The Bishop Or The King

The Bishop Or The King

by Ron Corcoran


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How should we react when those whom we trust to teach faithful biblical Christianity fail us? As Christians what are we to do when the church embraces and blesses a false gospel? Where does loyalty lie-with the institution and its leaders or with Jesus, Head and King of His church?
A former pastor in the Anglican Church of Canada describes how he and his congregation faced these daunting questions, struggled to discern the truth and made their painful choice.

"Three forces combined are progressively disintegrating the Anglican Church of Canada: relativistic liberal theology, idolatrous institutional defensiveness, and manipulative episcopal autocracy. This honest, restrained, sombre narrative illustrates all three. The scene that unfolds is unspeakably sad, and brings only dishonour to our Lord Jesus Christ." - J.I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

"The word betrayed comes readily to the lips of many who were so deeply immersed in the life, worship and witness of the Anglican Church of Canada. Many of us struggle with the question, 'How could this departure from scriptural standards have happened with so little organized outcry from those in leadership positions during those relatively few years? This powerful book, The Bishop or the King, by Ron Corcoran faces this catastrophe head-on and confronts the situations and personalities that have brought about this destruction from within and exposes the sad apathy that hastened this descent." - The Right Reverend Donald F. Harvey, Moderator, Anglican Network in Canada

Ron Corcoran is the pastor of Christ the King Anglican Church, which is a member of the Anglican Network in Canada and is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He has been an Anglican minister for twenty two years. Ron is married to Deirdre. This is his second book. Any proceeds from this writing will be devoted to the fight against AIDS in Africa.

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Publication date: 10/09/2009
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