The Blind Loon - A Bestiary

The Blind Loon - A Bestiary


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Poetry. Art. Illustrated by Russ Spitkovsky. In his impressive bestiary, THE BLIND LOON, Ed Shacklee shows as keen an insight into the nature of the beast roaming free as into the beast within. This encyclopedic collection includes the commonplace python, monkey, crocodile, tortoise, camel; the mythical kraken, lamia, chimera, wyvern; the prehistoric ankylosaurus; the fantastical logorrhea, mope, snub, hipster. Shacklee doles out marvels, mischief and hilarity in THE BLIND LOON, and the breathtaking illustrations of Russ Spitkovsky provide an accompanying visual feast and are by themselves worth the price of admission.

A Fog of Blurbs

Their plumage is a sheen of words whose meanings are the same-
inveigling, too often heard, obnoxious birds, but tame,
their mewling call is pecks of praise without one speck of blame.

Indifferent if they foul their nests or poop rains on the rabble,
garrulously gathered on the garret eaves of Babel,
they preen as they pontificate on arts in which they dabble,

for truth goes out the window when the Blurbs fly into town;
a mist of cloying tidings, thought essential to renown,
their beaks grow long and longer and are uniformly brown.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781927409879
Publisher: Able Muse Press
Publication date: 09/25/2017
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Ed Shacklee, whose poetry has appeared in the ABLE MUSE, Light, and Rattle among other journals, is a public defender who represents young people. He lives on a boat in the Potomac River. THE BLIND LOON is his first full-length collection.

Table of Contents

vi Acknowledgments

4 Faith

7 The Rhinoceros

8 The Mope

10 The Snide

11 The Carrion Flamingo

12 The Imaginary Friend

14 Making a Monkey

15 I Am What I Am

16 Memoirs of the Widow Mantis

19 A Riposte of Gibes

20 The Stalking Horse

21 Sheep Is the Past Tense of Wolf

22 The Otter

24 Butterfly Collection

25 The Gift Horse

26 The Pleasant

28 The Moaning of Life

29 The Melodious Sappho

30 Monkey Manqué

30 Darwin’s Monkey

31 The Gilded Void

32 Loch Ness

33 The Terrible Beauty

34 The Wyvern

36 The Dog-Eared Mystery

37 The Flowering of Noon

39 The Slink

40 The Common Retronaut

41 Great White Hunters

42 A Pry of Gossips

44 The Ravenous Dream

45 The Camelopard

46 The Camel

47 The Tortoise

48 If Wishes Were Horses

49 The Night Circus

50 The Jackalope

51 A Zaftig of Hippos

51 Pandora

51 Balloon Animal

52 The Lesser Pundit

53 The Golden Calf

54 The Dodos

55 A Now of Hipsters

56 Let Down Your Hair

57 The Satyr

58 Spider on a Pillow

59 A Joust of Narwhals

60 The Doppelgänger

62 Pod People

63 The Beast in the Jungle

64 The Snipe

66 The Rabbit in the Hat

67 The Inkling

68 The Prim

70 The Horse of a Different Color

71 The Ankylosaurus

72 Chimera

73 The Python

74 Prey of the Lamia

75 The Heart

76 The Friend

77 The Cat’s Meow

78 The Crocodile

79 The Flea Circus

79 A Schism of Zebras

79 The Antelope

80 The Kraken

82 The Logorrhea

83 The Ostrich

84 The Mole People

85 The Sloth

86 The Picasso Puppy

87 The Snub

88 A Fog of Blurbs

90 The Winged Boy

91 Song of the Blind Loon

92 An Aloofness of Snoots

95 So We Beat Them

96 Worms in the End

99 A Mist of Cloying Tidings

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