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The Biker's Brother

The Biker's Brother

4.6 9
by Victoria Danann
**Brand takes a job nobody wants to earn the respect of club members. Being third generation SSMC doesn't go very far in biker cred.

**Camden Carmichael is running from a psycho ex. Lucky for her that her father has the means to hire Sanctuary Security to protect her until the divorce is finalized.

**Two strangers set out on a road trip together. At the end of it


**Brand takes a job nobody wants to earn the respect of club members. Being third generation SSMC doesn't go very far in biker cred.

**Camden Carmichael is running from a psycho ex. Lucky for her that her father has the means to hire Sanctuary Security to protect her until the divorce is finalized.

**Two strangers set out on a road trip together. At the end of it, neither will ever be the same again.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, adds a sizzling and surprising second book to the SSMC contemporary romance series.

*Please note this book contains dark material that may be unwelcome by sensitive readers.*

Brandon St. Germaine was at the top of the billionaire playboy heap when he learned about a side of the family that had been kept in secret. He left New York, moved to Texas, and took most of the corporate empire with him.

His dad, president of the club his grandfather founded, spent three decades converting the club's income sources to legitimate business dealings. One of the biggest earners was the security service. When a ridiculously wealthy, but justifiably frightened father hires the SSMC to protect his daughter from the psycho she's divorcing, Brand gets the job.

Get it today and find out why people are calling this series fun, priceless, sexy, and heart-throbbing!

