "Who is God? How did everything began? What is his origin?"

Those questions are the same for everyone and are in grasp of themselves. They are not in a tree trunk of wisdom but at its roots. I blinked, and the genius senior had mysteriously disappeared, just as he had appeared, an angel. He flew away as real, leaving me perplexed in a reality, as if in a great dream.

We were the only two for four miles of a curvy, sandy beach, with its wide sidewalk and massive waves pounding mercilessly on the shore. The early sunrise, with its striking red-and-yellow design of a glorious day forced me to run, seeking the marvelous ghost of the galaxies, but it was in vain. Well, my friends, it seems complicated, but it isn't. In the future, souls and spirits will understand many mysteries as realities, because everyone is a fragment of the creation.

The "school" we are in is called earth. Everyone will learn what is offered to us. Some will do it today and others tomorrow, but the learning is for all of us. It is mandatory, just like when I was eighteen and I had to serve in the army and answer the call of duty.

To confirm, as my eyewitness, I just had to look up. He is there, tall in his thirty-eight meters (114 feet) as the tallest statue on our planet, the Christ of Nazareth, with eyes and arms open. He is not crucified. Carved in white granite, he stands at the top of the heavens, a rock 703 meters high (2,109 feet) nested in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. Seeing, night and day up to fifty miles, he blesses the world and the universe, rated the Seventh Marvelous Statue by a unanimous international vote.

Christ the Redeemer was voted by all religions as an icon of love and not a religious issue because he gave us the hope of an eternal life where our existence will continue in spirit. Heaven has no limits and is free of the black holes and menaces of Hawking, for whom there is no hope of an existence beyond our material life.

The last question without answer is whether we will live eternally in hell or heaven. That will depend on your religious beliefs, because we cannot reach anything before the big bang, or better yet, the egg we came from as a fragment—not as a chicken but as a chick—where the universe began and ended at the gate of the fence. Before the nest and beyond the gate is the Universe-Mother or the illuminated dark mass or matter with a twinkling as the cause and not the effect.

I was going to ask the senior what everyone thought: "Which came first—the egg or the chicken?"

Both, as part of Universe-Mother or the total (everything existed before with or without the big bang, or infinite big bangs), which could be the past and present, because the past is the present left behind as history and the moment is time that creates, registering and living behind it as it rolls continually into the future.

Time does not stop; it is imperceptible to humans, even with their gadgets, because it grows and ages, transforms and turns the celestial's colossus at a speed calculated by our science of a femtosecond, or better yet in a sextillionth of a second, opening the frontiers of the future, always transforming and building, but always on the present time, real as the sunrise and sunset, proving earth is moving on this fabulous phenomenon, imaginary as we feel it, as gravity, as we notice the effect from the cause.

Before the big bang, after it, or without it, the Universe-Mother or the total always existed before the universe, because the universe or universes are part of it as elements, as the atoms of Einstein, as part of the composition of all matter, as the stockroom of construction from which to create. As you all notice, my simple explanations are for the general public to have some idea of the marvelousness of our existence and not for the "brilliant minds" in the world where there is no Creator. They, in stupid arrogance, rebel against the rules that come with our existence as part of it, and the ones that affirm there is no afterlife automatically condemn themselves to having a miserable life, besides the normal things as good or bad to all of us. Some people have bought my book How to Suffer Happily (2001) as a challenge and then began happily suffering, because it doesn't stop the suffering but helps us accept it as an inevitable road. Let's then travel doing our best to smooth it.

The blast of the big bang was followed by almost infinite fragmentations or explosions or a combination of both. The material concentrated on the egg, which had everything necessary as a total package from A to Z, including the atoms that compose our bodies and spirits. They were and are arranged from a supreme mind and not by themselves. An illiterate knows it, but not the "brilliant minds" who want to impress the minority lost in their ignorance. They believe they carry the aura of "Caesars."

The material was concentrated in the egg according to theories from a few in science. I have the feeling it came from an egg in our noses called the ovum as the microscopic sperm enters it. The process ended as a big bang when we all emerged from it as a baby (human being). Otherwise, the sperm wouldn't rush on the race for the ovum. Then it finds in it all necessary to face life outside the womb. In this combination, men and women, neither one can say who's more important, because if you have the fish but the water isn't available, then the fish will just die. The fish, the fisherman, and the pond owner would die of starvation.

If we are not born, there would be nothing, because we are the ones who make realities as intelligent beings, existing to appreciate what was created. "To be born or not to be born" is the mystery at the hand of the Creator. You and I are created and must be thankful for not being just a pile of atoms. After being created as an energy called a soul, then we go into a sperm and egg to begin our carnal odyssey, as eternal spirits.

