The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair: A Positive Approach to Managing Any Hair and Style

The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair: A Positive Approach to Managing Any Hair and Style

by Lisa Akbari




No matter what style you choose, you can take care of your hair so that it:
--heals from any damage caused by heat or chemicals
--grows to its maximum length and thickness
--is soft and manageable
--is controlled by you, not the other way around!

Lisa Akbari, leading researcher into black women's hair, teaches you how to:
--tell what hair type and texture you have so you're using the right products
--shampoo and condition for the best hair possible
--use heat and chemicals safely and still keep your hair healthy and strong
--take care of your scalp to get rid of itching, flaking and dryness
--choose a salon and stylist and get the best results from them
--manage new growth and comb your hair without pain or pulling
--manage your style so it looks beautiful every day

Most importantly, you'll find out how to have a great attitude about your own hair, so you'll never have "bad hair" again.

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ISBN-13: 9781570719059
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/28/2002
Pages: 176
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About the Author

Lisa Akbari is a hair care pioneer. For most of her life she has worked in the hair care industry. She became a licensed cosmetologist in 1977. By the age of twenty-one she had opened her first salon. As a stylist, Mrs. Akbari has always maintained a large clientele and worked on many hair teams and as a platform artist. As an educator she has trained hundreds of stylists and hair care professionals on how to create hairstyles without sacrificing the health of their clients' scalp and hair. Mrs. Akbari owns and operates the Hair Nutrition Research Center in Memphis, Tennessee. Through research and studies, she has discovered several hair and scalp disorders including Short Hair Syndrome and Follicular Epidermis Alopecia. She has successfully created a hair care product line engineered specifically to the needs of African Americans. Mrs. Akbari has a degree in trichology, the study of hair and its disorders, and continues to further her education. She is the author of The Journey from Kinky to Straight (and All Its Pit Stops), and has written countless workbooks and manuals, lead seminars, and recorded videotapes and audiocassettes. Mrs. Akbari is married to Dr. Hooshang Akbari, and has twin daughters, Raumesh and Raumina. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
The Program 17
Your Mind 41
Your Scalp 87
Your Hair 113
Hair Care Products and Beauty Salons 145
Conclusion 157

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