The Biological Children of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Speak Out

The Biological Children of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Speak Out

by Venita Mitchell


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ISBN-13: 9781481719124
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/02/2013
Pages: 234
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The Biological Children of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Speak Out

Living the Life and Understanding it: Experience the Joy, Pain, Agony, and Lessons Learned

By Venita Mitchell


Copyright © 2013 Venita Mitchell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-1912-4


In The Eyes of a Child

When I think about what it was like as a child growing up with our dad, whom I have come to respect and love and accept as the Only Begotten Son of the living God Yahweh, I always saw Him through the eyes of a child. I always saw my dad as others saw their dads, and that is, as someone who is dear and loving to them. We grew to love him more than one could imagine. However, I am going to take it a step further and say I saw him as a genius, someone who was gifted, very protective, very nurturing, and demanded respect from us while giving respect. Yahweh Ben Yahweh never called us out of our names, or used profanities to define us or our character. He never slapped us, but He would use the rod, if and when needed. And in the eyes of a child that does make a difference. I never saw Him drunk or smoke, and if He did, He never did it around us, and in the eyes of a child it makes a difference. It instilled in me to never be a drunkard nor be strung out on drugs.

I remember living in Atlanta, Georgia as a child with my dad. He always said that we could express what was on our minds and it was not what we said but the way that we said it. He stated that He was not going to allow us to talk to Him any kind of way, and like most parents, He was quick to remind us that He brought us into this world and He would take us out! As a child, when you heard it once, you did not have to hear it again.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh was big on education. We could not bring home anything less than a B, and if you received a C or D, you lost privileges. Because He was a scholar and declared a genius, He expected nothing less of His children. He was a very loving dad. He was quick to hug and kiss us and tell us how much he loved us. I truly believe in my heart that He wanted the best for us as children and as adults, and did all that He could to make provisions, and provided and shared with us a certain life style. In the eyes of a child I could see that we had beautiful things in life. We lived in the best neighborhoods, rode in the finest cars, and wore beautiful clothes. We were provided a quality education and we attended both private and public schools in Atlanta, Ga.

In the eyes of a child, what we perceive and how we are spoken to by our parents will determine how we see and respect ourselves and others. And it also determines how we challenge ourselves to raise our own children. Yahweh Ben Yahweh taught us to never look down on others. He stated that you never know who you will need going up or who you may need coming down. This is something that the world has gotten away from. I must say that in my life time I have been blessed to be there for others, and I thank Yahweh for it. Whatever I was compelled to do I did. When I gave to a person that was going through hard times, I never required anything back from them and I must say, Yahweh has blessed me many times over for it. What I have notice about the society or world that we live in everyone is into the "I" mode. Very few people who are "able" to make a difference in a community will do so. There are a lot of people who have been blessed that will not give back to the people that have supported them and enabled them to have the life styles that they have. You see churches with a large number of members, 10,000 or more, that will only help those that are basically able to help themselves, while excepting tenths from the poor who cannot help themselves, and who are struggling and don't know how they are going to pay the next light bill or water bill or buy enough food to last a month, to feed their family. They are giving to the church and hoping for a blessing, and when they ask for help after giving all that they can, the only thing that they hear is "I'll pray for you, my sister or brother." But at that moment, you need more than their prayer, you have prayed and you prayed for yourself, what you need is money to pay your bills, after giving all that you have to your pastor and their church. In the eyes of a child it hurts to hear mommy or daddy come home and say they have done all that they can and they went to the church and no one there would help, they only said that they would pray for us when we have prayed for ourselves!


Growing Up in the Nation of Islam and in Atlanta

I remember moving to Atlanta, Georgia as a child to live with my dad and step mother, Dr. Chloe Heights Mitchell, after my biological parents divorced. My father wanted the best for his children, He did the best that he could as a father and he tried to provide us with a stable well rounded family. He married Dr. Chloe Heights Mitchell, who had earned a (PHD). Dr. Chloe Heights Mitchell was our step mother, our father was definitely an entrepreneur and he married a woman who was an educator, who had never had children of her own. We all felt that her influence in our lives would have been great if she knew how to "love" and be a mother.

