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The Bioethics Reader: Editors' Choice / Edition 1

The Bioethics Reader: Editors' Choice / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9781405175227
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/11/2007
Pages: 620
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.05(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Ruth Chadwick has been co-editor of Bioethics since2000. She is Distinguished Research Professor, Cardiff University,and Director of the ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects ofGenomics (CESAGen): a Lancaster–Cardiff collaboration.

Helga Kuhse is an Honorary Research Associate of theMonash University Centre for Human Bioethics. She was Director ofthe Centre until June 1999. Kuhse is the author of Caring:Nurses, Women and Ethics, The Sanctity of Life Doctrine inMedicine: A Critique, co-author of Should the Baby Live?with Peter Singer, editor of Willing to Listen - Wanting toDie and has published numerous articles in scholarlyjournals.

Willem Landman was one of the founding editors and iscurrently co-editor of Developing World Bioethics. He is CEOof the Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicSA), ProfessorExtraordinaire at the University of Stellenbosch, and EthicsAdvisor to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malariain Geneva. He studied at the University of Oxford and taughtbioethics at the University of North Carolina.

Udo Schüklenk has been co-editor of Bioethicssince 2000. He was also one of the founding editors and iscurrently co-editor of Developing World Bioethics. He is aProfessor of Philosophy and Ontario Research Chair in Bioethics andPublic Policy in the Philosophy Department of Canada's Queen'sUniversity.

Peter Singer is Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics atPrinceton University, and Laureate Professor at the University ofMelbourne. His books include Animal Liberation, PracticalEthics, How Are We to Live?, Rethinking Life and Death, OneWorld, and The Ethics of What We Eat. He was thefounding president of the International Association ofBioethics.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ruth Chadwick, Helga Kuhse, Willem Landman, UdoSchüklenk, and Peter Singer.

Part I: Doing Bioethics:.

1. A Report from America: When Philosophers Shoot from the Hip:James Rachels.

2. Rethinking Medical Ethics: A View from Below: Paul Farmer andNicole Gastineau Campos.

3. What Can the Social Sciences Contribute to the Study ofEthics? Theoretical, Empirical and Substantive Considerations:Erica Hajmes.

4. In Defense of Posthuman Dignity: Nick Bostrom.

Part II: Healthcare Professional–PatientRelationship:.

5. Patients’ Responsibilities in Medical Ethics: HeatherDraper and Tom Sorell.

6. Clinical Ethics and Nursing: ‘Yes’ to Caring, But‘No’ to a Female Ethics of Care: Helga Kuhse.

7. Background Briefing Psychiatric Ethics: Jennifer Radden.

8. Female Genital Mutilation and Cosmetic Surgery: RegulatingNon-Therapeutic Body Modification: Sally Sheldon and StephenWilkinson.

Part III: Just Health Care:.

9. Patents and Access to Drugs in Developing Countries: AnEthical Analysis: Sigrid Sterckx.

10. Justice and Equal Opportunities in Health Care: JohnHarris.

11. Constraints and Heroes: Carl Elliott.

Part IV: Public Health Ethics:.

12. The Genesis of Public Health Ethics: Ronald Bayer and Amy L.Fairchild.

13. Ethics and Infectious Disease: Michael J. Selgelid.

14. Vaccination and the Prevention Problem: Angus Dawson.

Part V: Research Ethics:.

15. Background Briefing: International Research Ethics: UdoSchüklenk and Richard Ashcroft.

16. Equipoise and International Human-Subjects Research: AlexJohn London.

17. Symposium: Drugs for the Developing World,.

Developing Drugs for the Developing World: An Economic, Legal,Moral, and Political Dilemma: David B. Resnik.

18. Some Questions about the Moral Responsibilities of DrugCompanies in Developing Countries: Dan W. Brock.

19. Social Responsibility and Global Pharmaceutical Companies:Norman Daniels.

Part VI: Genetics:.

20. Do Human Cells Have Rights?: Mary Warnock.

21. Going to the Roots of the Stem Cell Controversy: SørenHolm.

22. Designing Babies: Morally Permissible Ways to Modify theHuman Genome: Nicholas Agar.

23. The Non-Identity Problem and Genetic Harms – the Caseof Wrongful Handicaps: Dan W. Brock.

24. Coding and Consent: Moral Challenges of the Database Projectin Iceland: Vilhjálmur Árnason.

Part VII: Beginning of Life Issues:.

25. Is It Good to Make Happy People?: Stuart Rachels.

26. Genes, Embryos, and Future People: Walter Glannon.

27. Procreative Beneficence: Why We Should Select the BestChildren: Julian Savulescu.

28. The Problem of Abortion: Essentially Contested Concepts andMoral Autonomy: Susanne Gibson.

29. Law and Bioethics, The Injustice of Unsafe Motherhood:Rebecca J. Cook and Bernard M. Dickens.

30. The Limits of Conscientious Objection to Abortion in theDeveloping World: Louis-Jacques van Bogaert.

31. Surrogate Mothering: Exploitation or Empowerment?: Laura M.Purdy.

Part VIII: End of Life:.

32. The Metaphysics of Brain Death: Jeff McMahan.

33. Advance Directives, Autonomy and Unintended Death: JimStone.

34. End of Life Care in HIV-Infected Children Who Died inHospital: Lesley D. Henley.


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