The Black & Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair

The Black & Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair

by Creative Publishing International


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ISBN-13: 9780865737532
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Publication date: 08/01/1999
Series: Black and Decker Home Improvement Library Series
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 10.28(w) x 10.26(h) x 1.26(d)

Table of Contents

Working Safely6
Storing Tools10
Storing Materials12
Transporting Materials14
Using Tools16
Interior Repairs20
Protecting Walls & Floors26
Preventing Dampness & Leaks28
Ceilings & Walls32
Repairing Plaster34
Repairing Wallboard36
Restoring Paneling38
Restoring Ceramic Tile40
Replacing Wall Accessories43
Repairing Wallcovering44
Repairing Trim Moldings46
Restoring a Ceiling50
Reducing Noise54
Choosing Paint, Tools & Equipment60
Preparing to Paint62
Applying Primers & Sealers66
Using a Paintbrush68
Using a Roller69
Painting Windows, Doors & Trim70
Painting Cabinets72
Painting Ceilings & Walls74
Cleaning Up75
Common Floor Coverings88
Maintaining & Repairing Vinyl Flooring90
Maintaining & Repairing Ceramic Flooring98
Maintaining & Repairing Hardwood Flooring100
Maintaining & Repairing Carpeting108
Maintaining & Repairing Doors118
Storm Doors134
Repairing Storm Windows148
Insulation & Weatherproofing158
Improving Insulation162
Adding Basement Insulation166
Weatherizing the House170
Exterior Repairs180
Inspecting a Roof188
Locating & Repairing Leaks190
Repairing & Replacing Flashing194
Preparing for a New Roof196
Installing a New Roof200
Fascia & Soffits208
Walls & Siding224
Masonry Walls224
Stucco Walls226
Wood Siding228
Manufactured Siding230
Exterior Painting232
Preparing to Paint236
Applying Paint & Primer240
Concrete & Asphalt248
Patching Holes252
Repairing Walkways254
Repairing Concrete Steps258
Replacing Concrete Steps260
Repairing Vertical Surfaces264
Repairing Asphalt266
Systems Repairs268
Pipe & Fittings278
Working with Plastic Pipe280
Working with Copper Pipe284
Using Compression Fittings290
Using Flare Fittings292
Working with Galvanized Iron Pipe294
Working with Cast-iron Pipe296
Drains, Vents & Traps304
Clearing Clogged Tub Drains308
Clearing Clogged Sink Drains310
Clearing Fixture Drains with a Hand Auger312
Ball Faucets322
Cartridge Faucets324
Disc Faucets326
Compression Faucets328
Fixing Spout & Sprayer Pressure Problems330
Replacing a Faucet332
Tubs, Showers & Whirlpools336
Repairing Pressure-assisted Toilets354
Food Disposers356
Water Heaters364
Water Softeners376
Water Pumps378
Septic Systems380
Service Panels386
Tools for Electrical Repair392
Materials for Electrical Repair393
The Rules of Electrical Safety395
Testing Receptacles402
GFCI Receptacles408
Wall Switches412
Single-pole Switches414
Three-way Switches416
Four-way Switches418
Double Switches420
Pilot-light Switches420
Dimmer Switches422
Specialty Switches424
Lighting Fixtures426
Incandescent Mounted Light Fixtures427
Recessed Light Fixtures432
Track Lighting436
Fluorescent Lights438
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning450
Gas Forced-air Systems454
Maintaining a Forced-air System456
Maintaining a Furnace Humidifier462
Hot Water & Steam Systems464
Maintaining Hot Water & Steam Systems465
Identifying & Repairing Exhaust Leaks469
Supplemental Heating Systems470
Electrical Baseboard Heaters470
Wall-mounted Electrical Heaters474
Fireplaces & Wood Stoves476
Air Conditioning482
Maintaining Central Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps483
Maintaining a Room Air Conditioner486
Maintenance Schedule490

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The Black & Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! I have done everything from re-routing the hot wather piping to replacing roofing boards and shingles using this book as a reference. Anything you need to know is in this book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My brother gave me this book for X-mas one year ago when I was getting ready to move into my new home. I read it in 2 evening's time and have used it so much since then. It has helped me tackle alot of projects in my home that I wouldn't have dared to do otherwise. I also call my brothers for their guidance, but feel confident that the book gives enough details.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this book I discovered that if you need any information on any perticular projects it would be a great investment for any company to have for their maintenance department. If you wanted to you could probably sell it to any number of companys that would be interested in this catolog. Iwould strongly suggest advertising over television or a p.c.s. system. GREAT job!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is great. I'm a young, single woman and I've just recently bought a house. of course, I received a home repair book as a gift. It was horrible, no pictures, no 'how-to's, just lengthy explainations of one persons experience in calling a home repair specialist. Obviously, I exchanged that book for the Black & Decker Home Repair Guide. What a difference! I've fixed a toilet and the tub. it even gives hints for preventing the problems in the first place. i love it! It is SOOOO easy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you already have some home repair knowledge and skills, this book is probably more appropriate for you. It lists every conceivable, (or at least ones I can think of) home problem imaginable. For example, there's a section devoted to roof replacement. Like 99% + of homeowners, I am not going to undertake a roof replacement. For most of us, it's better left to the experts. Ironically, if one could replace their roof, it's not likely that they'll refer to a general home repair book. My interest is not roof repair, but in more detailed, simple directions on basic home repair, e.g., how to caulk the tile in the shower. For simple tasks like that, one would be better off searching elsewhere.