The Billion Dollar Paperclip: Think Smarter about Your Data

The Billion Dollar Paperclip: Think Smarter about Your Data

by Gregory Short


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Every product has a story to be told.

Two nearly identical products are released: one breaks all sales records while the other sits on store shelves untouched.

The products look the same. They have the same target market, the same price, and similar retailers.

So why did one succeed, where the other failed?
Market researchers and data analysts have been wrestling with questions like this for decades. As the flood of Big Data adds both possibilities and complexities to traditional research methodologies, the ultimate solution for companies seeking to become data enabled has finally emerged.

Inspired by the human mind, the new field of contextual analytics is revolutionizing how data and technology can empower everyday business decisions. The information to make your business more profitable is likely available to you, but either dormant or disconnected from your decision making process.

Explore how to think smarter about your data and discover how to deliver maximum value in The Billion Dollar Paperclip.

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ISBN-13: 9780989742610
Publisher: Madeleine Books
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

A serial entrepreneur, Gregory Short has founded two of the most revolutionary market research companies in the world: EEDAR the first company to ever produce a complete contextual analytics framework, and DataDNA, the global leader in data auditing services.
Known for helping clients solve their most challenging data problems, Mr. Short has elevated the market research industry across numerous verticals by establishing partnerships with otherwise competitive vendors to deliver unparalleled value to their mutual clients.

Mr. Short is a pioneer in information management; a thought-leader in data auditing and data synthesis; an internationally recognized expert on research and technology, holding numerous related patents; a frequent speaker at major conferences; a guest lecturer for educational bodies including USC, and SMU; and is active as both a business advisor and board director.
After graduating with a degree in law from Australia, Mr. Short moved to Southern California where he now lives with his family.
Quoted as 'one of the nicest guys you could meet, someone who genuinely wants to help others in the industry see as much success as possible' and a person who 'has a truly rare combination of skills with a deep knowledge of all the cutting edge technology out there'.

Table of Contents

Part I The Need for Contextual Analytics

Chapter 1 The Role of Data in Your Company 11

The Agnostic, The Obsessed and The Ambivalent 12

Giving Data a Seat and a Voice 15

A Proven Approach 17

Chapter 2 Context is Everything 21

How Contextual Analytics Mirrors the Brain 23

Traditional Research Methods 26

Why These Methods Tell Only Part of the Story 27

Contextual Analytics 30

The Underpinning of Contextual Analytics 32

You Can't Track It If You Can't See It 34

Chapter 3 What's Your Data Hiding? 37

Why? Why? Why? 39

Little Or No Change Since the Dark Ages 41

Where We Can Go From Here 43

Chapter 4 Beyond Big Data 45

"Big" Only Means More of the Same 47

How Contextual Analytics Fills the Gaps 49

Part II The Fundamentals of Contextual Analytics

Chapter 5 Data Sources 55

The Supply Chain 56

The Consumption Chain 57

The Discovery Loop 60

The Need For Different Types of Data 63

Chapter 6 Data Quality 65

Captured Data 65

Observed Data 67

Sampled Data 68

Managing With Different Quality Datasets 71

Chapter 7 Data Links 73

Same Product, Different Identities 74

The Same Story For the Attribution Layer 76

Attribution Data: Curated vs. Crowd-Sourced 78

Managing "Good Enough" Data 80

Part III The Business of Contextual Analytics

Chapter 8 The Evolution Is at Hand 87

Data-as-a-Service 89

Data: Commoditized and Open Sourced 90

The New Game of Market Research 91

Chapter 9 How to Make Money in Market Research 95

…As a Data Company 95

…As a Technology Company 96

…As a Service Company 101

…By Delivering Maximum Value 104

The Rising Tide For Boutique Vendors 106

Chapter 10 Cost VS. Value with Contextual Analytics 109

The Price of Inertia 111

The Cost versus Money Already Being Spent 115

The Benefit of Enabling Innovation (Or Not) 117

Chapter 11 The Road to Contextual Analytics 121

Evolving…As a Data Company 124

Evolving…As a Technology Company 125

Evolving…As a Service Provider 127

Part IV Being a Champion of Change

Chapter 12 Being a Better Data Consumer 131

Ask Smarter Questions as a Data Consumer 132

Expand, Reuse, and Recycle Your Data 136

Recognize the "Swords" and the "Shields" 137

The Ideal Approach 140

Chapter 13 Being a Data Leader 143

The Task Before Us 145

A Ground Floor Opportunity For Data Leaders 146

Chapter 14 Acquiring Truth Through Context 149

In Pursuit of Meaning 150

See the Bigger Picture 152

Author's Note 155

Resources 157

About the Author 159

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