The Blessings of Weekly Communion

The Blessings of Weekly Communion

by Kenneth Wieting




Great spiritual blessings come to Christians who partake of the Lord's Supper on the Lord's Day. They receive a "visible Word" that gives to them the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation. Their faith is strengthened. Their inner man is renewed for a life of good works. They are formed in the image of Christ.

In the Apostolic church, communion was celebrated every Sunday. During the period of the Reformation, the Lutheran churches practiced weekly communion. The influence of Protestantism in the United States has suppressed this practice.

This book will help restore this worthy and biblical tradition in Lutheran congregations. Each chapter includes discussion questions to help readers reflect and apply the material to their personal and corporate worship.

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ISBN-13: 9780758606143
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House
Publication date: 01/01/2006
Pages: 304
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