We were raised as children in a loving environment, with the support of our grandparents Dr. Pearl Mitchell and Dr. Hulon Mitchell. We did not know what it was like to be around treacherous adults. We understood what it was like to be surrounded by love from family and friends we loved. We felt that our mother Ms. Nodie M. Mitchell, who decided to remarry, her union with our step father Mr. Lolie Morrison was that of love, he was kind, generous and a loving person to be around. We were all crazy about him. However the love we had for our step father never took the place of our Abah, Yahweh Ben Yahweh. When our parents' divorced Yahweh Ben Yahweh was always in our lives as children, visiting on regular bases while attending Law School at the University of Oklahoma. During the summer months he would pick us up and keep us for several weeks, spending time with us. This is when we found out that our father was a great cook and an immaculate housekeeper. We moved to Atlanta when we were all in grade school. We looked forwarded to living with our dad and step mother. We will never forget the day we left Oklahoma, boy we were all excited. Our step mother Chloe, insisted that our mom not pack us any clothes for the trip. Chloe went out and bought us several play outfits to last for a week and said that we would get a whole new wardrobe, when we got to Atlanta. She flew back to Atlanta ahead of us and our dad drove us there. When we moved to Atlanta into our new home we were excited, we had our own rooms and to children it means a lot to a child to have your own space as a child. Little did we know we were about to be introduced to the other side of our step mother. We woke up the next morning from our trip admiring the house, our father was gone, and Nadea decided that we would get up, take baths and get dressed. The only thing that she could not do was help us comb our hair, she was only 9 years old at the time. When our step mother entered the room, she looked at us with disgust she came towards us using profane language, yanking the clothes off our bodies, these were clothes that she had previously bought us, however they were not appropriate clothing that Muslims wore. We had not been around adults that used profanity, our father never cursed around us. Yet all sorts of fowl words were coming out of this woman's mouth who was to be our mother. I remember my oldest sister getting a dictionary to look up words she had just called us. Yes, we lived through some hard times learning to cope with our estranged step mother, eventually we told our father of her mistreatment, how she once told us that she does not love us and the only reason she tolerated us was because of our father. When we told our father in front of her, what she had said and how she would mistreat us when he would leave home, he was hurt, you could see the pain and hurt in his face, but the damage was done. Our father tried to make up for the mistreatment we had experienced. It was nothing for him to take us on trips at a moments' notice. He would go out of his way to provide outlets with (chaperones) for us. He provided us with tennis lessons, self defense courses, music, and sports, he made sure we had a life where we were surrounded by (3) three ladies that would come to love us and whom we came to love very much. We want to say to Gayle, Marva and Betty who was a License (RN) Registered Nurse, you all were the best chaperones a set of children, could have ever had in their lives. You brought so much joy and happiness in our lives and we were so bless to have had you there for us. Thank you.

My Dad graduated from Phillips University of Enid, Oklahoma, with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics; he graduated from Atlanta University with a Masters in Economics, and earned The Biological Children of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Speak Out a PHD in Psychology. He became one of the Nations' top ranking Ministers in the Nation of Islam. He was known as Minister Shah at Mosque 15 on Bankhead Hwy in Atlanta, GA. My dad has always been a man of integrity, a man who has never been afraid to speak out, against injustice and take a stand for it, he was never soft spoken.

He reigned as a Muslim minister during the time that Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad were still alive. As children of a Muslim minister we attended private schools on Bankhead Hwy in Atlanta where the temple was located. We were taught the traditions of the Muslims, and we also studied all the general subjects. I remember taking self defense courses, swimming, and tennis. As Muslims my dad wanted to make sure we were well rounded. I remember Muhammad Ali coming to our home in Atlanta, GA. on several occasions and having dinner at our home. Little did Muhammad Ali and my dad know that as a child I had a crush on Muhammad Ali, I remember my dad taking a picture of me sitting with the Greatest Fighter in the world. There were others that were invited to our home that were men of power. I have been truly blessed to experience the things that I have, good and bad, happy and sad. They are all lessons to be learned from.

