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The Book of Daniel and the Mystery of the Resurrection Machine

The Book of Daniel and the Mystery of the Resurrection Machine

by Daniel Holloway
The Book of Daniel and the Mystery of the Resurrection Machine

The Book of Daniel and the Mystery of the Resurrection Machine

by Daniel Holloway


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An encounter with the mysterious little old man leaves an unassuming boy with an unfathomable message about a prior life as well as an ominous warning about an ancient foe. In the process of recounting his angelic past, he embarks on a journey that will cost him everything. Finding the magic books of Belteshazzar, the man tells his story and the secret of a resurrection machine, an ancient technology that will literally open a portal to another dimension.

While the Book of Daniel is written as a fiction, the de-code of every ancient scripture, including the Bible, Vedas, Koran, etc, is an absolutely real and Earth shattering revelation. Just as important is the full disclosure of how ancient megaliths such as the pyramids also connect to the ancient science that Daniel discovered. By the end of the story it is truly difficult to believe that it was fictional at all, but rather all fact.

An interesting note is that since 2012 NASA has launched 4 satellites by which to detect real portals that they suspect exist within the edge of the Earth magnetosphere. The scary part is that apparently the ancients knew how to access these portals thousands of years ago. What's more is how they encoded that technology within a cryptic layer of the Bible knowing full well that we would one day be able to articulate the information. The details of that technology, though vast, are definitively displayed within the book and leave no doubt as to their validity. The implications of these revelations once realized are mind blowing. It will absolutely change everything we know and believe.

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ISBN-13: 9781949709537
Publisher: Printopya
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

The author, Daniel Holloway, is an unknown quantum in the world of book-writing, and so chose to present this book as a fiction. He did so believing the information would be more palatable for a larger, general audience in that format. That said, the revelations and decode within are absolutely real and are the result of a chance encounter in 1989 followed by a near-death experience in 1991. Thus the value of this book is not in it being a literary masterpiece, but rather in that it is the only link between an ancient knowledge and the modern world. It is the author’s contention that, once realized, these revelations will change everything we know, and believe about other worlds, God, science, and ourselves. Everything will change.

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