The Body Within: Art, Medicine and Visualization

The Body Within: Art, Medicine and Visualization



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ISBN-13: 9789004176218
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 08/31/2009
Series: Brill's Studies in Intellectual History / Brill's Studies on Art, Art History, and Intellectual History Series
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Renée van de Vall, PhD (1992) Philosophy, Amsterdam University, is associate professor of media culture at the University of Maastricht. She has published on philosophy of art, spectatorship and contemporary visual culture, including At the Edges of Vision (2008).

Robert Zwijnenberg, PhD (1995) Philosophy, Amsterdam University, is professor of art history at Leiden University. He publishes on philosophy of art, and on the relation between the arts and sciences, including The Writings and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci (1999).

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations vii

List of Contributors xi

Acknowledgements xv

Introduction: The Body Within: Art, Medicine and Visualization Renée van de Vall 1

Chapter 1 Leonardo and Female Interiority Robert Zwijnenberg 15

Chapter 2 Animals Inside: Anatomy, Interiority and Virtue in the Early Modern Dutch Republic Rina Knoeff 31

Chapter 3 Depicting Skin: Microscopy and the Visual Articulation of Skin Interior 1820-1850 Mieneke te Hennepe 51

Chapter 4 The Mind at Work: The Visual Representation of Cerebral Processes Michael Hagner 67

Chapter 5 A Penny for your Thoughts: Brain-Scans and the Mediation of Subjective Embodiment Renée van de Vall 91

Chapter 6 Transparent Bodies: Revealing the Myth of Interiority Jenny Slatman 107

Chapter 7 Looking for a Sponge: How a Body Learns to be Affected by Ultrasound Maud Radstake 123

Chapter 8 Imagin(in)g Pregnancy in Northwest Tanzania: Networks, Experiences, and Translations Babette Müller-Rockstroh 139

Chapter 9 Mediated Memories as Amalgamations of Mind, Matter, and Culture José van Dijck 157

Chapter 10 Intertwined Identities Gail Weiss 173

Chapter 11 Framing Interiority: Portraits in the Age of Genomics Miriam van Rijsingen 187

Bibliography 207

Index 219

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