Growing up in the nation there were strict rules to be followed, and being the children of a minister, it was like walking on pins and needles. We often felt like we had to be the example for the other children around us. We were taught to show manners even to children, we had to say yes sir and no sir to an adult and a child. And even to this day it is the norm, it comes natural. I even taught my children to respect themselves and others. Respect will take you a very long way.

During this time I learned to love to read books because there was not a lot of playing outside. I would go in the area of the home were my dad had shelves of books, and I would turn on the light and read until my heart was content. Reading became a passion for me. I read the dictionary a lot, reading it increased my vocabulary. I read Eartha Kitts' biography several times as a child, I loved her book. It was during this period of time that I came across the word Nigger, and discovered that in a Webster's dictionary printed in the mid 20's or 50's that the word Nigger means Negro, and Negro means Negara, and Negara, means death, dumb and ignorant. I was just a child, and the definition stuck with me, even until this day and anyone that has come to know me, know that I will enlighten them about the usage, terms, and meanings of the word nigger, with it being so commonly used by our youth today. It is so important that our children and young adults know that we are a royal seed, and we come from a Royal Priesthood, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, it is important that we know that our true nationality is Hebrew, just as our forefathers of the Bible were all Hebrew Israelite. They were never colored, niggers, coons, or spades. They were and are of royalty and so are they that love "Yahweh and His Only Begotten Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh", the first begotten of Yahweh's lost sheep. Abraham the Hebrew and other prophets all wore a pap's about the head according to the bible. Pap's are the head raps that Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Hebrew brothers in the picture are all wearing, they are truly Yahweh's Angels on earth as it is in heaven. According to Genesis 14:13 and there came one that had escaped and told Abram the Hebrew (One of our forefathers'). The point that I am making is from Abraham to Jacob you are dealing with Hebrews', our forefathers, they were very powerful, spiritual men and women, who stood up for righteousness and hated evil, they were God fearing men and women, who called Yahweh by his name, "by no other name was Yahweh known".


The Night We Were Held Hostage

We will never forget that night, for as long as we live. In fact, it has made us the protective parent's that we are today. I would like for everyone to keep in mind that this took place with us as children here in Atlanta, GA. This was the final phase of my dad making up his mind to exit the Nation of Islam. It happened in the year of 1967. We were all watching television in the den, while my dad, known as Minister Shah, of Mosque #15 in Atlanta, was teaching before a crowd of people in the temple, which was less than a quarter of a mile from our home on the hill near the temple on Bankhead Hwy.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh was a playful dad and I thank God that He was, because His willingness to play with us and to scare us prepared us for the night we were held hostage. He would play tricks on us by coming up to the kitchen window where we would stand washing dishes and attempt to scare us, sending us running and screaming, and locking doors. Little did we all know that He was getting us ready for events to come, talking about it still sends chills through me and there have been times that I cried about what took place thinking about how blessed we are to be alive. To think that there are those, both black and white and other nations, that can be so vicious, even to children. What we experienced that day as children I would not wish on anyone. We are so blessed to still be among the living, and tell the world yes we know what it is like to be held hostage, and escape, through the grace of God whom we now know is the, "Most Merciful Yahweh". It was His angels that caused us to think and react in the manner that we did as children when the intruders entered our home to kill all of us.

I was in the bedroom where my two sisters and I slept, when I heard a noise coming from behind our home, near our bedroom windows. When I would turn the lights on the noise would stop, and when I would turn the lights off it would start back. It was obvious that someone or something was behind our home near our bedroom windows which were high up off the ground. Amazingly as a child I did not panic when I heard the noise. I went and warned my sisters Nadea, Levia and my brother Maccabees about what I heard and what would happen when I turned the lights off and on. Nadea, our oldest sister, phoned the temple and spoke with Captain Lawson of the temple at that time, and she told him that we thought someone was trying to break into our home. We found out later that he never told our dad. When she tried to phone the temple again no one answered the phone.