Stephen Hawking should have spent more time helping medical science to bring relief to calamities, including his, and not seeking black holes from deep in his "brilliant mind," blasting the one who created him. The purpose of his ordeal of being disabled could have been his mission to put all of his "brilliant mind" to helping others right here and not seeking black holes and going after the infinitesimal, as it should be by those not in his physical condition. He could have a home telescope to pick on it for fun, as I did, while living in Miami, North Miami Beach, and later in Oakland Park, as time rolled on in my life.

His pride as a black hole man is not helping him, as far I know, but he should have given us the defense against this anti-God monster. If one gets off track and heads to appear now, he and his family would became black hole food, because there will be no God to defend him. This galaxy's devourer terrorizes angels and demons alike, including small children as they have nightmares. This is not a brilliant idea, unless he was competing with Walt Disney to entertain people.

Everything in the universe relates to education or evolution for the better, and if someone wants to go deeply into any subject, all he or she must do is jump into the subject or matter. At the age of sixty-four, loving airplanes like the average man, I finally stopped listening to the family and jumped into a flying school, getting all the knowledge, including how to pilot my own plane alone with God on the right seat (reserved sometimes for instructors or a guest).

As I had promised Carol, my deceased daughter (1964–1996), a few months before her death, I was going to quit my aviation hobby on the day I did my one-thousandth landing. I would give up my pilot's certificate. When my wife and grandson added up the pilot log book on the calculator, it had 1,042 mostly night landings. I had satisfied my dreams. I was the first pilot to give up his right to fly, because keeping a promise is honor and Carol is a spirit. I honor her as much as when she was among us, personally as a young, beautiful lady. I should get the Nobel Prize for surrendering my pilot certificate. I was either a hero or a fool, because I could have kept it on a pedestal at home. The temptation was so great, like an alcoholic staring at a full bottle of a fine whiskey and not succumbing to the vice.

The same thing happened and continues happening with all of us. One example is Hawking going to Oxford and Cambridge Universities to study cosmology, giving him more knowledge. As he aged, an illness crippled him. He then could dedicate all his time and mind to bringing us solutions for medicinal needs here and now and not billions of miles away.

Anyone can do and say it, but what counts are positive results that help humanity and not theories, because the great minds are the ones who have fewer theories and more results. Thomas Edison gave us the lightbulb. Otherwise, we would be still going to light the kerosene lamps.

We need brilliant minds finding solutions for energy that can turn the gears to move our machines, especially cars, as petroleum is going to disappear sooner than we think; better yet, we need them working in all the fields, including feeding the world and dealing with the warming of our only planet, and not staring at infinity as I did, astonished for a few hours and not acting as a professional, while cancer is killing millions every year. The list is endless.

We must look at infinity and wonder. Gazing as a hobby is great, but being obsessed with it and bringing fantasies and warnings of destruction beyond our ability to defend ourselves is just ridiculous and child's play.

Excerpted from THE BIG NEST Originated the BIG BANG of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes by WILLIAM MOREIRA. Copyright © 2013 William Moreira. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction....................     xi     

A Note from the Author....................     xv     

1 Imagine!....................     1     

2 Observation....................     11     

3 The Nail and God's Dog!....................     13     

4 Costa Concordia to the G rand Holiday of Ibero....................     23     

5 The Universe Has Borders?....................     45     

6 To Read Indiscriminately Is to Educate Oneself....................     53     

7 Soon, I Will See You Because God Is Hope....................     57     

8 Without Hope, Life Isn't Worth Living....................     65     

9 What Is Beyond Death?....................     79     

10 The Mind in Harmony Makes a Happy Life....................     93     

11 Miracles, Phenomena—Real or Mysteries?....................     101     

12 To Be Born or Not to Be Born Is the Mystery of Existence................     133     

13 To the "Brilliant Minds," Where It All Began....................     137     

14 Does God Have Free Will?....................     157     

15 Who's at Fault If Someone Doesn't Believe in God?....................     165     

16 February 5, 1996, the Weight of the Cross and the Ghost's Consolation!..     177     

17 Not All "Brilliant Minds" Are Worthy of the Title....................     183     

18 I Can Prove There Is a God, through All the Splendor....................     199     

19 Where Are the Inspirations?....................     207     

20 The Material and Intellectual Evolution of the Human Being as
Represented by Stephen Hawking and Interpreted by the Author...............     219     

21 Who Am I to Talk about the Reality of Hawking's Negativism?.............     231     

22 December 24, 2013, Arrival at Rio's Port with a Book....................     235     

23 February 24 to March 3, 2013, on Costa Favolosa to Finalize the Big
Nest....................     237     

24 A Personal Prayer to God....................     243     

25 The Message of the Millennium....................     245     

26 Moses's Ten Commandments and the Eleventh Commandment...................     247     

Designs for Women by the Author....................     249     

Oil Paintings by the Author....................     271     

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