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The Biker's Brother 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Donna_Hok79 More than 1 year ago
Hiding until the divorce may not be enough This may be the second book of the series but it’s still a self-contained story. This book is about the brother Brandon. Now Brand may be a Billionaire and head of the Germaine enterprise, but he’s also family and the son to the president of Sons of Sanctuary MC. But he feels like a bit of an outsider. He’s not a patched member like his Twin brother is. His twin grew up in that world and he grew up with his mother and the Germaine enterprise. To get the respect of the club and to become a patched member, he takes on a job that none of the other members of Sons of Sanctuary MC want. He must protect and deliver the daughter of a wealthy father to the club to help protect her from her psycho and soon to be Ex-husband. Camden Carmichael’s marriage has been going downhill ever since the I do’s. Her husband has even been physically abusive. But she’s been too ashamed to tell anyone or get help. That is until she finds a will with her signature on it that she never signed. She also finds evidence her husband is looking into ways to kill someone and make it look like suicide. She finally calls her dad and he call Sons of Sanctuary MC to help protect her. Awesome and very well written story that’s very entertaining to read. Once you start, you won’t want to put down.
TerriMorrisSCNL More than 1 year ago
Writing reviews is very hard for me. How do you recommend a book with fresh new descriptions? Victoria is definitely my top author, her talent for creating believable, real characters never ceases to pull me into her vision. The Biker's Brother is great story, the second foray into the world of SSMC, gives a deeper look into club life and those involved. I loved seeing how much closer the family gets as Brand also follows his heart to gain respect with the club, only to end up with finding his heart in Cami. Although contemporary romance isn't usually my genre, Victoria's tales draw me in and keep me enthralled!
bobbikinion More than 1 year ago
This is most definitely very different than what I am used to reading by Victoria, but I couldn’t love it more. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of my late husband from 11 years ago and his stories of when he used to ride with a bunch of different biker groups and participated in some of the ‘protection’ details. Thank you, Victoria Danann, for bringing those memories back that I had forgotten long ago and being able to pass those on to our 21 year old son. (Well, maybe not everything.)
ChrisoPA More than 1 year ago
Reading along with these boys, sort of makes you an honorary member, I think! I love a book of bad boys, that are really lovable good guys under all that metal and leather. This series is as fun as a ride on the back of a bike, with a super hot man. You get suspense, action, frustration and of course, love. Written in true Victoria Danann fashion, which keeps me a fan for life.
PamJames1959 More than 1 year ago
Victoria knocks another one out of the park! As you will come to expect from a VD book. She grabs a hold of you and keeps you enthralled right to the last page. I love a good road trip & VD takes us on a whopper of a ride. Brandon is the twin to Brash, who we met in Two Princes. Brandon wants to be a part of the Sons of Sanctuary MC club. To prove himself he volunteers for a job no one else wants. To protect the Daughter of a Very Rich man. Cami is Divorcing her abusive husband. Brandon has to get her away from NYC to Texas, to keep her safe. They clash, yet are very attracted to each other. As expected with one of her books. I laughed, Cried, sat on the edge of my seat. The suspense is great! Not just your ordinary MC contemporary. This book also has a bit of the dark side to it. It does delve into the MC characters. It is truly a great read. Yes it does have a wonderful HEA! Do yourself a favor & get your copy today!!! From a True Forever Fan... Pam James.
Fawnzy More than 1 year ago
*WARNING. Please note this book contains dark material that may be unwelcome by sensitive readers.* This warning is right up front. Yet what this refers to is deliciously exciting if you aren’t too squeamish. Brand and Camden cannot help but being drawn to each other. These two are a perfect match for each other. Brand is trying to get his place locked in at SSMC and Camden is trying to stay alive long enough to get paperwork done. They take off on a journey that is both physical and mental while extremely hot and exciting. A fun read with some dark points in a fantastic story.
Mereid More than 1 year ago
This is another winner in the Sons of Sanctuary series. Victoria Danann has done it again. She creates such compelling characters and exciting stories. I admit that I did not know if I would like her new series. I love her fantasy and paranormal tales. I am not attracted to motorcycle gang culture, but she has re-imaged it in such a way that I was completely drawn into the book. Brandon is the twin that grew up in wealth and privilege. He runs Germane Enterprises. Finding out he had a brother and a father in Texas has changed his life. He is so glad they have become friends as well as family. His new relatives are members of a motorcycle club. Brandon can't be member without giving up his other life and his responsibilities to his business. Yet he still wants to be a part of the club. He gets his chance when the club is hired to act as a bodyguard to a rich man's daughter. No one in club wants the job. If Brandon takes it, he can get the members' respect and by-pass some of the other regulations. Cami is in the processes of getting a divorce. The man she thought she married turned out to be a monster. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He even planned to murder her for her inheritance. Her father wants to keep her safe until the divorce is final and her husband can no longer get her money. So the Sons are hired to protect her. Brandon and Cami immediately have issue with each other. Brandon sees her as a job and Cami sees him as a heartless jailer. It is a shame they both find the other so attractive. There are other barriers as they travel together. He knows she is a client and he can't act on his feelings. She feels they have nothing in common and any relationship would be meaningless. They must face natural and human obstacles on their road trip together. There is humour, romance, and adventure. One part was so exciting, I almost missed my bus stop. This is definitely a page turner. I highly recommend it.
Hitherandthee More than 1 year ago
WOW! To say that I’m absolutely enamored with the Sons of Sanctuary series would be an understatement. This is the second novel in this outstanding series, and it left me eagerly anticipating more. It starts off at a roller coaster pace, and never slows down. This novel is about Brandon, the brother who just discovered his twin and dad in Texas. Brandon has money.... a lot of it. So, when his father asks him to take a mission that no one in the Sons of Sanctuary will take, Brandon is not thrilled, but accepts to gain the respect of the club. What he gets is most assuredly not what he anticipated. Cami is a heiress on the run. She needs to hide. She needs to disappear. And that’s where Brandon steps in. On a wild cross country ride, they must work together to escape the clutches of her abusive ex. Both Cami and Brandon are very strong, engaging characters, while Trey (the nasty ex), is slimy enough to make me go wash my hands after reading. I adored this novel, and am eagerly anticipating more from the amazing Ms. Victoria Danann! I did voluntarily read and review an Advance Reader Copy of this novel.
dhmack04 More than 1 year ago
The Biker's Brother is the 2nd installment in the Sons of Sanctuary Motorcycle Club (SSMC) series. If you like intrigue, danger, descriptions so detailed you can smell the rain, feel the sun and suspense so intricately written you suddenly realize you are holding your breath; this book is for YOU!