At first we thought that it was our dad playing tricks on us, trying to scare us, but for some reason on this particular night we decided to arm ourselves as children, just in case it was not our dad. Nadea suggested that we get the bat, so I went and got the baseball bat, and brought it into the den where all four of us sat and watched television, and gave the bat to Nadea. We laughed and said it was probably dad, but we are not going to run this time. The intruders were trying to find a window to climb into. As we sat in the den watching television, two men armed with weapons, entered the den, saying they were there to watch us until our dad came home. Nadea told the men that our dad would have never told them to watch us. When she said that, we notice that the men had weapons, the tallest man was holding a gun with a silencer and the other shorter man had a large knife. The two black men must have entered through the west end of the guest bedroom window, according to the report given by my dad's bodyguards. One stood over 6 feet and the other looked to be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall. They came to kill us. Their plans were to hold us hostage until our dad arrived home and kill us all. What does the Bible say? No weapon formed against you shall prosper, so little did the intruders know that the Angels of Yahweh were there in place, always keep in mind, Yahweh sees all things. They came through the dining room and living area and kitchen to get to the den as we all sat watching television. We could hear the kitchen door swing open and we automatically thought it was our dad. When we laid eyes on them no one screamed right away, our senses kicked in, as children we stood to our feet to prepare for battle. We had to think fast or risk dying. We looked like" little David's" of the Bible that had come up against Goliath. The man that stood over 6 feet tall ordered my sister Nadea to put down the bat.; my sister Nadea took The Biological Children of Yahweh Ben Yahweh Speak Out the bat and began to swing the bat at the man with the gun, knocking his gun out of his hand. They looked shocked for a moment when Nadea knocked the gun from his hand. Keep in mind we were all children. The shorter man carrying the large knife came towards me, and I screamed and did what I could to escape and get our dad. I took off running and escaped through a door from our bedroom, and ran toward the temple for my dad, while being chased only for a minute by the man with the large knife. Yahweh must have given me wings. The man with the knife could not catch me. When he saw he could not catch me he ran back towards the home and started chasing my little sister Levia, with the large knife, swinging the knife at her, and missing her. Finally Levia got away, she also ran towards the Mosque to escape the man with the large knife. He was not able to catch her, and she was also blessed to escape being murdered as a child.

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Table of Contents


In The Eyes of a Child....................     1     

Growing Up in the Nation of Islam and in Atlanta....................     3     

The Night We Were Held Hostage....................     7     

The Protective Father and Why....................     11     

Creating Wealth in Atlanta, Georgia....................     13     

As a Child, I Felt I Was Peculiar....................     23     

He Fed the Hungry and the Poor....................     25     

Honor Thy Father and Mother....................     29     

Coming To Know the Mighty God Yahweh....................     33     

He Saved Me – He Saved Me (Yahweh Ben Yahweh)....................     39     

What It Was Like To Share Our Dad with the World....................     45     

The Fears, Disappointments & Overcoming Obstacles....................     47     

Coming To Know and Understand Who He Is....................     57     

Learning To Forgive and Why....................     67     

Should We Be Ashamed of the Trials & Tribulations?....................     79     

Why I Will Never Doubt His Word....................     83     

Pain & Suffering We Shared In Knowing His Innocence....................     89     

When You Are Paid To Lie, Will You Testify?....................     97     

The Media's Role in Providing Half Truth....................     103     

Forgive Me Father For I have Sinned....................     109     

Standing in the Shadow of Death Fearing No Evil....................     115     

Yahweh Ben Yahweh Placed on House Arrest....................     117     

Yahweh Ben Yahweh's Horrifying Experience in Prison....................     121     

Yahweh Ben Yahweh was Bruised; for our Iniquities and stripped of his
garments....................     127     

The Ascension....................     129     

What Are The Lessons Learned?....................     131     

Articles and Pictures....................     139     

The War in Heaven....................     177     

The Prayer of Rebekah....................     211     

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