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The Biomass Assessment Handbook: Energy For a Sustainable Environment / Edition 2

The Biomass Assessment Handbook: Energy For a Sustainable Environment / Edition 2

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The increasing importance of biomass as a renewable energy source has led to an acute need for reliable and detailed information on its assessment, consumption and supply. Responding to this need, and overcoming the lack of standardized measurement and accounting procedures, this handbook provides the reader with the skills to understand the biomass resource base, the tools to assess the resource, and explores the pros and cons of exploitation. Topics covered include assessment methods for woody and herbaceous biomass, biomass supply and consumption, remote sensing techniques as well as vital policy issues.

International case studies, ranging from techniques for measuring tree volume to transporting biomass, help to illustrate step-by-step methods and are based on field work experience. Technical appendices offer a glossary of terms, energy units and other valuable resource data.

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ISBN-13: 9781138019645
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 05/28/2015
Series: Routledge Studies in Bioenergy Series
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Frank Rosillo-Calle is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Biomass Energy at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, UK, with over 30 years’ experience in biomass energy. 

Peter de Groot has worked in the field of renewable energy over 30 years and has been involved in many research projects including training courses for rural entrepreneurs.

Sarah L. Hemstock is Project Team Leader for the University of the South Pacific-European Union Global Climate Change Alliance Project, based in Fiji.

Jeremy Woods is a Lecturer in Bioenergy at Imperial College London's Centre for Environmental Policy.

Table of Contents

List of Figures, Tables and Boxes     viii
Editors' Note     xi
Dedication     xii
Acknowledgements     xiii
Preface     xiv
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations     xvi
Introduction     xviii
Overview of Biomass Energy   Frank Rosillo-Calle     1
Introduction     1
Historical role of bioenergy     1
The current role of bioenergy     2
Biomass potential     4
Continuing difficulties with data/classification of bioenergy     10
Traditional versus modern applications of bioenergy     11
Barriers     16
Technology options     17
The future for bioenergy     21
References and further reading     23
Appendices     25
General Introduction to the Basis of Biomass Assessment Methodology   Frank Rosillo-Calle   Peter de Groot   Sarah L. Hemstock     27
Introduction     27
Problems in measuring biomass     28
The ten commandments of biomass assessment     29
General considerations when making a biomass assessment     30
Deciding about surveys     40
Biomass classification     43
Land use assessment     44
The importance of the agro-climatic zone     44
Woody and non-woody biomass     45
Assessment of accessibility     47
Estimating biomass flows     49
Stock and yield     51
Energy value of biomass     53
Future trends     55
References and further reading     56
Appendices     57
Assessment Methods for Woody Biomass Supply   Frank Rosillo-Calle   Peter de Groot   Sarah L. Hemstock     69
Introduction     69
Requirements prior to an assessment of biomass supply     69
Biomass assessment methods for woody biomass     74
The main techniques/methods for measuring woody biomass     79
Methodology for assessing energy potential from forestry/crop plantations     90
Agro-industrial plantations     93
Processed woody biomass     94
References and further reading     98
Appendices     100
Non-woody Biomass and Secondary Fuels   Frank Rosillo-Calle   Peter de Groot   Sarah L. Hemstock     110
Introduction     110
Agricultural and agro-forestry residues as fuel     111
Processed residues     114
Animal wastes     116
Tertiary wastes     118
Herbaceous crops     119
Secondary fuels (liquid and gaseous)     120
Densified biomass: pellets and briquettes     125
Animal draught power     126
Future options     128
References and further reading     129
Appendices     130
Assessment of Biomass Consumption   Sarah L. Hemstock     144
Introduction     144
Designing a biomass energy consumption survey     145
Implementing the survey     152
Analysing domestic consumption     155
Analysing village consumption patterns     159
Changing fuel consumption patterns     163
Projecting supply and demand     170
Current and projected energy production and waste in Tuvalu     172
Conclusions     175
References and further reading     176
Remote Sensing Techniques for Biomass Production and Carbon Sequestration Projects   S. Das   N. H. Ravindaranth     178
Introduction     178
Remote sensing and biomass production      179
Remote sensing techniques     181
Feasibility of remote sensing techniques for CDM and bioenergy projects     194
Future directions     196
References and further reading     197
Case Studies     200
Introduction     200
International biotrade: Potential implications for the development of biomass for energy   Frank Rosillo-Calle     201
Building a modern biomass market: The case of Austria   Frank Rosillo-Calle     207
Biogas as a renewable technology option for small islands   Sarah L. Hemstock     210
Biodiesel from coconut and Jatropha   Jeremy Woods   Alex Estrin     218
The role of biomass in carbon storage and climate change   Peter Read     225
Appendices   Frank Rosillo-Calle   Peter de Groot   Sarah L. Hemstock
Glossary of Terms     233
Most Commonly Used Biomass Symbols     246
Energy Units: Basic Definitions     248
Some Conversion Figures of Wood, Fuelwood and Charcoal     251
Measuring Heating Values and Moisture Contents of Biomass     253
Measuring Sugar and Ethanol Yields     258
Carbon Content of Fossil Fuels and Bioenergy Feedstocks      262
Index     263

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