The Book of Abraham

The Book of Abraham

by Pete Ansell


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The Book of Abraham is a comic novel based on the story of the old-testament prophet Abraham. Abraham finally gets to tell his own story, from birth to death, in order to set the record straight. It is mainly written in a very colloquial and conversational style, and is often quite irreverent in its treatment of the story. However, like much modern comedy, it is at times deadly serious. It is also, of course, deeply satirical.

The Book of Abraham is presented (in a jokey post-modern way which nobody is expected to believe) as a newly discovered ancient religious text, and there is an introduction describing how the book was discovered, plus numerous scholarly footnotes at the end of each chapter, written by a rather eccentric and opinionated editor. These footnotes (some quite extensive) actually represent a great deal of genuine research in this area, but tend to concentrate on the more bizarre, esoteric, and surreal aspects of how this story has been treated and interpreted throughout history.

The book is highly eclectic in style and content, encompassing low farce, high drama, theological argument, fast-paced action, comic dialogue, explicit sexual content, and scenes of real pathos and tenderness. The format is also most unusual, combining a colloquial narrative with an academic commentary.

The book will appeal to readers who are interested in serious ideas about religion but presented in an amusing and entertaining manner. If you enjoyed Monty Python's "Life of Brian" or Kevin Smith's "Dogma", you know what to expect.

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